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Is a Single Blade Razor Better Than A Multiple Blade Razor?

Lately, the hype about multiple-blade razors has made most men forget about the unique advantages offered when one uses a best single blade razor.

I mean, don’t get me wrong multiple blade razors can deliver excellent shaving results.

Finding a good razor is now slightly complicated as manufacturers are now in the habit of packing multiple blades into their razors.

In fact, the top brands have about eight blades not counting the exfoliating features and moisturizing strips.

If you can resist the publicity stunt and go against the trend, using a double-edge safety razor with good pre-shave oil and high quality after shave lotion is still one of the best and easiest way to prevent razor nicks and bumps.

Some Issues with Multi-Blade Razors

Due to their design, multiple blade razors can cause facial hair to get trapped beneath the skin, thus enabling those painful ingrown hairs, especially if you have curly hair.

Those ingrown hairs become irritated and can swell up to cause those nasty looking red razor bumps.

Why do Double-edge Safety Razors Lag behind Multi-blade Razors When it comes to Sales?

The biggest reason can be traced to advertising. Multi-blade razors are marketed intensely using all types of mediums, including television.

Now ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a commercial for a top rated one blade razor, probably never.

Contrary to what some might think, advertising is incredibly effective, especially when it’s repeated on a daily basis.

The more we see the sales pitch on TV, the more likely we are to buy the product regardless of how we felt about the item initially.

We can also trace the lack of popularity of single blade razors to the expired patents by some of the original inventors.

Gillette was instrumental in making the double-edge safety razor popular, but once the patents ran out, they came out with double-blade cartridge head and disposable cartridge shavers as better viable alternatives.

You can see the reason why! As the patents ran out after 20 years, competition intensified in the single blade razor market cutting deeply into profits for the original creators.

Most firms frown on strong competition, and many would go to extremes with similar products to claim unique selling proposition that the public would accept.

Men have been subjected to subtle lies by razor manufacturers when it comes to shaving tools to enable the most comfortable shave.

So if you think for yourself, a single blade razor is just as durable when it comes to delivering comfortable close shaves.

Why a Double-edge Safety Razor Might be Better for Your Skin Type

One of the best aspects of a single blade razor is that it comes at your skin gentler than even the best multi-blade cartridge shaver can.

It approaches your skin from a gentle angle, and it’s designed to cut the facial hair cleanly without tugging or pulling.

That is one of the reasons why men that use single blade razors have less irritation problems, thus negating the issues of ingrown hairs.

A double-edge safety razor might cost you more initially, but it’s cheaper to use when you consider your purchases of average multi-blade razors over a period of six months or one year.

Single blades are now extremely affordable. You can buy a 100 pack for less than $13 bringing the cost per piece down to about 13 cents – ().

Despite the entire public relations onslaught about multi-blade razors, men that have tried traditional old fashion shaving prefer it by a higher ratio.

Don’t get me wrong, electric shavers and multi-blade razor cartridges do have their uses, but a gentleman with impeccable taste can get awesome shaving results with a best double-edged safety razor.

Apart from experiencing more hydrated and smoother skin, you’ll also have fewer problems with razor bumps.

Within this comparative guide is our recommended double edge safety razors you can buy for less.

For men that prefer a more personal close shave, each of the listed products is designed to enable a smoother and cheaper shave.

Tips on How to Use a Double-Edge Safety Razor

Traditional shaving methods do require you spend a few more minutes preparing and perfecting your shaving techniques. Below are some timely tips that would help you along.

Use Warm Water. You should moisten your facial hairs with warm water to help open up the pores.

Use Pre-shave Oil. The next step is to apply a high quality pre-shave oil to help lubricate and soften the beard and mustache.

Use shaving cream. Using your shaving brush, apply a generous amount of high quality shaving cream.

Make sure you create a nice lather as it helps the Double-edge Safety Razor to eliminate the facial hairs without creating any skin irritation or bumps.

Apply gentle strokes. Until you perfect the technique of using a double edge razor, apply gentle deliberate strokes across the shaving area.

With the aid of the pre-shave oil and shaving cream, the single blade razor will smoothly glide across your skin removing all unwanted hairs with just one stroke.

Pay careful attention to the direction of your hair growth, and always apply your razor strokes in that direction.

Apply after shave lotion. You should apply a generous amount of after-shave lotion to help reduce inflammation and soothe the skin.

A good after shave lotion would contain jojoba oil or tea tree oil with natural properties that can help prevent ingrown hairs, irritation and razor bumps.

Below are some Shaving Accessories you would need with your Double-Edge Safety Razor

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