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Give Your Kid an Electric Scooter Gift to Help with Weight Loss

The rate of weight gain among kids and adults in America is alarming to say the least. Most digital devices are designed to keep us in one place while not doing any physical activity.

If you want your kids or teenagers to get out and exercise, buy them one of the best electric scooters reviewed in this article.

Best scooter for kids is a good way for them to have fun and lose weight too. It is also a good way to get them off that digital device and explore the neighborhood where you live.

An electric scooter is a gift your kid would be happy to ride around, and we will point out some of the safety precautions required for a great happy riding experience.

Forget the iPad, and other digital devices, an electric scooter is the best way to get your teenager off the couch and stay in shape.

Even the cheapest electric scooters are environmentally friendly and do not require any gas to function.

Before we get to the electric scooter reviews of some of the top brands, let’s examine the advantages offered by the product.

Benefits of Riding Electric Scooters

The following advantages are based on what we gathered from existing customers of the top electric scooter brands and blog writers about the products.

Here are the advantages of owning an electrics scooter:

Unique Mode of Transportation

When you compare it to other devices you can use to move around, electric scooters offer better value.

They offer the best alternative transportation to getting around the neighborhood.

Since an electric scooter that can be used by kids or adults and run on battery, you don’t have to input any gas for it to function.

Little or no Licensing Requirements

Most cities in America do not require licensing to own and operate an electric scooter.

The reason might be because scooters have limited speed capabilities as compared to traditional bikes.

Be mindful that some municipalities might require the rider to wear a good helmet, which in our opinion is a good thing.

Joy of Riding

If you get your kid an electric scooter this shopping season, expect him or her to be the most popular kid around your neighborhood.

It is one of the best devices that both kids and adults can use to have fun. The binding experience of parent and child riding electric scooters together cannot be measured in words.

Environmentally Friendly

Even the electric scooters you can buy for less with fewer features will be portable. It is also true that most will have ultra-quite motors to ensure noise free rides.

The motors found in top electric scooter brands will operate using chain mechanism, which means there is no smoke pollution to worry about.

Mother earth would be healed faster from all the fossil fuel pollution if everyone did local errands in an electric scooter.

Will Help You Lose Weight

While the activity of riding around in your scooter is fun and enjoyable, you’ll also be burning some calories in the process.

Not only will it help your little one to build better hand-eye-body coordination, riding an electric scooter is also a great way to lose weight and stay in shape.

Types of Electric Scooters

Contrary to what some might think, riding an electric scooter can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike.

There are two types of electric scooters, one geared towards the needs of kids and the brands designed for use by adults.

Most of the electric scooter for kids are recommended for ages 8-years old and up, and the adult version is purely based on height and physical build of the individual.

When it comes to deciding which electric scooter is appropriate, nothing is edged in stone. I have seen kids in my neighborhood ride around in models that are meant for adults.

If your kid is tall enough, you should get him or her electric scooter that will deliver the most fun. The worst thing you can do is to buy one that is too small for your growing teenager.

Just remember that kids grow at an alarming rate, as you decide what brand or model to purchase today.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids

The best electric scooter for grown kids is from a company called Razor. We looked carefully at the performance of many electric scooters for kids and settled on these two.

There are other reliable brands of kid’s friendly electric scooters, but the two models from this reputable outfit offer the most value for your money.

1 – Razor E100 Electric Scooter Reviews

First of all, we loved that the razor E100 electric scooter can be purchased in seven different colors loved by teenagers.

In this razor E100 electric scooter review, we explore the many merits offered by this electric scooter from Razor, including the latest pros and cons of the product.

The company that makes this scooter was started in 2000, and they’ve grown their product line to include snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, BMX and motocross products.

The company contributed immensely to the popularity of kid’s scooters today. Razor E100 has a kid sized frame and deck, and highly recommended for ages eight and up.

The Razor electric scooter E100 is able to reach speeds of 10-miles per hour and offers so much fun for the rider.

Within the E100 electric scooter, is an ultra-quiet motor that’s chain driven. The motor can be started with just a simple kick.


The Razor scooter E100 uses an 8-inch Pneumatic front tire (Pneumatic tires are made from reinforced rubber while being filled with compressed air for durability). It allows the scooter to offer a smoother ride.

Razor E100 scooter has a steel frame and fork. The included retractable kickstand makes it easier to get on and off the scooter.

Since it uses electric power, it will emit zero emission. The chain driven motor is not loud and will not disturb your neighbors.

The power for the scooter is derived from the embedded two 12V lead acid rechargeable battery system that is completely sealed. The Razor E100 electric scooter battery charger is included with your purchase.

If you select the Razor E100 electric scooter red color or other colors, you should know that it has a twist grip throttle and the braking system is located in the rear, which is also hand operated.

The E100 Razor scooter has the following dimensions 32.5″ x 16″ x 36″ and weighs only 31 pounds, but can hold user weight up to 120 pounds.


It would have been nice if they included locks and safety lights in the design. You’ll find no reflectors in it as well.

The handlebar is not adjustable, and would not provide a comfortable ride for taller kids.

If you find your kid is growing faster than normal, better to get the next model and let him or her grow with it than having to get another scooter in a few months.

Here is an excellent Video explaining how to assemble the scooter and some usage tips


Apart from the Razor E100 electric scooter best price, it is an entry level model with high-performance metrics.

This electric razor scooter E100 is the right tool to help your kid improve his or her hand-eye-body coordination.

