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If You Have Kids This Bicycle Trailers Reviews Will Thrill You

The joy of being a parent cannot be described with words despite all the challenges kids can create while growing up. Get yourself a bike trailer and ride around with your little one strapped to the secure housing.

While your legs might be tired, the smile from your baby wanting to go one more round will let you know it was all worth it. I can describe to you the thrill my little boy felt when I took him on a bike trail with visible ducks and all kinds of birds.

He has his own family now, and I can still see the joy in his eyes whenever some of those special trips we took together come up.

He always let me know that was the best bonding experience he ever had with me, and now trying to do the same with his own kids.

Of cause he wanted advice as to the right brand of bike trailers to buy so, he can create the same thrilling experience that could last a lifetime for his kids.

While the best bike trailer for kids is the one you can afford, I would urge you not to settle for a brand that is not well designed.

When your kid is psyched up to have fun, the last thing you want is a bicycle equipment that does not function properly, just keep that in mind as you explore this review of some of the best bike trailers.

I can assure you that your child will have more fun riding in a trailer cabin attached to the bike you’re pedaling than any stroller or baby carrier could provide.

In this bicycle trailer reviews, we’ll learn how you can find a good brand to accommodate one or two kids.

I will also be explaining some of the features you want in a good brand that could enable all the bonding fun you expect to have with your little one.

It would be wrong of me if I did not point out some of the safety tips you need to implement to ensure safe riding for both parent and child.

Lastly, you’ll find that the top infant bike trailers reviewed in this article might just be what you’re looking for to create that exhilarating bonding experience that would last a lifetime.

Buying Guide Features

So that there is no confusion, I am talking about those fantastic sidecars one can attach to the rear axle or frame of a bicycle.

Most are appropriate for kids ages 1 to 7, but I took my boy around one until he was nine years old.

It might be difficult for you as the parent to resist the clamor for more rides despite the fatigue feelings of your legs, so make sure you’re well rested, and mentally prepared, before initiating such thrilling rides.

Choose the Right Trailer Cabin

You can buy a bike trailer to accommodate one or two kids. The single ride bike trailers are probably the most popular, but you can also invest in a well-designed two person bike trailer if you have more than one kid within the riding age.

Single or double bicycle trailer is your choice to make, but keep in mind the type of bike you own to ensure it can carry the load.

The bike trailer for infants’ you select will also come with some weight limitations to ensure a safe and problem free riding experience.

In each of the kid bike trailer reviewed I will include the age limitations to help with your selection of the most durable brand to enhance the fun you can have with your growing child.

The Ride Suspension

You want a bike trailer with a sturdy and smooth suspension that could withstand the bumps on the road. The brands having a good suspension system should be preferred over all others without.

If you stick to the weight limitations from the manufacturer, the ride with your little one should be thrilling, exciting, and filled with joyful unforgettable memories.

Is it Easy to Install?

Most likely your bike trailer will be delivered to you in a large box with detailed diagrams on how to put it together.

A good durable bike infant trailer should also include the tools you need to fully assemble one the right way.

I have seen brands with detailed installation videos, and even the detailed diagrams included in your delivery package should get you going in the right way, provided you can follow simple directions.

Conversion Capabilities

Lately, there are bike trailers with conversion kits one can use to turn the product around for other uses. From my experience raising four kids, I learned to keep things easy and simple.

I have found that when you buy a product that could do so many things confusion sometimes sets in.

But it is up to you to decide if you’re good at keeping track of multiple functionalities offered by a hybrid bike infant trailer.

Other Desirable Features

During my thrilling rides with my kids, I came to appreciate the included weather covers in the infant bike trailer I choose to buy.

The trailer for carrying your kid on your bike should have a foldable design, which makes it far easier to setup and put in storage.

It would be nice for the best bike trailer to have comfortable and well-padded seats.

The inclusion of storage spaces within the inside of the trailer would come in handy (trust me on that one). I lost track of all the stuff I stored in the bike trailer cabin during the many rides with my kids.

Current Customer Feedbacks

Rarely do I make a major purchase without reading some of the feedbacks provided by existing customers, so should you.

A good brand will have favorable opinions of majority of the current users of the product.

I am fully aware that no product is without a few disgruntled users, but the majority should love the bike trailer.

At least, 75% or more of the current users should like the product before pushing the buy now button.

Safety Tips

I insist you get your little one a strong and durable helmet to wear before strapping him or her inside the cabin of the bike trailer. This point is non-negotiable, as I want you and your child to experience a thrilling and safe ride.

You as the parent should also wear a helmet as it has a good track record of preventing more serious head injuries in case of an accident.

If you happen to purchase a bicycle trailer with safety symbols consider yourself lucky. Safety decals are cheap, and there are many different types you can get.

You will have to install some safety stripes so that other riders and motorist can clearly see you coming, especially as nighttime approaches.

You have to limit some of your wild ways while riding with your child in tow. Do your utmost to hand signal before making a right or left turn.

For safety reasons, it is vital you pay attention to the recommended weight limits of your bike and the trailer from the manufacturer.

Do not attempt to put two kids in a bike trailer cabin made for one rider, you just might be asking for trouble, which unfortunately rears its head any time when least expected.

Be mindful of all road signs, and watch out for the mistakes that might be made by other careless riders and motorists.

