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How to Stop Nail Biting Using Natural Remedies and Products

Despite all the tips on how to stop biting fingernails, the problem is far bigger than most realize. Contrary to what some might think, nail biting causes can affect both kids and adults alike.

The only difference is that adults sometimes do it in private, while kids have not learned how to hide the dirty habit of nail biting.

This habit is a sign of nervousness, but most sufferers would claim it is not. Nail biting is not gender specific, for it affects women, men, and kids equally.

The nasty habit is not only embarrassing but could potentially expose one to viruses and germs that can cause other illnesses.

Also, nail biting damages the nail beds, the skin around the nails, and the overall nail structure.

Experts do agree that most kids that bite their nails also suck their thumb, which is a gateway to costly dental and orthodontic problems.

Before we get to some of the tips on how to stop biting your nails, you should know that this condition is very common, and it is medically known as Onychophagia.

The habit of nail biting does come with severe physical and emotional consequences. Extreme nail biting can lead to the presence of red and sore skin around the nails, which might even bleed in some cases.

Before we can get to some of the steps you can take to stop biting your nails, let’s examine some of the root causes of the problem.

Factors that Contribute to Nail Biting

While there are many nail-biting causes, the well-known ones include anxiety, frustration, sadness and loneliness. The behavior can also be traced to severe psychological issues.

Studies have linked nail biting to oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), separation anxiety disorder, bedwetting, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Most people cannot stop biting nails because they’re not aware of the behavior. Those that are easily frustrated and lonely are more likely to bite their nails until it bleeds.

If you find someone that cannot stop nail biting, you probably can identify other compulsive behaviors in the individual.

Those that tend to wash their hands several times in a row are more likely to bite their nails.

If you have a child that bites his or her nails, you probably can easily spot another spectrum of behaviors that’s within the same category.

Before we get to using good nail biting polish or finding stop biting nails products with proven results, let examine some of the natural ingredients one can use to remedy the situation.

Natural Nail Biting Treatment

The best nail biting remedies might be already in your kitchen cabinet. For those seeking solutions to how do I stop biting my nails, the following tips might help put a stop to the nasty and unhygienic habit.

1 – Neem Oil

If you’re seeking an effective ingredient to help you stop chewing your nails, perhaps the bitter taste of Neem oil might be the right solution to nip that habit in the bud for good.

Apart from been bitter, Neem oil is also a well-known antiseptic and it is powerful enough to keep infections away from your fingernails.

You simply use a cotton ball to rub the Neem oil on the fingernails and the skin around it. The bitter taste might just be strong enough to prevent nail biting in both adults and kids.

2 – Use Garlic

Most people are not even aware of the power of this natural ingredient. Garlic has a strong taste and aroma and rubbing it on the fingernails might just be the inducement needed by the nail biter to stop the habit.

3 – Use Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is also known as bitter melon, or karela in India. The juice that can be extracted from the paste of the bitter fruit should be applied to the nails and the skin around it.

The taste of the bitter melon might be strong enough to put a stop to the nail biting habit.

4 – Constantly Trim the Nails

This nail-biting tip is simple enough. You simply keep the fingernails well-trimmed, thus leading to no nails to bite.

Keeping your nails short and trim is also a good way to keep germs and bacteria away from the nail beds.

5 – Professional Manicure

Getting a professional manicure from the beauty salon might prevent nail biting. It is even truer if the nails are polished and decorated with art forms or patterns.

This stop nail biting tip might be more effective for little girls and grown women.

Best Stop Nail Biting Products

Sometimes the natural ingredients might not be powerful enough to stop the habit.

There are more effective products in the form of a clear coat nail polish that can put a stop to nail biting within a few weeks.

From our research, the stop biting nails products with value for the money are:

1 – Mavala Stop – The Cure for Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking

This is the number one top selling product for those looking for effective ways to stop biting nails. Mavala stop has a bitter taste, but completely harmless when swallowed.

It has the appearance of clear enamel. From all the Mavala stop reviews we looked at, it is quite effective at curbing nail biting and thumb sucking habit in children, men, and women.

Mavala stop is formulated with ingredients that taste very bitter, and will likely result in an end to thumb sucking and nail biting.

It is true that all the Mavala stop reviews found online confirm this product should only be used on age 3-years old and up.

Mavala stop ingredients include the following substances:

Ethyl Acetate, PVM/MA Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Alcohol Denat, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Benzophenone-1, SucroseOctaacetate, Denatonium Benzoate, D&CViolet No. 2, Phthalic Anhydride/TrimelliticAnhydride/Glycols Copolymer.

Mavala Stop can be applied with a brush on application, and it is perfectly okay to use it over nail polish or alone.

It is a clear coat type of nail polish with bitter ingredients that can help one stop biting fingernails.

For those seeking where to buy Mavala stop nail biting product, the link underneath the image have a price that’s certainly worth exploring further.

2 – Barielle No Bite Pro Growth

Another top stop nail biting polish is from a company called Barielle. When you find other tips on how to quit biting nails, this product is sure to be on the list.

Not only is the nail polish formulated to put a stop to cuticle and fingernail biting, it is also quite capable of stimulating faster and stronger nail growth.

It is better to apply Barielle No Bite Pro Growth on clean dry fingernails alone, or you can use it over other nail polish products.

Barielle stop biting nails product is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate.

The final nail biting polish from Barielle was never tested on animals, and best of all, it is manufactured in the USA!

3 – Onyx Professional Nail Biting & Thumb Sucking Deterrent Nail Polish

Another nail polish to stop nail biting with value is from a company called Onyx. It is a nail biting deterrent product widely used by professional salons and beauty parlors all over the world.

This anti-nail biting polish from Onyx is also capable of stimulating the growth of stronger nails with just a few applications.

This product can be used as an effective deterrent for thumb sucking also, and it perfectly okay to use it as a base coat or top coat.

The most active ingredients found in this nail-biting preventer are:

Ethyl Acetate, Acrylates Copolymer, Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Denatonium Benzoate.


Nail biting should be attacked vigorously once the habit is first noticed. Like all compulsive disorders, if you do not deploy effective deterrents it might just get worst.

Is biting your nails bad for you? Yes, from all the gathered evidence. Fingernails accumulate dirt and germs, and you’re bound to get sick from the habit of chewing your nails.

Be on the lookout for kids that might try to wash off the applied ingredients on the fingernails.

My daughter was a nail bitter for many months, and we fought mightily to put a stop to the habits from when we first noticed it.

We applied small bandages to my daughter’s fingernails along with the bitter clear coat nail polish before she went to bed to put a stop to the habit.

For how to stop biting nails fast solutions, give the above suggestions a try. Remember that consistent effort will result in success, especially when dealing with little kids or teenagers.

The listed above tips to stop biting nails will only work if you diligently apply them on a daily basis until the problem is gone for good.

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