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9 of the Best Curling Irons with Amazing Features

I have a next door neighbor that always has a gorgeous hairdo, and I was tempted one day to ask her what beauty salon she frequented. Mind you, people around my area keep to themselves, but she smiled and confessed she has over six different curling irons that she can use, depending on the type of style she wanted. I politely asked if she could tutor me, and we met later on that evening. Most of the products in this best curling irons review came from her collection.

Best Curling Iron

If you frequent the beauty salon every week, you’re wasting a lot of money. You can now create sophisticated hair-styles from the comfort of your own home, and it only takes but a few minutes once you master the process. There are curling irons for short hair, and you can also find some geared towards women with long or fine hair.

From what I have gathered during research for this review article, most good curling irons would give you the ability to style thick, short, fine or long hair without any issues. But if you’re seeking big curls or waves, there are curling irons created just for those special styles. If you like to create sophisticated curly waves, you can find curling iron wands reviews in the number 7, 8 and 9 spot.

9 of the Best Rated Curling Irons

1 – Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Review

Since the company makes many versions of Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret, this review will be looking at model CD203R. This curling iron will enable you to say goodbye to uneven curls and burnt ears.

This curling iron is good for both short and long hair. It has a unique clamp and feed design. Within the heat-resistant chamber can be found a heated barrel, and its capable of delivering quick curls that can be styled anyway you like it, and will last all day.

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Review

Your feed a strand of hair into the chamber while holding the barrel of the iron close to your head. The unit is designed to suck your hair into the heat resistant chamber, and will wrap your hair around the hot barrel. The embedded timer will alert you three times to let you know the curl is ready. You push a button to unclamp, and it will release your flawless princess curls.

You’re able to set the timer in 8, 10 and 12 seconds intervals. This best curling iron has settings for specific heat levels. I know the 8 seconds timer setting can produce cool loose beautiful waves or curls. This is what I used it for, and it was better than what my beautician charges me to do. I would urge you to read the instructions manual before using the curling iron.

2 – Conair Nano Tourmaline Review

This company is into producing many fine beauty products, and the Conair Nano Tourmaline model CD108WFN is one of them. This is a tourmaline curling iron, and it has features that will deliver salon quality style at a bargain price.

Conair Nano Tourmaline Review

If you have a daughter that’s going off to college, and she loves to do her own hair, this is the budget friendly curling iron to get.

The controls are well placed within the unit, and the issue of accidental button mashing is mute. Since the barrel of the curling iron is made from the heat friendly mineral called Tourmaline, you should not have any worries with burning your hair.

Within the curling iron is the latest in nano technology, and will not only add shine and smoothness to your curls, but also prevent tangled hair problems. It has an auto shut-off feature that kicks-in after one hour.
For more comfortable control and mobility, the unit uses a 6-foot long cord that can swivel effortlessly.

Other safety features include a protective heat shield and a long lasting cool tip. This best curling iron for big curls or small curls, comes with a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

3 – Hot Tools Spring Iron Review

This is another fast growing company with many beauty products under its belt. This Hot Tools Spring Iron Review will be looking at model HT1110.

Hot Tools Spring Iron Review

Hot tools curling iron line is the rage among Beauty products bloggers and critics alike. When next you visit a beauty salon, pay close attention to the curling iron used, and you’ll discover that Hot tools products are the preferred brand by hair design professionals.

While this curling iron uses the traditional spring clamp design, also added is a powerful rheostat control, which is designed to retain the heat into the barrel longer. This unique design allows for easy heating changes.

It has a control knob, and you can select heating options that range from 1 to 10, and has a top temperature of 430-degrees Fahrenheit.

This curling iron can get very hot, so unless you’re familiar with the unit it would be nice to start your curling sessions with lower heat settings.

Hot Tools Spring Iron is one of the best professional curling iron you can find online, but I do suggest you take it easy at the beginning.

It has pilot light that alerts you when it’s still on. The 8-foot cord is ideal for most professional beauty salons. You only get a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

4 – Remington Curl Perfect Review

This review will look at the Remington Curl Perfect model CI6219. This hair styling tool does require some learning curve, especially for beginners. This best ceramic curling iron can get hot quickly, and will allow you to clamp, control and hold your curls.

Remington Curl Perfect Review

The CI6219 ceramic curling iron will reach 340 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a minute. The barrel is designed to heat-up evenly, and it has an on and off switch to make using the ladies styling tool easier to use.

The good thing about this tool is that you can use it to create many hair styles, and will add smoothness and shine to your curls. Remington Curl Perfect weighs less than one pound, and will work effectively with all lengths of hair.

This unit will make great cute curly ponytails or curls for prom. Some of the security features include swivel cord, cool tip and an excellent guide for doing different curls.

