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Best Baby Formula that Offers the Healthiest Nutrients

What is the best infant formula? We wish we could give you a straight answer, simply because best formulas for babies are everywhere and a good brand for one baby might cause problems for another.

This article is designed to review some of the top rated formulas for babies, but we first need to examine the forms and types of baby formulas available for purchase at your local drugstore or online.

While the best organic baby formula can do many good things, it is the human milk from the mother that delivers the most nutritional benefits.

From all the baby food reviews we looked at online, it is always better to use breast milk if there are no medical issues preventing such.

But in the modern era, the need to earn a living do have a negative effect on child rearing, so most parents have no choice but to use bottle feeding with baby formulas.

Most Baby Formulas Fall into Three Basic Forms

When you look at even the best organic infant formula, most would come in three basic forms: powdered, liquid concentrate, and ready to use.

Powdered Baby Formula

Using powdered formulas for feeding your newborn makes more economical sense, and it is also the most earth friendly option.

You do spend more preparation time on powdered formulas as compared to the other types. Each brand has specific preparation methods and it is better to stick to them.

Liquid Concentrate Baby Formula

A Liquid concentrate baby formula do require some preparation time. Most times, you would be required to mix equal parts formula and water (it is always better to follow the preparation instructions from the manufacturer).

The liquid concentrate formula is generally less expensive as compared to the formula that comes to you ready to use. It might cost more than powdered formulas, but far easier to prepare.

Ready to Use Infant Baby Formula

Most parents with the means seem to prefer this type, despite the higher cost. When your baby is crying and hungry, having an open and serve type of liquid baby formula can save the day.

This is the type mostly given to newborns at the hospital. You do not have to worry about mixing it properly or using toxic city water from your tap.

Ready to use baby formula tend to cost more than the others, but the convenience factor might make it a worthwhile investment.

Best Baby Formula

Have you ever tried to shop for infant baby formulas at your local drugstore?

There are dozens of brands and navigating through all the claims by manufacturer’s can be overwhelming to any parent dealing with the stress of caring for a newborn.

Hopefully, you’ve decided if you prefer one that is ready to use or baby formulas that require some preparation time.

Here are the brands that can deliver the best value for your money.

1 – Earth’s Best Organic, Infant Formula with Iron


When you look at any best organic baby formula review, at least one product from this company will be on the list.

The name is most appropriate, and some would call it the best organic baby formula 2015 and 2016.

Earths best organic formula is the ideal brand for the first twelve months of your baby’s life.

The unique combination of Whey and Casein proteins is almost similar to those found in the birth mother’s milk.

Some might call it the best organic baby formula in the world, just because it also contains vitamins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and minerals.

It is one of the top organic baby formulas for newborns, for it is made to support the right development of eye and brain functions in your newborn.

Earths best baby formula is full certified USDA organic and complies with all kosher laws.


Best of all, this earths best formula for your child is free of growth hormones, preservatives, GEI, artificial flavors, colors, steroids, and antibiotics.

Based on feedbacks from existing users, this powdered formula is easy to digest and comes in 3 different flavors with 2 unique sizes.

2 – Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron, Stage 1 Powder

Similac is a very popular name when it comes to infant formulas of all type. It is formulated to mimic the nourishments found in breast milk as much as possible.

This stage one powdered formula from Similac can be used to fulfill your newborn’s nutritional needs within the first twelve months.

This best formula for newborn includes ARA (Omega 6) and DHA (Omega 3), which are key nutrients required for proper eye and brain development.

Also included in the formulation is calcium for strong bone growth, plus Nucleotides a nutrient known to enhance immune system functions.

Similac is one of the best baby food brands, and you can buy this formula in either liquid or powder form.

It is recommended for newborn to twelve months and you can buy one in six different sizes.

3 – Gerber Good Start Gentle Powder Infant Formula


Gerber is another well established and popular infant formula company. Rarely do you see any baby formula reviews without this name mentioned as among the top 10 best baby formulas.

This best newborn formula comes in a powdered form, and you get to choose from two different sizes.

The proteins used for this best formula for baby are formulated for easy digestion to suit your baby’s needs.

It contains all the required nutrients and recommended for ages newborn to twelve months. It is available for purchase in two different sizes.

Apart from containing antioxidants and prebiotics, the included DHA helps with the right development of brain and eye functions.

4 – Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula with Iron


Vermont and California are two of the leading states when it comes implementing consumer-friendly food safety regulations.

The company that makes this infant formula is based in the first state, and you can use it to fulfill the nutritional needs of your newborn for the entire first year.

The manufacturer claims it contains ARA, DHA, and Choline, all key nutrients found in abundance in the mother’s natural breast milk.

The inclusion of this key ingredients helps with the right development of eye and brain functions. This best organic infant formula is made from mostly soy and milk ingredients.

This best baby formula brand is certified organic by the USDA. Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula contains no harmful pesticides, neither does it have any added growth hormones or antibiotics.

5 – Enfamil Infant Baby Formula


Another well-established company in the baby formula marketplace is called Enfamil.

Enfamil infant baby formula comes in three different forms; powder, liquid, and liquid concentrate. You get to make your purchase selection from 7 different sizes.

This top infant formula brand is also designed to meet the nutritional needs of newborns to twelve months of age.

The inclusion of choline and DHA helps with the development of proper brain functions.

6 – Enfagrow Next Step Natural Milk Powder Can

Enfagrow is another fast growing infant baby formula manufacturer. This best toddler formula can fulfill the nutritional needs of kids ages one to three.

This powdered formula from Enfagrow contains 22 nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D to help with the growth of strong bones and teeth.

This best tasting baby formula provides the next stage of your baby’s nutritional needs after the first year. You can buy one in either natural milk or vanilla flavors.


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