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Bike Riding Benefits And Best Commuter Bike to Use

I know at least two friends that bought commuting bikes for use during this fine weather season. But then again, as I look around my neighborhood I see more new bikes than usual.

You might not notice it if you’re stuck in your car using the steering wheel, but the bicycle bandwagon is in full swing. Perhaps some of the physical benefits of riding a bike might convince you to give your car a rest, and stimulate your overall body muscles.

Despite having to deal with fewer resources, some cities in the United States managed to expand the availability of bicycle lanes. Apart from the gleeful thanks from Mother Nature due to the environmental benefits, riding a bike on a daily basis also delivers many health benefits.

If you love the environment and wish there was a way to help heal the planet from the negative effects of fossil fuels, using a bike to commute to work might be a good way to start.

Each time you pedal, every muscle group in your body participates in the activity. It is not only one of the best most effective total body workouts, the physical activity of riding your commuter bike will eventually turn you into a lean, fat-burning machine.

Before I get to the best bikes for commuting one can buy for less online, let’s look closely at some of the health benefits of riding a bike. Some of the physical and health benefits of daily bike riding might just be a surprise to you

Bike Riding Health Benefits

It is one of the most pleasing ways to enjoy mild temperatures while also staying in shape. Bicycling on a regular basis confers to the rider all sorts of health benefits. Not only will the activity engage your legs, your joints will become much stronger from constant bike riding.

If you’re still deciding if bike riding is good for you, here are ample well-established reasons to tip your decision in favor of physical good health:

Bike Riding is one of The Easiest Ways to Exercise

When you compare the cost of buying a commuter bike to your other daily spending habits, riding a bike delivers better dividends. It requires no commitment to team sports to get all the benefits, and you can do it almost any time of the year.

Cycling is one of those activities you never forget, once you’ve mastered it. Spending just 30 to 60 minutes riding you bicycle will deliver more workouts to all your muscles than any gym exercise can do. So get your hands on a good bike and start your exercise routine for overall better health, through bicycle riding.

Better Strength and Toned Muscles Will be Yours

Every time you get on your bicycle and pedal away, the activity does something to your muscles that’ll soon become apparent for all to see.

Not only will bike riding strengthen leg muscles, the exercise will also enhance the mobility of your hip and knee joints. After just a few weeks of daily riding, the muscles in your thighs, legs, rear end and hips will appear toned, to the delight of all those that love you.

The Activity Builds Stamina

Bicycling frequently will help build up your stamina, which will most likely be transferred to other areas of your life, including during sexual activities. Every minute you spend riding a good commuter bike will help to increase your stamina level to astronomical proportions.

It Will Enhance Your Cardiovascular Health

Your cardiovascular health can be traced to the condition of your heart. Steady bike riding delivers better blood flow to all your vital organs, including your heart. Remember, cycling benefits all your muscle groups, which ultimately leads to better heart rate, stamina, and overall body fitness.

From the major study conducted by the British Medical Association (BMA), cycling on a regular basis gives you much needed protection against coronary heart diseases. People that cycle regularly are less likely to suffer a heart attack than those that do not partake in the physical activity.

Burn Calories and Lose Weight

No other activity burns up more calories than regular bike riding. If you have unwanted pounds you would like to lose in a timely and safe manner, try your hands at bicycle riding for a few weeks, and witness the amazing fitness results.

It has been estimated that steady bike riding will burn at least 300 calories per hour. The activity will also give a needed boost to your metabolic rate, which is needed for overall good fitness health.

Can Improve Body Coordination

I have since this coordination effect in many little kids that just learned how to ride a bike. Riding a bicycle is the most ideal way to get major improvements to how your body parts relate to each other.

You Can Get Major Stress Reduction through Bicycle Riding

Any regular exercise routine that makes you sweat will contribute immensely to the lowering of your stress levels while giving a major boost to your self-esteem and overall well-being. As you pedal away, the fresh breath that you take in will help give a better perspective to the problems or situations of the day.

If you need to make a major decision, put it aside for an hour or two, and go bike riding. The activity will clear your head and make you see things from a different angle, which ultimately will lead to a better decision on your part.

Great Video Discussing the Benefits of Bike Riding

Best Bikes for Commuting

Before you can realize all the physical benefits of riding a bike, you do need to get a good brand of commuter bicycle. As I looked through the entire sales brochure, it is apparent that most designers of best bikes for commuting will stretch the truth to get your money.

My singular approach to determining the benefits of bike riding was used to find best commuter bikes with value for the money. As you know, bicycling is a free activity that will pay major dividends in overall better health into your old age.

Most of the best commuter bikes reviewed is under 500, and some are slightly above that number.

Best Commuter Bike Reviews

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

This commuter bike has a frame made from double butted aluminum. It is indeed an affordable road bike with 21-speed.

The bike itself weighs just 24 pounds, but capable of delivery many years of riding comfort with proper care. You also get the use of free pedals with your purchase.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c


This best urban commuter bike is lightweight and handcrafted with aluminum frame. You get to enjoy the use of two water mounts within the front.

This commuter bike is so well designed, and you’re advised to make sure it is well assembled before riding it. Unless you can assemble bikes like this, you might be better of paying a few bucks for professional installation with your delivery, to ensure optimal performance.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike


This is a true commuter bike with a rugged steel frame. It has alloy wheels and weighs about 29.5 pounds.

The 32-inch tires used on this best urban commuter bike guarantees your riding comfort, regardless of the condition of the road. It has rear and front alloy side pull brakes.

Diamond Frame Bicycle By Priority


This is probably my favorite of all the best bikes for commuting. The design is retro-classic, and it has all the needed features one can use to get the most comfortable rides.

Diamond Frame Bicycle has puncture resistant tires and uses a well-sealed 3-speed internal gear hub. The lightweight aluminum frame is completely rustproof. Best of all, this best commuter bike can be fully assembled in just minutes.

Please be Safe before Riding Your Commuter Bike

It makes me sad inside when I come across bike riders using no bicycle safety accessories. While cycling is great fun, one must take some prudent steps to mitigate any potential accident that might happen, while you’re on the road.

I would advise you to wear knee-pads, and a good brand of bicycle helmet to protect your head from injuries in case of any accident. When riding during the day or at night, make sure you’re wearing visible and bright clothing. This is especially true if your city has no clear bicycle paths to use.

Just because you’re riding your new best commuter bike does not give you license to disregard traffic laws. Be a good citizen and follow all traffic laws, just like the other vehicles you see on the road.

Finally, the best riding shoes should completely cover your feet. If you ride on sidewalks, please pay careful attention to pedestrians as they have the right of way by most state traffic laws.

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