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Is Cinnamon Good for You? Included are Real Health Benefits of Cinnamon

For those that like to cook, cinnamon is not only prized for the health and antioxidants benefits, for it is also a very delicious spice to use.

Based on historical records from ancient times, the love for cinnamon goes back thousands of years due to its medicinal properties.

It is only within the last decades that modern science confirmed the facts that our ancestors knew for all along.

What are the health benefits of cinnamon? Here are real health benefits cinnamon confers, based on much available scientific research.

What are the health benefits of cinnamon

1 – Cinnamon Contains a Substance with High, Powerful Medicinal Properties

What is cinnamon? it is a spice derived from the inner bark of a tree called Cinnamomum.

All the way back to ancient Egypt, this substance has been used as an ingredient in making many delicious meals and products.

At one time in our evolution cinnamon was rare, valuable and hard to get, due to the fact that it was considered a gift only fit for the kings.

In modern times, cinnamon can be found in abundance, and very cheap. It is practically available in every supermarket in America, and can be found in some of the best foods and recipes all over the world.

Cinnamon can be divided into two main types:

Cassia Cinnamon – The brands you find on your store shelves are made from this type. When people talk about the many benefits of cinnamon, they usually know about the Cassia type.

You can identify Cassia cinnamon because it comes in mostly dark brown color. This type of cinnamon is sometimes called Saigon cinnamon.

It’s inner filling is like a hollow tube, and it is thick and hard. Some might call the aroma harsh, and the taste flat. It is mostly grown in Vietnam, Indonesia and China.

Ceylon Cinnamon – This one goes by many other names; true, real or sweet cinnamon. It is indigenous to a specific region in Sri Lanka called Ceylon.

This type of cinnamon is thin and soft, with a noticeable light brown color.

The inner filling is more like a cigar, and offers both delicate aroma and sweet taste.

The making of cinnamon is as easy as cutting the stems found in the Cinnamomum tree. The inner bark is the prized material. It is extracted, and the wood parts are carefully removed from it.

After it dries, the formation of strips develops, which then curl into rolls. It is famously called cinnamon sticks, and can be grounded to fine perfection, to form cinnamon powder.

The oil part of cinnamon is what gives it the distinctive smell and flavor. This part contains a significant amount of the compound called cinnamaldehyde.

This unique compound is what delivers most of the powerful health and metabolism benefits attributed to the substance.

One can safely say that the presence of cinnamaldehyde is what creates all the cinnamon health benefits known to mankind.

2 – Cinnamon Contains High Amounts of Good Antioxidants

As you know, the right antioxidants will protect your body from oxidative damage that can be caused by free radicals.

Within any cinnamon products, you’ll find powerful antioxidants like Polyphenols

A recent study comparing the effects of antioxidants found in the top 24 spices in the world, declared cinnamon the clear winner, even delivering better benefits than favorite “super-foods” like oregano and garlic.

Another powerful way that cinnamon is used is in food preservation. It is one of the best natural food preservatives known to man.

3 – Cinnamon is Able to Fight Bacterial and Fungal Infections

Cinnamaldehyde is the most powerful substance found in cinnamon, and it has the power to fight-off all kinds of infections.

The oil derived from cinnamon has now been shown to be very effective at treating respiratory tract infections, that’s caused by the fungi bacteria

The presence of cinnamon in your organs will inhibit certain bacteria from growing, including the most deadly ones like Salmonella and Listeria.

The antimicrobial properties found in cinnamon can help reduce bad breath, while also preventing tooth decay.

4 – Cinnamon Offers Best Diabetes Protection

The presence of cinnamon within your internal organs helps to slow stomach emptying, which helps to put a stop to blood sugar rising following your meals.

5 – Cinnamon Enables Better Brain Function

The smell of cinnamon is pervasive and enhances cognitive processing, but consuming the substance can significantly increase your brain function.

Moderate consumption of cinnamon will improve your attention span, while increasing your visual motor-skill response time.

6 – Can it help with Better heart health?

Based on numerous studies, consuming diets rich in spices like turmeric and cinnamon can help negate the negative effects of eating a fatty meal.

The powerful antioxidant found in cinnamon has the ability to reduce triglycerides by a significant amount.

In Conclusion

It is a fact that not all cinnamon is created equally. The brand you select to buy makes a great deal of difference in the kind of benefits you can expect.

Apart from using it as a spice in delicious dishes, there are best cinnamon supplements one can take to get all the mentioned benefits.

You can find all the products created from cinnamon, including spices and supplements by clicking the link below.

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