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What to Seek in the Best Konjac Sponge Brand

Among the many products you can use to take care of your skin, Konjac sponge has emerged as one of the premier products to enhance your cleansing routine. A good Konjac sponge will feel as soft as butter, with the ability to help make your skin feel as soft as possible.

What is a Konjac Sponge?

When you find an original and best Konjac sponge, it will contain the purest Konjac with awesome mineral-rich extracts. Before we get ahead of ourselves, this product is mainly derived from a plant that looks like a potato and primarily grown in Asia. It can be found growing in the wild and at high altitudes.

In Japan, Konjac has been used as a source for food for last 1500 hundred years, and within the last century it became popular as the ultimate beauty treatment product one can use to get mini-daily facials with awesome results.

When you find your own best Konjac sponge brand, it would be hand constructed from the vegetable fiber derived from this plant. It will also contain French clays, along with pure-charcoal from bamboo.

Due to its unique combination, the Konjac sponge is 100% biodegradable and extremely gentle. It will compost easily, as soon as you replace it with a new one.

What Can You Do With a Konjac Sponge?

It is an extremely gentle cleanser one can use for both face and body. Some will even have two Konjac sponges, one for the body, and one for the face. This product allows you to cleanse the skin, leaving it very smooth, clean and glowing. You can use it safely for babies and sensitive skin.

You can use it as a gentle exfoliator, which gives you the power to eliminate dead skin cells without any negative side-effects. Most brands of Konjac sponge will have versions for babies, and the adult version can be used on all skin types.

How to Use Konjac Sponge

If you want to know how to use a Konjac sponge, you’ll first have to get your hands on a well-made brand. A new Konjac cleansing sponge will be dry and hard when you first hold it. Your initial action is to first soak it under warm water until you feel it is completely soft.

It is only when it is wet and puffy do you use it on your skin to exfoliate, while removing grime and dirt. You apply it using a circular motion, and it is that particular step that encourages best skin renewal. It is better to squeeze your Konjac sponge to get the water out, by using your hands.

If you want your Konjac sponge to last, you must refrain from using the wringing motion to get the water out. Wringing out your sponge might cause the fibers to deteriorate faster, thus shortening the lifespan.

How to Find the Best Konjac Sponge

Just like any other beauty product used for skin cleansing, finding the best Konjac facial sponge is not as easy as it sounds.

Luckily, I was able to try some of the most desirable, highly selling brands one can find online. You can find one in different colors, but for clarity sake in this Konjac sponge review, let’s start with the charcoal activated Konjac brand.

1 – Puresol Konjac Facial Sponge

When you look at all the facial cleansing sponges for sell online, this brand is way ahead of the competition when you compare units sold and existing customer feedbacks.

The puresol facial cleansing sponge is designed to improve the texture of your skin. It has the ability to gently exfoliate while also delivering gentle deep cleansing, as it removes impurities and toxins. I noticed vast improvement within days of using this exfoliating facial sponge, one of the most obvious benefits is a radiant complexion.

You’ll find this charcoal facial sponge soft, and can be used for all your skin care needs. Puresol Konjac sponge is appropriate for all skin types, including those with known sensitive skin issues.

Puresol Konjac is made with natural fibers, which makes it ideal for massaging the skin while also stimulating good blood flow. Not only will constant use help to balance the skin’s pH, it will also detoxify and enable best skin renewal.

Puresol has bamboo charcoal, which contains activated carbon and other essential minerals for best deep skin cleansing. This is the ideal skin care product to use to prevent blackheads, spots, and breakouts. Not only is the product eco-friendly and 100% natural, it is completely free of harsh compounds like sulfates, parabens, and chemicals.

Best of all, Puresol Konjac facial sponge is made to be easily biodegradable, while using cruelty-free manufacturing methods. This best Konjac sponge from Puresol is a certified vegan skin care product.

Puresol Konjac Facial Sponge How to Use Video

2 – My Konjac Sponge Review

Another great natural skin care product that’s making a greater impact with high-performance metrics is from a company called my Konjac sponge. My Konjac charcoal sponge is made using only 100% natural ingredients, and it is truly 100% biodegradable.

This charcoal Konjac sponge is able to exfoliate, cleanse, and revitalize most skin types, including sensitive ones. It is an all-natural skin care product is every sense of the word, and will not disappoint you during your cleansing routine. My Konjac body sponge is just as good as the number one product reviewed.

3 – Beauty by Earth Konjac Facial Sponge

One of the bestselling aspect of this all natural product is that you get two Konjac sponges, instead of the usual one. The company behind this product has been around for many years; lately people and competition are now starting to notice due to word of mouth by health bloggers, and awesome feedbacks from thousands of satisfied customers.

This Konjac sponge from Beauty by Earth is the ideal product one can use to get smoother complexion and glowing skin. With this Konjac cleansing sponge, you’ll be able to gently exfoliate, while also eliminating dirt and toxins from your skin.

Among all the Konjac sponges reviewed, this one has the ability to help balance the acidity of the skin’s impurities, as the oil in the skin is enriched with natural vitamins and other required nutrients. Not only is it eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, this best Konjac sponge contains no sulfates, parabens, chemicals or junk.

Beauty by Earth Konjac facial sponge is sold with a two for one offer, and your satisfaction is guaranteed, as it comes with an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. You should also know that the customers that tried this all natural skin care cleansing product gave it glowing reviews.

4 – La Lune Naturals Konjac Sponge

Another good Konjac sponge making in-roads is by a company called La Lune Naturals. It has several unique advantages over some of the brands reviewed above. Not only is the product embedded with hooks one can use to hang it after use, you can now take advantage of the two for offer packaging for even greater savings.

The La Lune Naturals Konjac Sponge is designed for use on your body and face. It is soft and yet powerful enough to exfoliate and gently cleanse your skin of dirt and toxins. You can use it regularly to help prevent blackheads and breakouts.

Not only will this best Konjac sponge help with dry skin issues, it is also an ideal face scrubber and pore cleanser for those with sensitive skin. It is made from hundred percent natural ingredients while using the best and most earth-friendly environmental manufacturing practices.

You not only get free suction hook to help it dry faster, the included free ebook is the ultimate guide to natural skin care techniques one can implement in the comfort of your own home. It is completely certified vegan and highly recommended by leading dermatologist.

Which One Should You Choose?

All the Japanese Konjac sponges reviewed above will deliver awesome results for your skin care cleansing. Most are priced within the same price range, and I only selected the ones with great feedbacks for this Konjac sponge reviews.

All are made from 100% natural ingredients with the power to exfoliate dead skin pores. It is one of the great all natural skin care products one can use to get softer and glowing skin. The best online store to find and purchase your own Konjac cleansing sponge can be found through the link below.

Paula F. Kennedy

Paula F. Kennedy

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