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Best Dental Chews for Dogs: Fine Teeth Cleaning for Dogs From Treats

Most people that own pets know about the many benefits one derives when they’re healthy. I own a Doberman, and everyone in my family just loves him. After several visits to the vet doctor for the awful and nasty breath that he suddenly developed, my animal doctor suggested we get him teeth cleaning chewies for dogs.

With so many dog treats in my household, buying one more required I do more research about what causes bad breath for dogs, including better and easier ways to keep canine teeth clean, without going to the veterinarian.

I soon discovered that dogs are not immune from the same type of periodontal disease that afflicts humans. A good dog will communicate with you in subtle ways.

Due to my dog’s dental problem, he became quieter, while refusing to eat his favorite foods. You do not want to wait till the bacteria from the diseased gums get into the bloodstream, as that could cause a whole lot of issues.

While I love my dog, veterinarians are now more expensive than doctors that treat human sicknesses. I know what dog dental cleaning cost (a few hundreds), and I would give you some of the steps I took to make sure my dog regained his good breath, and best dog dental treats one can find online.

The Benefits of Dog Dental Treats

After many years of owning dogs, I have come to realize they’re similar to humans in more ways than one. Just like humans, dogs do get bad breath and plaque build-up.

Apart from the regular yellow stain on canine teeth, you might also witness bleeding, swollen or irritated teeth. Here are some of the benefits good brands of dental dog treats can provide.

You’ll find that among the best dog teeth cleaning products, dry dental treats are the cheapest and most effective. Every time your dog takes a bite of the dry treats, it stimulates cleaner teeth as compared to a diet of wet food.

Most of the best dog dental chews reviewed in this article will enable less plaque build-up by at least 70%. This is made possible through the mechanical action of chewing. Every bite makes the canine teeth stronger and healthier.

With advances in modern science, some of the best treats for puppies for better dental health now come with added ingredients to help improve your dog’s breath.

Dental Chews for Dogs Reviews

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs

While this brand of canine dental cleaning product is marketed directly towards smaller and larger dog needs, my Doberman loves this brand. C.E.T. enzymatic oral hygiene chews are made from carefully selected beef-hides.

Apart from having an abrasive texture, an antiseptic is also included to help loosen any tartar build-up, while also providing the needed protection against plaque.

CET dog chews cam help keep your canine teeth clean with one of the best smelling breath one can find in a canine. CET chews are tasty poultry flavored and can be bought in several sizes, including petite, medium, and up to extra-large.

Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs Reviews

This is one of the best dog dental chews one can buy online, based on sales data and thousands of feedbacks from customers. Greenies is the top vet recommended dog dental chews for good reason. It is formulated with special ingredients to help fight plaque and tartar build-up.

Greenies dental chews can freshen canine breath while helping to maintain healthier gums and teeth. This tasty treat works every time your dog chews on it.

Greenies dental chews are made from natural ingredients containing antioxidants and good dietary fiber. This brand of canine teeth cleaning chews is good for all dog sizes and based on all the positive feedbacks from existing customers, it will help keep your dog’s mouth and teeth clean and healthy.

Paragon Whimzees Toothbrush Star Dental Treat

This dental treat for dogs has some unique advantages because it is shaped like an edible toothbrush. Regardless of your dog’s size, you can find the right size that’s appropriate. This dog dental chews is formulated to help control plaque and made from potato based ingredients.

It contains no wheat, and completely gluten free. Apart from been highly digestible, it delivers low fat and high fiber nutrients to canines that use it on a regular basis. Not only is the teeth cleaning for dogs product nice and chewy, it will also freshen their breath.

Nylabone Nutri-Dent Dog Treat Dental Bones

Another good brand of dental dog treats is made by Nylabone. Based on clinical studies, Nutri Dent chews delivers better performance metrics than brushing. It will leave your dog’s teeth cleaner, and with a fresher breath.

It has a filet mignon or chicken flavor taste that’s beloved by most dogs. The ingredients used in making this dental treat are sourced from natural sources, with added minerals and vitamins. It will reduce your canine’s bad breath, and can be used to control plaque and tartar build-up.

This is one of the best dog treats made in The USA, and it is easily digestible. You have several flavors and many sizes that’s appropriate for your canine.

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