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Best Puppy Food: Reviews of the Healthiest Small Dog Food Brands

What is the best puppy food? There are millions of pet owners using this search term on the most popular search engines.

A good puppy food is the one that your little dog loves and also would not cause any health related problems. The best brands should also ensure proper growth spurts expected from puppies.

There are many best puppy food brands and this review will try to bring you the healthiest puppy food that is packed full of nutrients, which is just what a growing small dog needs.

Contrary to what some humans might think, dogs are sensitive to the type of foods you give them.

If you want your pet to be loyal and remain good company, you better find high-quality puppy food to enable stronger bones and overall health.

Organic Small Dog Food Vs Non-Organic Brands

As a pet owner, you want your small dog to be healthy and in good shape. It is certainly debatable of you should be feeding organic ingredients to your puppy or not. It depends on other factors!

Organic small dog food simply implies that the ingredients used are mostly sourced from nature.

It is also true that most of the organic brands of puppy foods will not contain some questionable ingredients like artificial flavorings, gluten, genetically modified organisms, etc.

With many years of raising different types of small dogs, feeding your dog organic food or not is based on your preference, finance, and dog breed.

Unfortunately, you might have to try different brands of dog food to find the one that makes your puppy go wild with excitement when it comes to feeding time.

What to Look for in Top Rated Puppy Foods

It is definitely a daunting task finding the right and most delicious puppy food for any breed of dog. There are hundreds of brands in the marketplace, and more is one the way.

A small dog or puppy needs certain nutrients to help ensure proper growth.

For your puppy to grow optimally, the dog food you have in mind should contain the following nutrients:

To help with overall growth and better health, the puppy food should contain a higher percentage of meat based proteins.

It is also helpful if the small dog food comes with a good amount of natural oils and fats.

It is better to feed your puppy dog foods that are lower in carbohydrates.

The best natural puppy food you select should be free of vegetable or animal by-products.

Neither do you want the small dog food brand to contain any coloring, preservatives or artificial flavoring?

It will be nice if the puppy food can supply your pet the needed essential minerals and vitamins.

What is a Good Puppy Food?

In simple terms, a top rated food for your small dog should supply the right nutrients, and be available for purchase at a reasonable price.

The best grain free puppy food should also not contain ingredients that can cause any type of sickness for your pet.

From all the best large breed puppy food reviews we researched and looked at online, the following brands offer the most value for the money:

1 – Wellness Puppy Food Reviews

The name for this best small breed puppy food is most appropriate. It is one of the top puppy food brands one can find online.

The company called Wellness has been around for over four decades, and they now have a significant presence in the pet food industry.

This best-rated puppy food is made from high-quality ingredients, which ultimately leads to healthier pets.

Using best organic puppy food for the nutrition source ensures a reduction in allergies or other pet related sicknesses.

This brand is an all-natural dry small dog food, and you can buy one from the available eleven different sizes.

This best natural puppy food from Wellness will enable the right healthy body mass.

It is also the ideal pet food for excellent digestive health, including the growth of stronger bones and joints.

Wellness best dry puppy food contains no corn, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives.

2 – Pedigree Puppy Food Reviews

This is another top puppy food with significant market share in the pet’s food industry. The name for this company is also most appropriate.

Pedigree food for your puppy includes ingredients for the development of a stronger immune system.

The inclusion of Calcium & Phosphorus ensures your puppy will grow healthy teeth plus stronger bones.

This puppy food is recommended for puppies up to one-year-old. It is fully made in North America and you can find one for purchase in several sizes.

3 – Orijen puppy food reviews

Orijen puppy food is from a company that is slowly making in-roads into this niche market. It is uniquely formulated to aid in the growth of puppies.

Orijen pet food is made from ingredients like turkey, chicken, and whole eggs. This small dog food does not contain any fillers that can cause allergies or digestive problems.

The inclusion of minerals and nutrients will guarantee your puppy grows up strong and healthy.

The included fatty acids in this small dog food help with the growth of stronger joints while the included antioxidants enhance your puppy’s immune system.

4 – Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy is a grain-free type of small dog food. The grain-free formula for this best puppy food ensures the right digestible energy.

From the puppy food reviews we looked at, the main ingredients are sourced from fish proteins.

You’ll also find natural antioxidants in this best puppy food brand. The good antioxidants are derived from vegetables and fruits.

5 – Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food

When you look at all the best puppy food brands, Purina should be on any top 10 list.

One of the most active ingredients used is derived from chickens, and you’ll also find other high-quality proteins to ensure your puppy grows stronger bones and teeth.

The nutrients from the included fish oil provide the needed nourishment for your puppy’s brain and vision development.

6 – Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food

This is one of the best puppy foods that promise to restore your pet’s immune system to an optimum condition within ninety days.

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Food is available in small bites, which is good for easier digestion.

It is also true that this company has been in the pet’s food business for the last 70-years.

The included Omega-3 fatty acid helps with the proper skeletal and mobility development of your small dog.

Based on the feedback we got from the manufacturer, this dry food for smaller dogs is made using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

7 – NUTRO MAX Dry Dog Food

This is not the name we would have chosen for a dog food. We included it on the list because the feedbacks for this best dry puppy food from existing customers were excellent.

Not only do it contain chicken proteins that are farm raised, the inclusion of rice and whole grain wheat helps to ensure the right digestion.

The antioxidants found in the ingredients will help your puppy’s immune system function better.

While the included Omega 6 fatty acid gives your small dog a healthy skin.

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