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Laryngitis Home Remedies: Bringing Your Voice Back Without Meds

It is a fact that we humans take the value of the voice for granted until some form of irritation develops which makes us pay more attention to this vital area.

When your vocal cords are inflamed it usually results in laryngitis. Laryngitis can be caused by too much strain on the vocal cords.

The most deadly and infectious type of laryngitis is the one caused by bacterial infection. Laryngitis is usually accompanied by a weak or hoarse voice.

In severe cases, you might find it difficult to speak without the pain. Those with laryngitis are bound to have a dry cough and sore throat.

Before we get to the most effective laryngitis home remedies, unless in rare cases, this condition usually heals with time and most times pose no serious health consequences.

Despite all the powerful over the counter medications for laryngitis, it is still possible to create your own natural treatment for laryngitis in the comfort of your own home that’s just as effective.

The laryngitis remedies mentioned in this article are easy and simple to make using some of the ingredients you already have at home.

Laryngitis Home Remedies

Common Facts About Laryngitis

The inflammation of your voice box or larynx is called laryngitis.

A common cause of laryngitis includes cold, singing, talking too much, shouting, and upper respiratory infection.

Other common causes can be traced to smoking including weed. If you’re constantly exposed to second-hand smoke, you might also get the condition. Breathing in the polluted air can also cause laryngitis.

The most contagious form of laryngitis is the one caused by bacterial infection.

The most common laryngitis symptoms are throat pain, loss of voice, and hoarseness. Most adults with the condition might also experience pain with swallowing both food and fluid, including dry and sore throat.

If your laryngitis is caused by viral infection you might also other symptoms like swollen lymph nodes and high fever.

On the other hand, Chronic laryngitis can be caused by heavy alcohol use, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and inhaling highly polluted air.

Chronic laryngitis requires the immediate attention of a medical professional, as it can result in the formation of polyps or nodules on the vocal cords.

The symptoms of laryngitis should not last more than three weeks, and can be effectively treated with enough voice rest, filtered humidified air, and home cures for laryngitis that can be created from ingredients within your living quarters.

Best Home Remedies for Laryngitis

It is not uncommon to suffer from laryngitis from time to time, and most families have their own tradition of laryngitis home remedies passed on from generation to generation.

These home remedies are concocted out of ingredients that are readily available in any kitchen or can easily be bought from the local grocery.

The best home remedies continue to be used in today’s modern times because they have always proven to be effective.

Aside from home formulations, there are also therapies that can be done at home to ease the discomfort of laryngitis and to help clear away any inflammation.

Still, even if you have effective laryngitis home remedies on your family chest, it would not hurt to see a doctor to get a clear diagnosis and to rule out the presence of a more serious condition requiring a different set of treatment procedures.

Laryngitis is a condition in which a patient experiences pain or soreness at the back of the throat because of an inflammation in his larynx.

The pain normally persists for about a week or two together with difficulty in speaking or loss of voice and difficulty in swallowing that can be addressed by laryngitis home remedies.

Aside from bacterial infection, exposure to irritants like tobacco smoke and stomach acids can also cause laryngitis.

A patient suffering from laryngitis could also exhibit symptoms like colds, dry cough, fever, and swollen lymph nodes.

When you observe these symptoms, it is best that you go and see your doctor right away so that he can perform a visual examination of your larynx and give his diagnosis – those who are suspected to have more serious conditions will be advised to go through diagnostic tests like neck x-rays and laryngoscopy.

Among the more popular laryngitis home remedies that are supported by doctors as well are gargling solutions that can be mixed in a jiffy.

The most common solutions are the salt and lukewarm water gargle and the apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water gargle – these ingredients are particularly known for their anti-bacterial properties and are believed to be effective in killing the bacteria that is causing the inflammation in the larynx.

Drinking warm ginger tea or lemon tea sweetened with a bit of a lemon can also help ease the swelling in the larynx, with all three ingredients boasting of anti-bacterial properties as well.

Coffee and alcohol should be crossed off on the list of beverages a patient with laryngitis can drink, as should exposure to smoke and other harmful inhaled substances be avoided during the treatment period.

Home therapies are also considered to be among the best laryngitis home remedies. These home therapies include steam inhalation, steam bath, and humidifiers.

Inhaling steam from a bowl of hot water infused with a few drops of citrus oils while holding your head over the bowl is a good way to moisturize a dry inflamed larynx.

You can also have a steam bath by filling your tub with hot water and then having a good and relaxing soak when it is warm enough for you to get in.

Of course, giving your voice box a rest and refraining, as much as possible, from talking is recommended while recuperating from laryngitis.

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