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InnoGear 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Review

The power of using essential oil to uplift one’s mood cannot be denied in this digital electronic age we’re living through. Even if you have the best essential oil one can buy online, you’ll still need a well-designed oil diffuser to help disperse the oil into your living quarters the right way.

From all the essential oil diffuser reviews one can read online, the unit from a company called InnoGear comes with just the right features that can help deliver all the aromatherapy benefits expected from using natural, organic essential oils.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of the InnoGear aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.


This is a compact diffuser that offers portability at its finest. This best essential oil diffuser from InnoGear can be easily moved to your preferred room.

The ultrasonic quiet operation of the diffuser is capable of humidifying your living quarters. It is the ideal tool to remove stuffy air, while also preventing chapped and dry skin, during those cold winter months.

It is designed to auto shut-off once the water is totally utilized, which makes it ideal for use in your kids rooms for the most benefits one can expect from aromatherapy healing oils.

The InnoGear oil diffuser comes with seven mood changing lights that will spark your children’s imagination right before they get a good night’s rest.

You can choose from three unique working modes. The intermittent mode will deliver mist for 30-seconds and then rest for 30-seconds. You also have the option of using the continuous mist or the lights only option.

The continuous mode will enable three hours of trouble free operation while the intermittent mode will allow the unit to operate trouble-free for three hours straight.

InnoGear essential oil diffuser is made from polypropylene hard plastic and weighs less than one pound. You get an extra-long power cord, which is 6-feet in length.


While the majority of the current users love the product, few had operational issues during the first week of using the best oil diffuser from InnoGear. The customers that received defective ones got replacement units once the manufacturer was notified.

Features of the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

It is probably the best seller on Amazon when it comes to aromatherapy oil diffusers. It is the right unit for a small kid’s room, and the pricing is quite affordable.

This is a portable cool mist humidifier with the latest in color LED lights technology. This is the right unit for a small office or bedroom due to the auto-shut off feature. You get whisper quiet operation if you select the continuous mode setting.

Since the mist emitted is cool, you get to enjoy all the benefits offered by the aromatherapy essential oil you’re using. InnoGear diffuser will not alter the natural essence of the oil negatively since it functions without heating or burning the properties.

To help prevent confusion, the operating settings are color coded. The green color is for intermittent use, the red color indicates the continuous mist while the OFF setting will bring about the changing of the LED colors without dispersing any cool oil mist.

How to Use the InnoGear 100ml Oil Diffuser

It is better to fill the diffuser with water to the indicated max level. This can be accomplished by removing the top cap, and the water level should never exceed the max line.

The automatic shut-off feature will function for both the intermittent and continuous settings, which means you’re free to choose the one that best suit your situation. Do bear in mind that the intermittent setting will deliver double the hours of operation.

As far as how large a room or office space it can cover, you’ll have to try it out and see. It is not a large unit and from the current user’s feedback, it should be appropriate for a small to medium sized room.

The intermittent setting will create more noise than the continuous one. The noise level is so low that you might not even hear it, so you should not worry about the unit waking up your baby at night. The noise level is probably less than what a regular air conditioner would generate.

It is designed to use electrical power AC 100-240V, which is at the 50/60HZ level. You get a wall charger and a user manual with your purchase, which also includes a water measuring cup.

This best electric essential oil diffuser from InnoGear comes with a 45-days money back guarantee plus, 18-months guarantee against factory defects or other problems.

Bottom Line:

If you want to learn more about how to use essential oils for aromatherapy healing you can download this free eBook from the Company. You’ll find this product is easy to setup and use, with amazing feedbacks from some of the existing users of the diffuser for essential oil. Price wise, it is a good investment, for the unit comes with all the most important features normally found in higher priced brands.

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