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Review of Parker Safety Razors

Nowadays, you cannot look at safety razors in the marketplace today without running across best safety razors made by Parker Safety Razor company.

This modern company has products that can be described as belonging to the mid-range safety razors.

This shaving product is pretty popular as based on online sales and customer reviews.

The Parker Safety Razor company is one of the major brands on the market place today.

From this company, you’ll find wet shaving products like parker 91r razor, shaving creams, and shaving brushes.

In this Parker safety razor review article, we will be looking closely at the safety razors from this conglomerate.

The safety razors from this company is a mixed bag based on the existing customer reviews.

It is true, you do get what you pay for! If you look carefully at the Parker double edge safety razors you’ll find that the product is indeed engineered to deliver the most comfortable shave.

If you’re new to old fashion style of shaving, the safety razors from Parker comes with different price points that’s ideal for the beginner or pro shaver.

From my experience, you cannot compare the Edwin Jagger DE89 to the Parker safety razors, as the former is more expensive because it has a better feel and look.

The question of the best safety razor can be traced to personal taste and experience.

Prevailing Thoughts on Parker Safety Razors

If you buy a parker safety razor, you’re bound to experience a purely aggressive shave. Most of the products from the parker safety razor company have that quality.

While it will not deliver smooth shave you’d expect from a top rated razor, it does perform good enough to satisfy most straight razor beginners or pros.

Personally, the Parker safety razors are good enough to satisfy all that desire best old fashion shaving.

We have selected some of the better models from Parker safety razor company, and they’re listed in the comparison guide.

Parker Safety Razor Review

While the Parker safety razor company makes many products, their safety razor line is well established among shaving enthusiasts worldwide.

Here are some of the best safety razors from this growing company.

Parker 99r Review

The Parker 99R is more on the heavier side of safety razors. It has a chrome shiny plated brass frame, and it’s noted for durability by many reviewers that have tried the product.

Inserting the razor blades is as easy as twisting the knob located at the bottom of the razor.

The long textured handle is about 4 inches long and guarantees a firm sure grip even with wet hands.

Parker 99r safety razor only weighs about 3.4 ounces. Included with your purchase are 5 Shark Super Chrome blades.

Parker 96R safety razor

The Parker 96R safety razor comes to you with a nickel plated head and all brass frame.

It weighs a mere 3.0 ounces and offers a firm grip for men with small or large hands.

Due to its unique and lightweight design, this best safety razor is ideal for beginner and expert wet shavers.

It has a butterfly design for easy replacement of double edge razor blades.

Not only does the 96R have solid construction, but it also comes with an initial supply of five shark DE blades for instant shaving.

Parker 22R safety razor

Many people refer to this safety razor as a classic in every sense of the word!

The Parker 22R safety razor is all metal, which is comprised of a brass frame with infused nickel and chrome plating.

Truth be told, I have no idea how they could combine all those metals, but it does look and feels good to touch.

Customers that have tried it compliments its firmness and durability when shaving.

The head on this razor has a unique design that makes it angle the de blades for one of the best and smoothest most comfortable close shave.

It also has a butterfly opening mechanism for easy de blades insertion.

You get an initial supply of five Shark de razor blades for instant shaving right out of the delivery box.

Parker 91R safety razor

The Parker 91R Super Heavyweight Double Edge Safety Razor is not as heavy as the 99R model reviewed on top.

This razor would be ideal for men with big hands. This a pure traditional 3 piece safety razor in every sense of the word.

To insert new de blades, you have to unscrew the top for easy replacement of used blades.

This safety razor brings back the nostalgia of old fashion safety razors due to its unique 3 piece design.

Parker 91R razor has an all brass frame, with infused nickel and chrome finish.

With your purchase of the Parker safety razor 91R you also get an initial supply of 10 Shark DE blades for shaving right out of your delivery box.

Parker 92R

The Parker 92R Ultra Heavyweight Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor offers you an easy replacement mechanism for new de blades.

It has a solid brass frame that’s not only durable but also built to be rust resistant.

The textured handle will provide you a sure firm grip, even with wet hands.

The razor is just as heavy as the 99R model reviewed on top. Due to its design, the blades will be angled for the smoothest most comfortable close shave.

Included with your purchase is an initial supply of 5 Shark de razor blades.

Parker 90R safety razor

The Parker 90R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor is probably best for men with large hands because of its long handle.

You simply twist the handle for easy insertion of replacement DE razor blades.

The body of the 90R razor is made from brass and also nickel plated.

For guys with large hands, you know who you are, this razor would work wonders for your shaving results.

With your purchase, you also get an initial supply of five de razor blades for instant shaving once you open your delivery box.

Parker 29L safety razor for men and women

The Parker 29L “UNISEX” Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor is not the razor you get if you want your girlfriend or wife to leave it alone.

In fact, most women that bought one first tried it at a close guy friends house. It has an easy blade replacement mechanism.

You’ll also like the chrome plated brass finish which ensures longer life span based on upkeep.

Not only does the Parker 29L razor look good, but it also offers a firm grip, while enabling a comfortable close shave for both male and female alike.

You should also know that your purchase includes an initial supply of five Super Chrome double edge blades by Shark.

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