It would be nice for your bike trailer to have nighttime reflectors so that motorist and other riders can clearly see you.

Make sure your baby is fully secured with the seat belt attachment, even if it is a ride that would take you around the corner. Your kid would mimic what you do, and it would be nice to teach him or her the right way before adulthood.

Before embarking on your road trip with the trailer in tow take a few rides and see if everything is holding up the right way.

I once had the trailer on my bike come loose simply because I forgot to close a harness but thank God no one got hurt.

While practicing, it is also a good time to see how fast your braking system would bring both bike and trailer to a complete stop.

Child Bike Trailer Reviews

The reviews of some of the best brand I could find online is not the complete list but do keep in mind the provided buying guide if you care to do some comparison shopping.

In fact, if you click on any of the images, you’ll be taken to the products page with listing for other durable brands within your fingertips.

1 – InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

InStep Double bike trailer is from a company known as Pacific Cycle. It has a sturdy steel frame and capable of holding two children with a combined weight of 80 pounds or less.

Since it uses 16-inch pneumatic tires you can be sure the ride would be a smooth one. It has a folding frame, which is exactly one of the main reasons storage is a breeze!

To keep your little one comfortable, you get the use of a two-in-one canopy, which includes a screen to protect against bugs, and a convenient weather shield.

The dimensions for this kid bike trailer are 6 x 27 x 32 inches and it weighs less than 29 pounds.

Pacific Cycle Trailer Features

It has a versatile coupler that is designed to fit most modern bicycles.

The quick release design is complimented with some of the best 16-inch mag wheels one can find on a bike trailer.

It would not take up much storage space simply because the frame can be easily folded.

To extend the lifespan of the frame, it is powder coated. You get a one year warranty against any factory defects.

2 – Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

The next product in our review is from a company called Allen Sports, and it is capable of holding two kids with a combined weight of up to 100 pounds.

Do not be fooled by the lightweight steel construction for the bike trailer, for it is as sturdy as can be. To protect your kid’s feet it comes with a foot guard tube.

To ensure a safe ride, the rear wheels is 16 inches. It comes with a safety harness along with a visible safety flag.

The design of this infant bike trailer makes it easy to transport and put away in storage due to the folding setup.

Features of the InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

The lightweight construction gives it many added advantages over other bike trailer designs.

The protection for your kid’s foot is an added touch for a comfortable ride.

The bike trailer from Allen Sports can be easily folded due to the unique design of the frame.

It comes with side windows for your little ones to view the scenery as you pedal along.

The rain and bug protection shield can be easily removed if you feel a need not to use them.

It meets or exceeds the established specifications for bicycle trailers that are designed for human passengers but non-powered, which is commonly called ASTM Standard F1975-09.

Below is a YouTube video about the Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer. Just enjoy watching it before clicking on the image to get your own for a thrilling ride with your kids.

3 – InSTEP Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

This is a single rider bicycle rider from that same company that brought you the first product reviewed. Single rider Pacific Cycle trailer is not only durable but also versatile.

When you read other child bike trailer reviews online, it is not hard to determine that this bike trailer is loved by most recreational cyclists with kids.

The canopy is uniquely set up to provide adequate protection against bugs and the weather. Both the shields that provides such protection can also be removed if you feel it is not needed.

Features of the InSTEP Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

To ensure the smoothest of all your rides with your kid, this trailer comes with 16-inch pneumatic tires.

The lightweight design is capable of holding a child weighing up to 40 pounds.

Within the cabin of the bike trailer is a harness you can use to secure your child before commencing your journey.

The versatility of the coupler provided makes the trailer compatible with almost all modern bicycles.

The frame is able to fold, and the quick release mechanism for the tires makes it far easier to transport and put away the best bike trailer when not in use.

4 – Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

This best double bicycle trailer is from Schwinn that same company with some of the most popular bikes you can purchase online. The frame can be folded and the tires have a quick release mechanism to make storage as easy as can be.

You do not have to worry about the elements while riding with your little one as the canopy has shields for bugs and the weather.

The versatility of the coupler is like the types found on some of the top rated bike trailers one can purchase online.

The inclusion of parking brake mechanism ensures better safety while it is in stroller mode.

Schwinn double bike trailer comes with a stroller kit, which includes a handle bar and a swiveling front wheel.

The Features Found in the Schwinn Trailblazer Double Bicycle Trailer

This double bike trailer is from the original company that started the bike craze in America. The lightweight design of the Schwinn Trailblazer bike trailer for two kids gives it speed, and it can be attached to your bike within just a few seconds.

This bicycle trailer frame is made from aluminum and can hold two kids up to the combined weight of 80 pounds.

The inclusion of 20-inch wheels gives the bike trailer fast rolling capabilities. Best of all, the majority of the current customers love this best bike trailer for kids from Schwinn.

5 – Schwinn Trailblazer Single Bike Trailer

This one is setup like the above product, only it is appropriate for a single rider. It has a frame that can be folded and coupled with the quick release mechanism for the wheels you can transport or put it away for storage with little effort.

The included 16″ pneumatic tires along with the molded rims guarantee the most durable performance and style.

It has a two-in-one canopy style with a unique shield for bugs and the weather. The inclusion of a versatile coupler ensures you can attach it to almost any type of bicycle.

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