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Healthiest High Quality Meal Replacement Shake Brands

Despite the abundance of healthiest meal replacement shakes one can buy online, it is always better to get all your nutritional needs from eating proper diets.

It is also true that modern society is too busy, and most people do not have the time to prepare the right meals.

Are meal replacement shakes healthy? In a nutshell, it is a qualified yes. Millions of consumers worldwide are using top meal replacement shakes with fabulous results.

Before we get to the meal replacement shake reviews, let’s examine some of the benefits and concerns associated with even the best-formulated brands.

The Benefits and Risks Associated with Using Meal Replacement Shakes

I have no doubt that drinking best-tasting meal replacement shakes can be delicious and fortified with nutrients and calories that are good for your body.

It is also true that there are dozens of meal replacement shake manufacturers and some of the claims of helping to induce faster weight loss or leaner body cannot be substantiated.

The regulation of this industry is non-existent, for the Food and Drug Administration lacks the power needed to effectively police the industry.

Keep that in mind as we offer you some of the top meal replacement shakes found online, based on sales, customer feedbacks and the quality of the ingredients used.

But just like any food that is processed, even the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss come with benefits and risks.


Known Benefits

1 – You get far superior results when you combine the use of meal replacement shakes with an effective natural foods diet.

You can use the shake to replace one or two of your daily meals, but you must eat good solid meals to deliver more potent results.

2 – Some of the high-end meal replacement shakes are uniquely formulated with low calorie, low fat, and high proteins that can help you lose weight faster.

So, some will not only satisfy your hunger pains but stimulate faster metabolism, which ultimately can lead to shedding a few pounds.

3 – If you find a brand that is low in sugar, it will be worth consuming by people suffering from any type of diabetes.

A good replacement shake with the right formulation will help stabilize the release of insulin in the body. It is also true that most will have moderate to low carbohydrate content.

4 – Since most can induce the production of more energy, using meal replacement shakes before workouts can contribute to the faster growth of muscles.

5 – It is also true that most will cost you less than what a regular meal would cost. Per meal cost of using meal replacement shakes will be less than buying food from a fast food restaurant.

Potential Risks

1 – It would be foolish of you to totally depend on meal replacement shakes for your nutritional needs.

Truth be told, no one knows the exact consequences of prolonged use of meal replacement shakes, but there are many on-going studies without any conclusive proofs yet.

2 – Just like everything else that taste good with some benefits and potential side effects, the use of meal replacement shakes should be limited to once or twice daily, and no more than five times every week.

3 – While faster metabolism can lead to faster weight loss, be prepared to have more bathroom breaks especially if you’re obese to begin with.

Since the liquid ingredients lack the right amount of fiber, you might experience more bowel problems or more frequent release of farts.

Should You Buy One

Do keep in mind that all meal replacement shakes are considered dietary supplements, which means the FDA lacks the regulatory authority to effectively police the industry.

Some manufacturers are clever at making “wild claims” that are not supported with adequate scientific research.

Those looking to use meal replacement as part of a weight loss strategy should definitely consult with a qualified registered dietitian for more personalized health advice.

We have no doubt that some do offer genuine nutritional benefits; you just have to make your selection carefully by looking closely at the included ingredients of the product.

Homemade Meal Replacement Shake

If you want to control the quality of the ingredients you should consider making your own homemade meal replacement shakes.

The ingredients you can put in your homemade weight loss shakes is only limited by your imagination.

If you’re seeking homemade meal replacement shakes for weight loss, you should stick to using natural organic ingredients.

To get your homemade meal replacement shake going the right way, the following ingredients will help you create awesome drinks that are healthy and nutritious.

You do need a good smoothie blender that can blend fruits and vegetables into liquid form.

The ingredients to use for best homemade meal replacement shakes are:

Greek Yogurt

Stick to the organic brand of Greek yogurt. It is rich in the type of protein your body needs and will help satisfy some of your hunger pains.

While there are varieties you can select from, try to stay away from the brands containing aspartame, fructose corn syrup or food dyes.

Use Fresh or Frozen Fruit

If you like your homemade meal replacement shake on the sweet side, consider using fresh organic fruits. It is the best way to include healthy nutrients and sugar into your shake.

Use Almond Milk

Almond milk is a better alternative to soy milk or cow’s milk. It is mostly hypoallergenic and contains very low calories.

Other ingredients for your homemade shake:

Natural peanut and almond butter
Raw organic eggs
Dark chocolate that is organic
Organic raw coconut oil

These are just some of the ingredients you can put into your meal replacement shakes homemade. It is a far superior way to control what goes into your body.

Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

With the hectic work schedule and the need to earn a living, most do not have the time to make homemade meal replacement shakes.

We took the time to analyze the performance metrics of some of the best meal replacement shakes found online, and the following brands delivers better value for the money.

1 – ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Meal Replacement Shake Reviews

When it comes to meal replacement shakes for weight loss the product from ViSalus VI-Shape is worthy of your consideration.

This meal replacement shake brand contains a unique blend of proteins, all formulated to work quickly while also providing the long lasting nutrition needed by your body.

ViSalus VI-Shape meal replacement shake can help you burn fat and enhance the building of lean muscles.

