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What is Dandelion Root Tea Good For? Benefits Include Weight Loss, Detox and Review of Best Brands

If you’re seeking another beverage to take the place of drinking coffee, perhaps you should look towards the benefits of drinking dandelion root tea. While dandelions might be hated by homeowners that like a pristine lawn or yard, this readily available plant was used in the past in folk medicine, to remove the symptoms of certain illnesses.

The dandelion tea one can buy at your local grocery store or online is derived from two sources; either from the leaves of the dandelion plant or the roots. Before we get to some of the best brands of dandelion teas one can buy online, let’s examine the health benefits one can get from drinking the tea on a regular basis.

Benefits of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

The Dandelion root tea is derived from the pervasive and invasive plant that is commonly found in meadows, gardens, parks, and even well cared for lawns.

Some of the well-known health benefits of dandelion root tea are:

1 – One of the best dandelion root tea benefits is the fact that they can help one reduce water weight. For those feeling bloated, drinking dandelion tea can help one get the instant relief desired from such condition.

The tea itself acts as a diuretic, which means it is capable of increasing your urine output, which ultimately leads to the faster elimination of toxins from the body.

2 – Other benefits of dandelion root tea include the cleansing of your liver. As you know, your liver is the key organ responsible for guarding against the invasion of toxins into your internal organs.

The properties found in organic dandelion tea will help detoxify your liver, which ultimately leads to better functioning of your other organs.

3 – The roasted dandelion root tea benefits can be derived from drinking it as a substitute for drinking coffee. Based on all the available scientific evidence, this tea delivers better benefits as compared to even the best roasted and strongest coffee one can buy online.

4 – Is it possible to drink dandelion root tea to get weight loss success? Since it helps with the faster elimination of toxins within your system, it is safe to say that regular consumption of dandelion root tea will help one shed extra pounds faster.

Despite the entire known anti-obesity benefits, one can get from drinking dandelion tea, your weight loss success will depend on making significant changes to your lifestyle choices.

Other Benefits:

Some have speculated that the unique properties found in dandelion teas can help one keep certain cancers at bay. Ongoing studies are now discovering that this tea is strong enough to help keep infections away from your urinary tracts.

Dandelion Root Tea Reviews

We looked far and wide to bring you the collection of best dandelion tea brands found below:

1 – Kiss Me Organics Dandelion Root Tea

The company called Kiss Me Organics is a widely popular player in this niche market. The raw organic dandelion tea from this company is powerful enough to support proper digestion, enhances your liver function, and better kidney health.

It is packaged in small little bags that can be brewed easily by setting the tea bag in water to extract the embedded natural properties. This brand contains good nutrients including vital vitamins and minerals.

The dandelion roots used to make this tea is not roasted, which gives it an incredible earthiness, and each cup you drink will have an incredible sweetness to it.

2 – Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Tea

This brand from Traditional Medicinals is roasted and will gently stimulate your liver while also supporting very healthy digestion. Some of the current users have stated that the taste is both sweet and slightly bitter at the same time.

It is the right roasted dandelion root tea one can use to enhance the functions of the liver through the faster elimination of toxins found within your body.

This is an organic roasted dandelion root tea with kosher certification, and all the ingredients used are certified Non-GMO. Meaning, no genetically modified organisms were used to make the Traditional Medicinals organic roasted dandelion root tea.

3 – Alvita Dandelion Root Tea Bag

The Alvita dandelion root tea bag is the right brand and probably one of the most effective brands one can use to promote good liver function. This product is certified true organic.

The tea bags come in English pillow style, which is bleached using oxygen rather than chlorine treated. This tea bag containing dandelion roots is certified vegan, and completely gluten free.

4 – Dandelion Now Foods Tea Bags

It is obvious that Now Foods is a company with an impeccable reputation, and beloved by consumers and critics alike. You can look at it as a cleansing herbal tea, and will do wonders for your liver, gallbladder and other body organs.

The dandelion tea bags from Now Foods is completely caffeine free, and will make a fine substitute for those trying to stay away from drinking any more mocha.

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