5 – Remington T Studio Pearl Review

This is another great styling tool from this company. In this review, we’ll look at the Remington T Studio Pearl model CI95AC2. This is a Clipless curling wand, and it uses Nano technology to infuse natural pearls into ceramic to create this new-age curling iron.

Remington T Studio Pearl Review

Not only does it make it impossible to tangle your hair, you can also get seamless curls since it does not use the old fashion clip setup. To get the type of styles you want, you wrap your hair around the ceramic heated barrel. You hold your hair for just a few seconds and then release it to reveal awesome curls.

This curling iron for short hair or long hair is friendly to beginners, and will create amazing curls within just a few minutes. It will work fine for thin or thick hair without messing around with tricky clamps.

This best Clipless curling iron wand from Remington comes with a styling glove that’s heat resistant, and an auto shut-off feature.

Here are Some Features to look out for in Top Rated Curling Irons

Some of you might decide to do your own research and find other brands of curling irons to compare to the ones reviewed in this article. Even if you’re seeking curling irons for long hair, you should know they can be found in all shapes and sizes. Below are some of the elements you need to pay attention to, before deciding on a brand of curling iron that’s suitable for your hair.


Pay close attention to the design of the unit, as that will tell you most times what type of hair styles the curling iron can create. If your needs are to create hair waves styles, find a curling iron that’s geared towards creating such styles.

Look Closely at the Heat Settings

The heat setting of the curling iron is probably what determines how fast it can curl your hair. Pay careful attention to how much time it takes for the curling iron to reach the desired temperature. If the unit has heat settings lock, you should go for it.

This is an essential feature that helps to prevent accidental button mashing. The best curling iron you choose should at least give you the ability to select the exact temperature you want.

Type of Materials Used

If you grew up with curling irons at home, you probably remember them as bulky piece of iron that gets hot fast, and can burn your scalp with any little misstep. Well technology has caught up to beauty products, and the latest models of top rated curling irons are now made out of tourmaline and ceramic materials.

You can still find metal curling irons, but they tend to have issues with burning or frying hair. With the recent advances in nanotechnology, these new materials can hold heat more evenly.

Curling irons with tourmaline or ceramic barrels are capable of feeding your hair negative ions, which helps to cancel static electricity in any positively charged hair. If you want shiny and smooth curls, find a tourmaline or best ceramic curling iron to use.

Needed Safety Features

If you use one long enough, you’ll experience accidental burns from even the best curling iron. The good Clipless curling wands will come with heat resistant gloves. You should also seek out one with an auto shut-off feature. Meaning the unit will turn itself off if not touched or used for length of time.

I have seen some brands that shut-off once you accidentally drop them. For extra stability, safety and control choose from curling irons that come with barrel stands and cool tips.

Best professional curling iron demonstration video

Best Curling Iron for Waves

6 – Bed Head Deep Waver

Bed Head Deep Waver

The name says it all. if you want sculpted waves with beauty salon quality, this is the curling iron to use. It’s designed to deliver instant heat for distinctive waves.

This curling iron uses the latest in tourmaline technology. It will heat-up evenly, and will help your hair retain natural moisture, as you create masterfully sculpted waves of curls.

All those frizz free styles you see in the magazines can be created using this tool.

7 – Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand

Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand

Remington CI95AC/2 Digital Ceramic Curling Wand can create salon quality curls once you master how to use it effectively.

This highly tech ceramic wand is also infused with real pearl. The unique design is patented, and provides one of the smoothest glide one can find in the industry.

Not only does it heat up in a short time, the digital controls can be used to deliver salon quality waves in just a few minutes.

In the beginning you should proceed carefully, as the unit can reach top temperature of 410 degrees.

8 – Conair You Wave Ultra Review

Conair You Wave Ultra Review

Conair You Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler S7 is designed as a unique three-barrel ceramic styler. Those long lasting soft waves you see others wearing can be created using this tool.

This best cheap curling iron combines the essence of Tourmaline Ceramic technology into one cool styling tool. This hair styler from Conair will not produce damaging hit spots, and can heat up to 392 degrees.

It has handy indicator LED lights, and will enable you to create professional quality curl waves in just a few minutes.

The unit is safe to use as it has a protective outer housing, which helps to retain heat while delivering longer lasting waves.

You can use the two temperature settings to handle short, thick or thin hair. The product comes with a generous 5-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

9 – Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver Reviews

Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver Reviews

Pro Beauty Tools Professional Speed Waver PBIR1879 has variable heat settings, and will allow you to create frizz free, shiny waves of curls. The setting is ideal for all types of hair, and the top temperature can reach 430 degrees.

While the name is not as popular as the other top rated curling irons we reviewed above, most users of this product give it an astounding 97% approval rating.

While this best curling iron is beloved by many consumers, finding the warranty terms proved more difficult than we expected. The Ceramic waver curling iron comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, but for how long is still a mystery.

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Paula F. Kennedy

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