The E100 Razor electric scooter has an on/off switch for the battery, and will make an awesome gift this holiday shopping season.

2 – Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor E200 electric scooter is from the same company that makes the above-reviewed model.

It has a full sized frame and deck, and highly recommended for teenagers ages 13 years old and up.

The Razor e200s electric scooter is able to reach speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

The included rear braking system offers smoother and faster stopping power while the pneumatic tires enhance the riding comfort.


The Razor E200 uses a high torque chain driven motor that’s ultra-quiet and won’t disturb your neighbors.

Razor electric scooter E200 is powered by a durable long lasting 24V battery system that’s completely sealed.

Included with your E200 electric scooter is a UL approved battery charger, including all the tools needed to fully assemble the product.

The Razor E200 scooter is also available for purchase in four different colors.

While it can also be used with the battery power switched off, the best experience is with the electric power fully engaged.

This model is more stable and can support user weight up 200 pounds.


The lack of lighting features makes it difficult for your kid to ride it at night. That might be a good thing because that’s the time they should be indoors studying or helping with chores.

The handlebar is not adjustable and you’ll find no locking mechanism in this electric scooter from Razor.

Good Assembly Video for the E200 razor electric scooter


While the razor E200 electric scooter teal color is marketed to kids, some adults can safely ride the scooter as long as they’re within the weight limit.

The environmental friendly motor found in the razor scooter E200 offers one a carefree ride, with very little maintenance required except for keeping the battery charged.

The Differences between the Razor E100 Vs E200 Razor Scooter

The Razor E100 is an entry level type of electric scooter while the Razor e200s seated electric scooter is a step above that.

Razor e200s offers better throttle, size, and speed when compared to the junior E100.

The E200 is a bit heavier to carry, but it can support user weight up to 220 pounds as compared to the Razor E100 with user weight up to 120 pounds.

The razor E200 battery allows it to accelerate faster and can reach higher speeds.

Finally, the full sized deck and handlebar found on the E200 scooter is far superior to the ones found in the E100 Razor electric scooter.

Best Electric Scooter for Adults

After looking at the two most durable brands of an electric scooter for kids, let’s examine some of the top models adults can use to have fun.

The two brands of best electric scooter for adults are:

1 – Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter

The adult scooter from Currie technologies offers the best in speed, battery power, and durability. The eZip E450 Electric Scooter gives you the ability to cover greater distance with ease.

It is the ideal “errand toy” for those looking for an alternative to driving fossil fueled cars on a daily basis.

Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter has slick rugged tires, and you’ll be surprised with the compliments you get about the head turning graphics.

This best electric scooter for adults from Currie technologies has a DC earth magnet motor, which outputs 450 watts of raw power.

It has a smart power microprocessor controller, which has relay protection and instant battery gauge.

From the scooter reviews we looked at online, this brand offers top speeds up to 15 miles per hour and weighs about 52 pounds.


It is one of the best adult electric scooters with a sturdy built and attractive aggressive power board design.

It is the best electric scooter to use on hills and rugged terrains. It is recommended for ages 13 years old and up, and can support maximum rider weight up to 180 pounds.

This best scooter for 2015 and 2016 comes with a battery indicator light to let you know how much juice you have left.


The 90 days warranty is not long enough and the terms are pretty restrictive based on some feedbacks from existing users.

This best electric scooter for adults has no shock absorbers, so you’re bound to feel the bumps on rocky terrains or bad roads.

Good Video Showing how to assemble the eZip E450 Electric Scooter


Currie Technologies eZip E450 Electric Scooter is designed for adult use, for you should monitor teenagers riding it due to the increased power.

This brand is more powerful than the other two from Razor, thou it is limited in user weight capacity.

The eZip E450 Electric Scooter is a good brand and you should always wear a helmet to protect your head in case of any collision or accident.

2 – BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

This brand is for those seeking the thrill of maximum ride power and speed. This 100-watt electric scooter is durable, fast and yet steady on rough terrains.

This high powered electric scooter for adults can be used almost anywhere, including city parks, town roads, and campgrounds, etc.

It has a Lithium battery, which is known to last longer than any other type of scooter battery system.

The battery used on this adult scooter simply last longer while also delivering better performance.

Super Turbo 1000 watt Electric Scooter is powerful enough, and will permit more traveled miles per charge.


If you’re tired of standing, you can use the comfortable seat to enhance your riding experience and comfort.

The seating is as comfortable as can be, and you’ll enjoy a smoother ride even on bumpy terrains.

This powerful electric scooter is capable of accommodating maximum user weight up to 300 pounds.


While the battery can last longer, if you ever need a replacement, it would cost you more, as compared to regular batteries used in most top rated electric scooters.

It is highly recommended you do not ride this scooter in the rain since it is not waterproof.

Good Video of the Scooter in Action


BlackSUP800-2 Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter is quite powerful and should deliver a good riding experience.

While it is recommended for kids above 12 years old, it might be wise to use your own judgment as to the maturity of your kid to handle the increased power.

Best Scooter Helmets

It is never ever advisable to ride or permit your kid to ride any bike or electric scooter without the needed protection.

Some might say get needed knee pads, but the most required protection is the use of a helmet. Do not ride or let your children ride any scooter without one.

It makes no difference if they’re riding on your street or within the neighborhood. The dangers of head trauma injuries cannot be over-stated.

Clicking the link under the helmet image will take you to the product listing, where you can also select from different brands and colors of electric scooter helmets.

Riding safely is not an option to be negotiated; it should be required for all electric scooter rides by kids and all adults alike.

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