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Some of the Best Wahl Hair Clippers Used by the Pros

If you pay careful attention when visiting any beauty salon, you’ll find at least one product from Wahl manufacturing conglomerate. One can trace the origin of this company to 1919 from the efforts of Leo J. Wahl, who created the first hair elimination device.

You’ll be surprised to know that this company makes hundreds of products like the best Wahl hair clippers that is sold in over 165 countries in the world. In this Wahl clippers review, we’ll look closely some of the best models used by professional beauty salons or barber shops, and can be used in your own comfortable home with the same performance metrics.

Regardless of the length of your hair, Wahl professional clippers are designed to help you get the most desirable hair cut one can imagine without paying the exorbitant prices demanded by high-end salons within your area.

Best Wahl Hair Clippers

Wahl Color Pro Review: Model 79300-400

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro is a true 20-piece complete haircutting kit that’s aesthetically pleasing. I kid you not, this “bad boy” is designed to enable all type of haircuts one can imagine. Wahl groomsman pro cannot only trim and style the hairs on your head but also your total body.

Whatever part of your body you find hairs, you can use this tool to eliminate or style them. The guide combs are color coded and able to remember the hair length of everyone that uses it. Each comb has a unique code for each individual, and once enabled the pro tool can remember the exact setting when next you use it.

Wahl color pro is able to self-sharpen itself due to the way the high-carbon steel blades are precision grounded to remain sharper much longer. It has a soft touch grip, which affords one comfort and control. You can use this Wahl haircutting kit to give yourself or anyone you love total head and body grooming.

Wahl 79300-400 can be found in top hair cutting salons, and some of the accessories included are: MC clipper, 11 colored guide combs, blade guard, styling comb, barber comb, cleaning brush, scissors, blade oil, and a 6 inch storage case. The included instructions manual and styling guide comes in both English and Spanish.

Wahl 7 Reviews


While the Wahl has certain similarities to the Wahl Color Pro, there are many subtle differences. This model is made from chrome and comes with 24 hair cutting accessories one can use for head and total body grooming.

Wahl 79524 cost a little more than the above model, and it is aesthetically pleasing with excellent performance metrics. Embedded within this haircutting kit are high-carbon steel blades capable of staying sharp much longer as compared to other brands.

This home haircutting kit from Wahl includes some awesome accessories like multi-cut clipper, barber comb, styling comb, blade guard, scissors, cleaning brush, 2 hair clips, blade oil, cape, durable storage case, ear trim guide comb, eyebrow trim guide comb, and 11 guide combs.

You get a full-color instructions manual that is both in English and Spanish. Also included are styling guides one can use to get various styles just like you find at the professional barber or beauty salons.

Wahl Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper


If you’ve looked wide and far online for some of the best cordless hair clippers, perhaps you should consider the performance metrics of the Wahl 79600. Cordless hair clippers do offer you certain advantages as compared to the corded models.

Wahl lithium ion is a detailed trimmer, with a contoured unique shape that can be used for instant haircuts and touch-ups. The self-sharpening blades are precision edged. and will remain sharp far longer than the other models reviewed.

One of the biggest advantages offered by best cordless clippers is the issue of portability. Once fully charged, you can use the device almost anywhere. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro will run for at least two hours once fully charged. A full charge will take about 3 to 5 hours to complete.

For those in a rush, a 15-minute quick charge will give you about 12-minute of functional time. It designed to hold the charge for at least one year if not used. The manufacturer claims this model has at least 50% more cutting power than all the other best clippers made by Wahl.

Wahl lithium ion cordless clipper is a complete haircutting kit with the following accessories: blade guard, multi-cut clipper, blade guard, 2 hair clips, styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, barber comb, soft storage case, detail trimmer, 14 guide combs, barber cape, scissors, right ear taper, left ear taper, eyebrow guide, and ear trim guide.

For those worrying about how to use the cordless clipper, provided for your convenience are detailed instructions and styling guides in both English and Spanish.

Wahl Balding Clippers Review: Model 785110


Wahl Professional 785110 5-star Series Balding Clipper should not be played with, as the fine tooth surgical blades will cut you is you’re not careful. This Wahl detailer has twice the power of the other models, and must be used with utmost care.

Wahl 5 star shaver can be called one of the best balding clippers one can find online for less. While this was developed to handle the challenges faced by African-American clients due to thicker hair texture, it can also be used by other ethnic groups.

Wahl 5 star balding clipper can be used to get full shaved bald head including light fades. This bad boy cutting tool should not be used lightly, as it can remove all unwanted hair swiftly and most efficiently. The clipper itself is heavy to handle, and should only be used after you’ve read the detailed instructions guides.

Your purchase of the Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper includes pre-shave brush, oil, cleaning brush and barber comb. Also included for your convenience is a detailed styling and instructions guide in both English and Spanish.

Other Wahl Clippers with Good Performance Metrics

There are other excellent Wahl clippers made by this company, and I have decided to include the link for all the product selection to give you more choices. You’ll find different hair clipper sizes that you can use in the comfort of your home to deliver awesome haircuts, just like the pros.

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