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Reviews of the Best Simpson’s Shaving Brushes

Pros: Simpsons shaving brushes is from a well-established company with established reputation for high quality.

Simpson brushes are all made by hand and come with plenty of badger hair. Just looking at the brushes confirms they’re made from top notch materials.

Apart from the excellent craftsmanship that enables a close shave, you have many different styles and models to choose from.

Cons: It’s hard to find any negative feedback about Simpson brushes. On the other hand, the coarser hair used on the brushes might not suit everyone as they might be too stiff.

Also, the smaller brushes from this company might not work for bigger guys. Lastly, Simpsons shaving brushes do come with a high price point.

These shaving brushes should be looked at as an investment, as the prices are not cheap.

Simpsons has been around since 1919, when a Mr Alexander Simpson started producing shaving brushes in London, on the East End part.

Amazingly, despite the industrial revolution these shaving brushes are still made by hand.

This is one of the best historic shaving company, and they’ve built up a great reputation within the industry for outputting shaving products of high quality.

Within the comparison guide, we have listed 5 Simpson shaving brushes but we’ll be taking a closer look at the top three, in this Simpson shaving brushes article.

Nowadays, very few shaving products are still made by hand. The materials used in these shaving brushes are high quality, and it’s reflected on the high prices.

If you’re hard pressed for funds, this might not be the ideal shaving brush for you.

On the other hand, if you value high quality and craftsmanship in your shaving gear, investing in a Simpson shave brush is certainly a wise move.

Some might be wondering if Simpsons shaving brushes are worth the high asking price. Well, let’s see!

One of the signs of a good shaving brush is the hair used. Simpson brushes are made exclusively with Badger hair.

In fact, this company does not make any shaving brush with synthetic hair like some other manufacturers.

The 3 types of Badger hair that are commonly used on Simpson brushes are Super Badger hair, Best Badger hair, and Pure Badger hair.

Simpson Shaving Brushes: Chubby Series

Chubby 1
Chubby 2
Chubby 3

The Chubby series are the most expensive shaving brushes from this company.

Simpson Shaving Brushes: Duke Series

This model comes in three sizes also with pure badger hair.

Simpson Shaving Brushes: Small Brushes

While the other models have different sizes, the small brushes have one size and various selections of pure badger hair to choose from.

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