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Before You Buy Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

I have come to realize that being a woman is a blessing with some emotional issues attached to it. Most of our beauty regimens do not make sense to the average guy, but we ladies understand the method of looking good for that special occasion. The most difficult issue facing both young and old females is what to do with dark circles or puffiness around the eyes.

I have read my fair share of best eye wrinkle treatment review articles, and all its glorified solutions, so my take on the issue will be from my life experiences and the many gossipy nights with my best friends. We females are very conscious of our look and every little blemish or spot can create emotional turbulence.

Now you know why many products for dark circles are popping up every day, with questionable claims of needed miracle cure for the most stubborn fine lines under the eyes. It is also true that we girls of the modern era like to cover things up, rather than treat the cause of the symptoms.

Yes, there are treatments for dark circles under eyes worth the money, but I will be addressing the causes, and the preventive steps you can take to look your best the most natural way.

If you’re in a rush and just want the list of the good eyes creams to get rid of dark circles, click the link below to the complete products page on Amazon.

Causes of Dark Circles under Eyes

Eye contact goes a long way in determining how you engage your conversational partner. The skin around and under the eyes is less strong and sensitive to many things thrown at us by nature. I can also tell you that most of the wrinkles around your eyes can be traced to lifestyle choices and lack of proper sleep.

While you can cover the sudden appearance of fine lines or dark circles under the eyes, there are certain symptoms that might point to the presence of more serious medical issues.

Based on personal experience and many visits to the dermatologist, dark circles around or under the eyes can be caused by the following issues:

Lifestyle Choices

Some of you might not want to hear this, but some of your lifestyle choices can cause dark circles to appear under the eyes. Contrary to what some females think, indulgence affects male and female in different ways.

Take for instance alcohol consumption; it has a different impact on the skin for both men and women. A woman that drinks every week will witness the appearance of under the eyes dark circles more frequently than one that does not.

I have girlfriends that indulge in excessive drinking on a weekly basis (just because the guys are paying), and I hear the sobbing tales of trying to get rid of the fine lines under eyes with the latest dark circle eye treatment product.

Smoking of any kind will cause dark circles to appear under your eyes. All types of smoking including weed is bad for your skin growth. I smoked for a little while in college, and my skin transformation did not occur until I kicked that bad habit to the curb.

The few people I know that smoke have horrible skin and the dark circles under the eyes are probably the least of their many symptoms. Smoking of any kind penetrates the skin tissues and creates all kinds of problems that’ll soon be visible for all to see.

So, as a first step to getting glowing skin with fewer wrinkles, eliminate smoking and curtail alcohol-drinking from your life. If you constantly do these activities due to group or social pressure, even the best cream for dark circles will not be sufficient.

The best eye cream for wrinkles and dark circles will work more efficiently if you take steps to engage in better lifestyle activities that’ll nourish your skin rather than kill the fine skin tissues.

Hereditary Concerns

While I am not fully convinced about the transfer of dark circles under the eyes gene from parents to kids, there are many convincing studies that now prove it might be possible. I have also noticed how certain fine lines on my face are also present on my mom’s face.

Yes, severe dark lines under eyes issues might be traced to hereditary factors, and only you can tell by looking at your mom’s face to see if it’s true. While I lean towards personal actions that create the problem, heredity does play a role in some females experiencing the sudden appearance of under the eyes dark circles.


Severe Allergies

I can testify that this one is true. Those powerful nasal congestion medicines are able to dilate the blood vessels around your eyes, thus causing them to darken. If you suffer seasonal allergies and notice the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, try to not panic, and it will subside once you feel better.

Another step is to read the side-effects of any medicine you intend to take and pay attention to some of the listed symptoms that it might create.

Atopic dermatitis is a form of Eczema

This condition has the ability to alter the look of the skin around your eyes, including your eyebrows and lashes. If you rub or scratch the itch that develops with the condition, the skin in those areas will change in appearance.

One of the symptoms of Atopic dermatitis is the appearance of darkened skin under the eyes. Better to seek the attention of a medical professional, before buying or using any best under eye dark circle cream.

Stress and Lack of Proper Sleep

The quickest way to get dark circles around your eyes is to be deprived of proper sleep or rest that does not refresh the body. Stress is also a big factor in this regard.

If you happen to take public transportation in the morning, pay attention to some of your fellow passengers to know what I mean. You can tell those that did not get enough rest, or live a very stressful existence.

I have heard some people say that over-sleeping can also cause dark circles around the eyes, but that is not true from my experience. It is only when you sleep that your body rejuvenates itself.

Skin Pigmentation Irregularity

I can confirm that the skin around and under your eyes are much thinner than the rest of your body. If you have a problem with melanin distribution, dark circles might temporarily appear.

