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Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

When you compare this rowing workout machine to other top rated brands, it certainly lacks certain features, but it has all the important ones for best low impact workouts.

Sunny health and fitness rowing machine is not only affordable, but it is decent quality home fitness equipment. If you’re a beginner, and searching for best rowing fitness products, this is a well-designed cheap rowing machine one can use to try out this type of fitness exercises.

Rowing machine SF-RW1205 can be used to fight those unruly bulges or lumps, as you work your way to a well sculpted body. Sunny health and fitness is capable of enabling a full-body workout.

It has been estimated that you can burn about 400 calories per hour, even at the lowest resistance level of this machine. Do not let the beginner-friendly features of this home gym rower fool you, for it is designed to enable better metabolism and stamina.

If you’re seeking best rowing machine for home use within the same price range, you can also explore the merits of Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine, and the Stamina InMotion Rower.

What about the Company?

Any time you consider the merits of any home gym fitness equipment, it would be wise on your part to look closely at the manufacturer of the product. Most likely, your warranty will only be honored, if the company survives the economic battle landscape.

This affordable best rowing machine is made by a company called Sunny Health and Fitness, and they seem to have a durable product in almost every fitness equipment niche market. The manufacturer is beloved by most health-conscious fitness gurus, because of the affordability and greater quality of their line of home fitness equipment.

Not only do they make some of the top resistance and strength training equipment, you can also find stationary bikes, steppers, treadmills, elliptical machines and much more, from the same company. They do make some brands for heavy duty gym use, and some are marketed under private label to some of the top gyms in America.

Key Specifications of the Sunny Health & Fitness Home Rower

With so many rowing machines under its belt, the model number for this home rowing machine is SF-RW1205.

The dimensions for this sunny health rowing machine are 53 x 20 x 22 inches, and it only weighs 23 pounds.

The total resistance levels that can be engaged are 12 in total.

The resistance type used by this home rower is Hydraulic.

The total body composition of the sunny health fitness rowing machine comprises durable steel and hardened plastic.

For safety and performance reasons, the maximum user weight for this cheap home rowing machine is limited to 220 pounds.

It offers no pulse monitor features but uses pivoting floorplates to enable awesome workout fitness results.

All the essential tools needed to assemble the home gym rower is included in your delivery package.

I like the fact that this rowing machine from sunny health fitness comes to you with the major parts fully assembled. The small parts you need to attach can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes. Meaning, in less than half-an-hour you can be riding this home rower to write your own weight loss stories.

Sunny Health & Fitness Features

While this home rowing machine from sunny health & fitness comes with basic features, it is still one of the most comfortable ones to use. The type of hydraulic resistance used in this rower is friendly and ideal for inexperienced users.

The resistance style will work all your body muscles for faster fat burning, all without affecting the joints negatively. From recommendations by fitness experts, the type of resistance embedded within this rowing machine will not only build up your strength but also tone the muscles in your shoulders, back and biceps.

You get to select from 12 resistance levels, which means you have many options as to how fast you want to reach your weight loss goals. Beginners to home rowing machine would find this option ideal for use in increasing stamina. You’re in a good position to prepare your muscles for more challenging workouts.

Engaging the resistance level is as easy as switching the simple to use resistance knob. You’re even able to switch between resistance levels during your workouts.

The included electronic console is not the most sophisticated as compared to higher-end home rowing machines, but it does give you the ability to track fitness related data like distance covered, calories burned, time, total stroke count and speed.

Is it Comfortable and Easy to Use?

Apart from the low price of this home fitness rower, you can use this machine to conduct good, lengthy and intense training sessions. It has no complicated features to master; neither does it have fitness electronics that might break down on you.

This rower will work all the right muscles without any fear of blisters, burns, or aches common with other cheaper rowing machines brands. It has a thickly padded foam seat, which means you’ll be in a comfortable position to row as long as you want, without feeling any pain in your behind.

The handlebars for this rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness is heavily textured and thickly padded, to offer the user needed protection against calluses and soreness from working the rower to the max. With the well-placed ergonomic handle, you might find yourself having fun and burning more unwanted calories.

The embedded foot straps for this rower are made to be adjustable, and will easily accommodate most shoes sizes. The pivoting footplates will offer the user more freedom of movement, which enhances your riding comfort.

Since this rower weighs about 23 pounds, most users can carry it to the ideal storage place. The compact size also guarantees the usage of a smaller footprint, if you’re tight on living space in your home. I have seen users place it against a wall or on a solid space after each use.

Any Drawbacks?

I am yet to come across any home fitness equipment without few disgruntled current users with negative experiences. Let’s examine some of the concerns from some of the users of this very cheap home rowing machine from sunny health and fitness.

Some complained it does not have a pulse monitor, one can use to track heart rate and other internal body metrics. If you’re a cardiovascular patient, you might want a more feature rich brand, like the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine.

Since it is limited to user weight of 220 pounds, some are not able to take advantage of what the rower has to offer. A user taller than 6’3 complained it is not the most ideal home rowing machines for taller people, which I fully agree with.

Bottom Line:

Truth be told, using a rowing machine is not for everyone, and you never know until you give it a try. This is the perfectly constructed and most affordable home rowing machine to use. It cost less than most other home gym equipment, and it has all the features you need to get a full body workout.

You can always seek out other high-end rowing machines, once you discover the exercise routines are to your liking. If you’re looking to workout your arms, legs, back, buttocks and abdominal muscles, the sunny health & fitness rowing machine will deliver excellent results.

This is the ideal rower for beginners, and even veteran rowers looking for a reliable product with good performance metrics. You can check out the price for this product, through the link below.

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