This brand uses Fibersol, which is a newly patented type of fiber blend that can keep you full, without the problem of farting everywhere.


The vi shape nutritional shake contains 23 vitamins and minerals.

It is designed in a unique way to help you build stronger and leaner muscle mass.

From all the ViSalus reviews found online, you can get your daily full serving of fiber from this shake.

It is low in carb, fat, sodium and sugar ingredients.

ViSalus VI-Shape nutritional shake is free of gluten and lactose.

Best of all, it has an expiration date stamped on the container to guarantee the freshness of the ingredients.


While the majority of the existing users love the product, some complained about a few things.

The fact that it is not organic gave some users concern while using the meal replacement product.

Few of the users did not like the taste of the flavor while others said it created too many bathroom breaks while on the job.

Bottom Line:

ViSalus shake ingredients list is long and full of substances, which would require all day to determine what they all stand for.

From all the ViSalus shake reviews we explored, this meal replacement product is beloved by most of the consumers that are currently using it.

ViSalus VI-Shape nutritional meal replacement shake is packed with the right amount of proteins, calcium, digestive enzymes, vitamins, fiber, minerals and so many more.

2 – Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake

The next brand of meal replacement shakes is from a company called Labrada. It is also commonly known as the lean body nutritional shake within the industry.

Each jug of the Labrada nutrition lean body shakes that you prepare is sufficient for 16 servings.

From all the Labrada lean body meal replacement reviews we looked at, this dietary supplement is powerful enough to stimulate muscle growth.


This healthy meal replacement shake can be purchased in 7 different flavors and it comes in 10 different sizes.

Labrada lean body comes with a scooper to make it easier to measure the right amount into your smoothie shake for meal replacement.

Labrada lean body meal replacement has a delightful and enjoyable taste based on feedbacks from some of the users.


Not everyone that tasted this best meal replacement is in love with it. Few complained it did not completely quench their hunger pains.

Some found the taste a bit heavy while a particular customer said it tasted like nasty frosting.

Bottom Line:

Most of the users of this healthy meal replacement shake love the product. The few disgruntled users are definitely in the minority.

Lean body shake contains no preservatives, artificial colors or trans-fat. It is the right meal replacement shake for those seeking faster weight losses or to build stronger muscles.

The exclusive blend of high-quality proteins, 24 essential minerals and vitamins will keep you full for many hours during the day.

3 – MET-Rx Meal Replacement powder boxed – Extreme Chocolate

This is definitely not the name we would have chosen for a top rated meal replacement product.

It is one of the best low carb meal replacement shakes one can buy online. It is formulated to provide 39 grams of protein per serving.

Met-Rx meal replacement powder contains the right amount of low fat needed to support a lean, healthy body.


This meal replacement product is completely free of aspartame and contains the right nutrition for those looking to build a new physique or maintain an existing one.

Apart from containing Metamyosyn and 38 grams of protein per serving, the low fat provided by the shake will help one build a lean and healthy body.

Met-Rx meal replacement shakes contains the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, electrolytes and fats, just like you find in a regular well-balanced meal.


It is impossible in this social media age to have a dietary supplement product without a few disgruntled customers. If you seek perfection, then most products would be out of your reach.

One of the most consistent gripes of some existing customers of the Met-Rx meal replacement shake is the bland and lousy taste.

Bottom Line:

The taste of this healthiest meal replacement shake might not be delicious as most would expect, but it does deliver the right amount of nutrients to satisfy your hunger pains or help you build stronger and leaner muscles.

It is suggested by the manufacturer that you balance the use of this meal replacement shake with a balanced healthy diet plan.

4 – IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake

The idealshake meal replacement shake is formulated to help you control your hunger pains while the reduced calories can help lead one to a faster weight loss experience.

This meal replacement bran contains 22 essential minerals and vitamins. The replacement shake only has one gram of sugar, which one of the lowest within the industry.


At present, you can get a free shaker bottle with your purchase of the meal replacement shake from idealshake.

The ingredients used in this product are free of gluten, and neither does it contain any tree nuts.


Some of the users found the shake to be too sweet for their liking.

Others complained it made them pass too much gas.

Bottom Line:

IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake is powerful enough to block your hunger pains, which ultimately can lead to faster fat loss in most users. You can find the ingredients list – here!

5 – Naturade Total Soy Meal Replacement Supplement Reviews

The last meal replacement product in our review uses soy as one of the most active ingredients. In fact, it is commonly known as Naturade total soy meal replacement.

From all the Naturade total soy meal replacement reviews we examined, it delivers only 13 grams per serving.

Naturade total soy reviews from other health bloggers conclude it can help one lose weight while also reducing cholesterol levels.


You can buy one in 4 different flavors and 6 different sizes.

Naturade total soy meal replacement shake is made from non-genetically modified soy products.

Naturade total soy is lactose and gluten free.


From all the feedbacks we examined from existing customers, the vast majority likes the shake, but a few found the taste to be not as delicious as advertised by the manufacturer.

The product is not completely organic since it uses both natural and artificial flavors in its formula.

Bottom Line:

Just looking at the total soy meal replacement reviews one can conclude this shake is able to satisfy hunger pains.

It is also suggested you combine the use of total soy meal replacement shake with a balanced nutrition for more potent results.

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