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Best Guard Dog Breeds that People Should Consider

There are many kinds of best guard dog breeds that can protect people, but many experts in a recent study have compiled a list of dogs that are renowned for their temperament, courage, loyalty, strength, and ability to withstand pain.

However, small dogs like Schnauzers, most terriers and Chihuahuas were exempted from the list because they were too small and can easily be brushed aside by intruders.

The ideal dogs in guarding people like the Bullmastiff, Doberman pinscher, German Shepherds, Rhodesian ridgeback and Rottweiler are quite huge in stature and they can fend off any attacker.

For those who are concerned with their livestock, they can utilize dog breeds like the Puli, Komondor, and Giant Schnauzer.

Security is a concern for most people so they will get the best dogs that will protect them and one of the most preferred is the Bullmastiff.

This huge dog is a cross between the English bulldog and English Mastiff and it can be unleashed to immobilize a poacher or an intruder. Moreover, despite its intimidating demeanor, this dog can be a family pet.

On the other hand, a Doberman pinscher is one of the most common dogs that are domesticated by people and it is highly dependable because it is loyal, alert, and intelligent.

Policemen prefer this breed because they are highly agile and powerful dogs. Also, these pets get media mileage for their role in society, so it is not surprising that many people want to have this energetic dog in their homes.

Another dog that will send shivers down the spines of intruders is the Rottweiler, which is quite strong and intelligent.

These dogs have been tried and tested because they are able to show off their strength when they are pulling carts that are filled with products bound for the market or meat products as well.

Although they have been used for hunting, these dogs are quite laid back and settle in people’s homes. Still another familiar breed is the German shepherd which has been used in herding sheep in different countries.

Like the Doberman, this dog is one of the best guard dog breeds that the military and police units can use in times of need.

These dogs stand out because they can be easily registered, protective and loyal. Incidentally, there is a South African dog breed that is known to hunt big predators such as lions.

This dog is known as the Rhodesian ridgeback and Europeans saw the importance of these dogs in the early days.

This breed is a very effective hunting dog and fears no animal, so dog owners were able to effectively hunt down lions.

When it comes to livestock, the best guard dogs would be the Giant Schnauzer, Komondor, and Puli and these dogs are most preferred by farmers or shepherds.

Also, the Komondor is highly regarded in Hungary and is considered as not only one of the best guard dog breeds but also as a national treasure that deserves to be protected and preserved.

Facts about the Doberman Pinscher

Best Guard Dog Breeds

Many intruders or robbers who enter a house will be stopped on their tracks by a snarling muscular dog known as the Doberman pinscher that is large enough to make them shiver in fear.

This medium sized dog has a long head and a dark coat that is either colored red, blue, black, or dark gray. Also, their eyes are quite menacing even if they are colored brown or almond.

What is intimidating about this dog is that its ears stand erect due in large part to owners who taped them for twenty four months. Nowadays, owners are not resorting to this approach so their dogs look like hounds.

These lean but powerful dogs are gifted with great stamina and strength that police units often use them in their operations.

Moreover, they like where the action is and are not ideal backyard pets because they become restless.

These dogs need constant human companionship and they want their masters to be leaders, so they can show their loyalty, dedication, and affection.

Police forces often find these dogs to be very skillful, versatile and adaptable. Additionally, they are easily trained to be efficient guard dogs that can easily follow instructions.

However, this particular dog is not for everyone for the reason that it will only follow an authoritative owner who can provide rules and will stick to them.

This is necessary because Dobermans can be quite aggressive and stubborn if their owners are not firm enough to instill discipline on them.

A Doberman pinscher should realize that humans are their masters and he is just a follower.

Once this dog realizes its role in the family, it will become secure and will socialize with people so that it will not become restless.

It is necessary for this pet to have plenty of exercise and stimulation for it to have a stable mind.

Constant training will turn this usually aggressive dog into a lovable pet that can be gentle even if children are around.

On the other hand, it will become aggressive if its owner is weak or does not give it enough activity.

Still, they can be very sweet pets to nursing home patients and be fiercely protective if other people threaten their owners.

Health wise, this dog has to be well taken care of because it is prone to several skin diseases, heart ailments and blood disorders.

Also, they become obese when they reach middle age. To prevent this from happening, a Doberman should get the necessary exercise even if an owner’s yard is not large enough.

Furthermore, cold weather will greatly affect this breed so they should never stay outdoors during winter. This is disadvantageous to police units because they are unable to utilize these dogs in wintertime.

Nevertheless, these dogs are gifted with stamina and are full of energy, so they need to walk around especially with a leash tied to their necks.

At the end of the day, a Doberman pinscher is a wonderful pet but its owner has to show who is boss.

Information about the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog

It is not surprising that the military or police employ police dogs to help them in their operations or guard specific places and one of the best is the German shepherd dog.

This dog is the most recognizable among the guard dogs aside from being athletic, strong, intelligent and brave. This dog is ranked as the third most intelligent animal behind poodles and collies.

German shepherds are the ideal house pets because they are very loyal and willing to learn from their masters.

These dogs originated in Germany and were bred to produce offspring that are very intelligent, strong, and fast and have a desire to work with people.

In the 1800’s, some Germans try to create a breed that would be ideal for pet owners, but it was only Max Von Stephanitzt who was able to create the perfect breed.

He was able to raise the ideal breed that has the traits that people prefer, so the German shepherd came to being.

Appearance-wise, the German shepherd is twenty six inches in height while its weight is between thirty five to forty kilograms.

The males of these breed is usually heavier than the females. The nice thing about this dog is that it is well proportioned aside from it being strong.

Additionally, this is a very handsome animal and it is very alert wherein its brown eyes often look for signs of movement.

Robbers are usually hesitant to go near this German shepherd dog because it is quite large and very muscular.

Currently, this dog is colored black but a new dog called the white German shepherd is now being introduced as a different breed.

When it comes to temperament, this dog is well-suited in a family or a person who will provide adequate mental stimulation and exercise to it.

Most homeowners will provide shelter for this pet in the form of a yard or garden.

Once this dog is integrated to a family, it can be used as a guard dog or a pet that can be used to guard sheep, goats or other animals.

This is perhaps the most popular pet that people can have because it is very quiet, but an owner can have fun as well because it loves to play.

Furthermore, this pet is very protective and will provide the adequate companionship to the elderly.

Similarly, children will enjoy the company of this dog because they love to socialize and are not overly aggressive unless an owner resorts to harsh training.

If this dog is handled properly, it can become very trainable and one of the smartest animals that one can find.

German shepherds will usually live for ten to thirteen years and an owner should have them checked by the doctor from time to time, so that they can live longer.

These dogs are prone to some diseases but if , they will live healthily.

Lastly, a German shepherd dog should have regular exercise for it to be more active, so the owner must move around vigorously as well.

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