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Simple Effective Weight Loss Plan

The recent segment by “60 minutes” revealed Americans are getting fatter by the day, in spite of all the diet programs pedaled on the news media. The key steps to lose weight should not be that complicated like weight watchers lose weight programs.

The key ingredients to any weight loss plan must include:

Physical activities

Engaging in daily physical activities must and should be the foundation of any weight loss plan. First you need to look at yourself naked in a full length mirror (look at yourself sideways) and breathe in and out. Do you like what you see?

Next, you must weigh yourself to determine how many pounds you need to shed. Write your present weight down and next to it, put your desired weight. This basic exercise must be done, if you’re to get your body in sync with your desired weigh loss goal.

Weight Loss Plan

Now that you know how many pounds you need to lose, it is time to develop an effective weight loss exercise program.

Walking – get into the habit of walking more. You should develop the habit of walking 2 or 3 miles daily. When you walk you use muscles that help you lose weight. If on public transportation, stop a few blocks from your home and happily walk the few blocks home.

Be sure to take giant strides as you engage in this awesome weight loss exercise. Walk to any errands you have to do. Driving is not a form of exercise and has contributed mightily to our present day obesity problem.

Healthy Foods

It is time to stop the marketing delusions that plague our food delivery system. People are bombarded daily with slogans like, low fat, diet soda, less fat, lean beef etc. All bottled beverage that taste sweet has sugar in it, while going with marketing names like, sweet n low, aspartame, corn syrup etc.

You need to immediately stop drinking all this sugary drinks if you’re to be successful in your weight loss plan. Clean fresh water should take the place of those sugary drinks. Water will clear your skin, improve your moods, improve your digestive system and heal many damaged tissues in your body. Get used to drinking lots of water daily!

Daily intake of foods is more of a personal choice, but you should know that all meat, processed foods and some seafood have ingredients in them that contribute to your excess weight gain.

If you’re over-weight, a good weight loss plan should involve reducing your intake of processed food by 10% daily, until you’re eating just 30% of your present food intake. Right now the food has control of you and you need to get your power back. Daily reduction is more achievable!

Get into the daily habit of eating fresh fruits. Stay away from processed fruits loaded with sugar. Also, you need to cut down drastically your intake of alcohol.

It is tough in the beginning, but the rewards far outweigh any initial pains. This is a simple effective weight loss plan, and all you need is some will power to start today!

Paula F. Kennedy

As an older woman, I have so many life-experiences and my reviews will be from that angle. With four kids – three girls and one boy, weight-loss and personal hygiene products are some of the issues I can write about with authority.

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