Some people might say this is more prevalent among races with high concentration of melanin. In my opinion it is not a huge factor in the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, because it can be negated by many other positive factors, like good rightful rest.

Other Causes Commonly Cited is:

Scratching or rubbing your eyes too often.

If you expose your skin to too much direct sunlight.

If you have any type of iron deficiency.

Prolong crying or trauma.

Old age. As we age, we lose a great deal of the good fat and collagen surrounding the eyes.

Excessive consumption of salt.

Prevention Tips for Under Eye Dark Circle

The best prevention tip for stopping dark circles before it occurs under your eyes, is better dieting. You might be able to fool outsiders, but your body knows all the crap you’ve being eating, and one of the ways it shows displeasure is through skin texture.

While we all are different, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can lead to better and glowing skin. Moderation in what you eat is the key.


How do you cure daily dehydration? Do you drink sugary drinks instead of water? Any packaged drink needs to be processed by the body once consumed, and that takes time. Water goes to work immediately once consumed since our body is made up of at least 70% water.

Drink only water for seven days as your fluid of choice, and see the miracle transformation that will happen with your skin. Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Stop smoking period. There is nothing like limiting your smoking. Each puff does significant damage to your skin tissues, and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes might be the least of your problems when the diseases start to manifest.

Alcohol is not friendly to your internal organs. Contrary to all the media hoopla about how some red wine might be good for you, they do not tell you about the side effects. Alcohol is an intoxicant, and you should tread carefully before consuming such poison.

I know most top health bloggers would not say that, but it is the truth, and I truly want you to age gracefully with good health and vitality.

You must do some daily exercise. Just like you eat every day, you must engage in some form of physical activity to keep you in shape, and get proper oxygen flowing into your skin tissues.

I could list a few more, but I am sure you get the idea. The key to getting rid of under the eyes dark circles is by adopting healthy lifestyle choices in all your daily activities.

While there are miracle under eye dark circles treatment products, correcting your bad choices in food, drinking and sleeping routines will keep you looking younger, with less need for top rated eye cream.

Best under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

What is the best under eye cream for dark circles? I wish I could give you a straight answer for instant cure. You should know that best under eye treatment products are made to cleverly conceal the problem, and not permanently remove it.

Using my vast skin care experience, I have selected some of the best eye cream for bags beauty products that are worth the discounted price. Some of the best dark circle corrector products are:

1 – Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate Review


Clarins super restorative total eye concentrate is quite pricey but has the power to make your eyes look fresh and young.

Despite the high cost of the Clarins super restorative total eye, it has the ability to address other beauty issues you might have with your facial skin.

This super restorative total eye concentrate can be used effectively to deal with puffiness, and the fine lines that might appear between the eyebrows.

Clarins super restorative has simply been called great by many reviewers, if you check some of the feedbacks. From my experience, it will be absorbed quickly into your skin and certainly not greasy.

2 – Radha Beauty Eye Cream for Dark Circles


Radha beauty eye gel is not only cheaper but can help you get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and generally tired eyes.

From all the Radha beauty eye gel reviews I have looked at, this company is fairly new, but the gel for dark circles under eyes has many followers, and the feedbacks from customers are just as great.

Radha beauty eye gel is formulated to help increase the elasticity and plumpness of the skin around your eyes. Amazingly, you can use it to get rid of sagging and dryness of the skin in that area.

Radha eye gel is powerful enough to deliver better skin texture you have around your eyes. Best of all, the included plant stem cells delivers better intensive anti-aging effects.

Radha beauty eye cream is budget friendly while delivering powerful and beautiful results for women with less money to spend on dark circles under eyes treatment product.

3 – Body Merry Eye Cream for Dark Circles


When you look at the many Body Merry reviews found online, this is also a cheaper brand of dark lines under eyes treatment cream with excellent results for women using it.

This body merry eye cream is made using over 70 powerful natural ingredients that can help give your skin the natural and sensuous look around the eyes, with no visible dark circles.

The organic and natural ingredients pack a powerful punch one can use to get rid of wrinkles, puffiness, bags and dark circles.

I like the Body merry age defense eye cream, for it is formulated to address the needs of different skin types.

This best dark circle eye treatment cream is made using cruelty-free methods, and never tested on animals.

4 – Omiera Labs Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment


This dark circles under the eyes treatment product from Omiera Labs is also called Illumizone, which is an odd-sounding name for a female beauty eye cream.

The gentle, natural ingredients used in making this eye serum for dark circles makes it ideal for use in treating other wrinkles found on your entire face.

It has the power to get rid of fine lines, increase firmness while also enhancing collagen regeneration.

This best eye cream for dark circles from Omiera Labs is on the expensive side, buy does deliver awesome results based on the feedbacks from existing users.

Judith Gentle-Plant

Judith Gentle-Plant

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