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What to Look for in a Safety Razor Stand

I recently ran into a good old friend of mine, and during our conversation the issues associated with wet shaving came up.

If you’re reading this and familiar with the old fashion shaving methods, you know you need an excellent safety razor and brush stand.

It’s just a fact, you need the best stand to support all your fashionable shaving gear.

Contrary to what some people might think, your shift to wet shaving does not mean you will completely forfeit speed.

With the right best safety razor stand, you can enjoy all the process of shaving while also developing ways to save a few minutes off your shaving routine.

No matter how you look at it, an organized safety razor stand is needed if you want to store your shaving gear in the most appropriate way.

When you look at these stands, you’ll see very simple design! The basic criteria is to make sure the straight razor stand has room to accommodate all your shaving paraphernalia.

Also, you might want to get one that compliments the stylish decor of your bathroom. For those that have tried it, they can testify that doing wet shaving is manly and cool!

Regardless, please try not to think the stands are just too simple to be effective.

Storing your gear properly is one of the best way to extend the life of your shaving razor blades, and keep the elements from creating corrosion.

The way you store your shaving brush will certainly prolong the life of the brush. If not stored properly, the bristles of your brush will be destroyed in no time at all.

So, I urge you to grab a well made and low-priced razor stand, that could make your shaving gear last much longer!

Colonel Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand

This is the most beautiful safety razor and brush stand with chrome finish. Colonel Conk has done much to help encourage this enjoyable wet shaving renaissance.

This company is well known for making durable products that last a long time.

This shaving stand cost less than $19, and would help keep your wet shaving collections in one place.

This product would do exactly what it was designed to do, which is to hold you razor and shaving brush in the most fashionable way!

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