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Is Parker Sr1 the Best Straight Edge Razor on the Planet?

While growing up, I did notice my dad made a weekly trip to the local barber for a regular shave with a straight razor.

But, then came the invention of mass-production disposable razor blades which gave men the ability and convenience of shaving at home without the need of honing and stropping that’s usually required of best straight razors.

Even thou cartridge razors or safety razors became the rage among men, millions still preferred the traditional style delivered by the stainless steel straight edge razor.

Parker Sr1

In this Parker Sr1 Review, effort will be made to point out why this Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor is so popular, because it gives your all the good aspects of disposable blades while still maintaining the feel and look of a true iconic straight razor.

The company that manufactures Parker Safety Razors, have been in the razor shaving business since 1973, with a wide product line of straight-edge barber razors and safety razors.

As part of a low-cost strategy, parker Sr1 stainless steel straight edge razors are made in India with strict quality control, not to talk about affordable low prices.

While the brand might lack some of the flairs of brands like iKon or Edwin Jagger, it does offer one of the best attractive razors with awesome performance features for the low price point.

With the Sr1 straight edge razor, you’ll find that this product has kept pace with the growing needs of men facial hair up-keep.

The parker Sr1 is the ideal razor for men with the desire to experience the feel of a straight edge while using a disposable blade. This eliminates the need to get honed or stropped to get the best facial shave.

Amazingly, this product is also popular with professional barbers seeking to offer straight razor shaves to clients as a way of keeping up to date with modern health codes, which requires new blade for each customer or strict sterilization requirements.

The parker Sr1 straight razor affords a smart barber the chance to change and discard used blades quickly between clients while also delivering the feel and look of using a genuine straight razor.

As you look carefully at the Sr1 razor, you’ll discover it’s made of steel all throughout the scales and blade.

Exceptionally, this shaving product is much lighter in weight than your usual straight razors, but you also get a well-balanced and comfortable feel due to the thickness of the shape, scales and design of the blade holder.

The main body of the Sr1 blade holder is comprised of two similarly shaped pieces of strong metal that are secured tightly.

The blade is embedded between them with two durable pins, that firmly holds the blade in place.

Installing new blades is easily accomplished by pivoting the razor upwards, thus releasing the tension within the two separate metal pieces of the blade assembly.

It has a spine lock that’s designed to push back down to hold the new blade in place.

I found the assembly function to be easy, and the razor stayed perfectly in place all throughout my shaves with the parker Sr1 stainless steel straight edge razor.

The design of the Sr1 enables you to use one-half blade, which you’re able to purchase this way. You can also break in half, a standard double edge blade.

Please read carefully the enclosed instructions with the product, of how you can safely break a double edge blade.

While using the original paper wrapper the blade came in, put it in a cloth or thick towel, and just bend the blade until it snaps at the appropriate angle.

The double edge blades are very thin and designed to break easily. You’ll find the pins within the razor have a standard width, and will fit into any modern brand of shaving tool.

Is It The Best Straight Edge Razor?

Well, it comes very close! I found the Sr1 offers a natural feel, especially if you’re used to shaving with a straight razor. It feels light, while also comfortable at the same time.

Be careful with the amount of pressure you use as you press it against your skin. I found you’re better of with light and short cutting strokes.

The parker Sr1 stainless steel straight edge razor is able to deliver close shaves with minimal efforts.

Keeping it clean is very easy, just run hot or warm water through it to remove lather and stubble from the blade. Since I shave almost every day, I do use my blade several times before discarding it.

Truth be told I like this product, as it provides the best option especially when traveling, as I don’t have to pack a strop while on the road.

The parker Sr1 straight edge razor is fast, efficient and designed to enable the best shave any man would want.

For those seeking where to buy this straight razor, just click on the link below!

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