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7 Top First Aid Kits You Should Have at Home or Office

While it is essential to keep ample supply of food in case of an emergency, it is also prudent to have a fully stocked first aid kit materials. It is like having an insurance policy, you never know when accidents or disasters would strike.

You certainly can create your own best first aid kit or you can buy one of those prepared good first aid kit packages found online. It is of utmost importance to also put one in your car and vacation homes if you have more than one residence.

What Does a First Aid Kit Contain?

This will depend on many different factors and the extent of your medical knowledge. It might be easier to just buy a well-stocked medical emergency kit with all the supplies you might need to treat a wound, including basic medications for headaches or upset stomach.

It will be foolish on your part to believe you can run to the store and get the medical supplies you need to treat the emergency, for time might be of the essence and 911 might not reach the victim on time.

What Items Should be in a First Aid Kit and Their Uses

The medical things to have in a first aid kit is up to the individual, but it should include some of the items needed to take care of most medical emergencies. Your first aid kit for office or home should contain the following medical supplies, and we’ve also included what each can be used for.

Medical Supplies for Dressing Wounds

Adhesive Bandages – You’ll want ample supply of adhesive bandages with different sizes you can put on all type of wounds.

Sterile Gauze Pads – It might be better to have gauze pads made out of different fabrics, but the ones made out of cotton are more suitable for dressing wounds from burns or cuts.

Gauze Roll – A gauze roll can be useful if you sprained your ankle and other types of accidents.

Rolls of Adhesive Tape – These can come in handy when dealing with various emergencies, and you should include at least one in your medical kit.

Elastic Bandages – While similar to gauze rolls they tend to offer more stability to the sprained ankle or the wound you want to heal faster.

Triangular Bandages – These are good for creating arm slings and can also be used to wrap injuries to keep germs and bacteria away.

You’ll also want some sterile cotton-tipped swabs and cotton balls.

Cuts and Injury Medicines

Good Antiseptic Solution – you’ll want to include a good brand of an antiseptic solution such as Povidone-iodine, which is a type of brown powder with antiseptic properties than can be used on wounds. A good brand of hydrogen peroxide is also a viable option.

Ointment with Antibiotic Properties – This might be the most widely used medical product if you have kids at home. It is not only suitable for treating wounds or minor cuts but can also be used effectively to prevent infections. Neosporin is a reputable antibiotic ointment that comes to mind.

Calamine Solution – poison ivy rash on the skin is not pretty, neither is the sting from a bee. Your medical emergency kit should contain ample supply of the best calamine solution you can buy online. It is also good to have a tube or two of Hydrocortisone cream, which can handle rashes and insect bites like calamine solution, but does more.

Headache and Body Ache Medicines – You never know when headaches or body aches might roar its ugly head, so plan accordingly, by having powerful medicines to treat such conditions.

It is up to you if you want to include medicines to take care of upset stomach, diarrhea, allergies, nausea, etc. Just keep in mind most will come with expiration dates.

Other Materials to Include

A good brand of thermometer, preferably one for kids and one for adults.

Some safety pins, which you can use to fasten bandages and splints.

Disposable Gloves, both latex and non-latex brands.

Scissors and Tweezers, I am sure you know what both can do.

Hand sanitizer solution or wipes.

Lastly, your emergency preparedness kit should include a detailed first aid manual and all the right emergency numbers for the county or town. If the first aid kit is for your car, it should contain general emergency numbers including the ones for the Federal government.

7 of the Best First Aid Kits for Home or Office

Creating your own personal emergency medical kit can be exhausting, and might even cost you more than buying one of the best first aid kit products reviewed below.

The first aid kit materials found in the products below might not be complete according to your needs, but you do have the freedom to add other essential items to it as you see fit, based on the needs of your family in case of an emergency.

1 – Phoenix-Lazerus Complete First Aid Kit

This is a first aid kit from a company called Phoenix-Lazerus and it is manufactured to meet or exceed the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.

The name complete might be the appropriate description for the product, but it lacks adequate medication. The medical supplies included for any emergency is stored in a box with a tight waterproofed seal, which negates the problems of moisture and humidity from occurring.

This best medical kit for home or office is manufactured in the United States of America in an FDA 510K regulated facility. You can view the complete list of the medical supplies included at .

2 – Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit

Another durable first aid kit with merit is from a company called Coleman, and it is one of the best medical kits for those that enjoy outdoor activities. This 205 piece kit comes with the right medical supplies to handle just about any emergency while outdoors.

The included items are embedded in a semi-hard case and organized for easy identification. It even includes a cold pack and razor blade, but it does not contain any scissors.

The list for all the contents included in the medical emergency kit can be analyzed by clicking the above image of the product.

3 – Always Prepared Small First Aid Kit

What an appropriate name for a top rated first aid kit? You probably can use this as your travel companion since it includes good metal scissors and tweezers. The included accurate compass will help you find you way back to civilization.

It is certainly unique in that it contains some items recommended for many real world emergencies. This ultra-light first aid kit can be used at home, office, or while outdoors or traveling. It was also surprising to discover it comes with a lifetime warranty.

4 – AAA 85 Piece Commuter First Aid Kit

This first aid kit is from the American automobile association (AAA). It comes with scissors, tweezers, and antibacterial wipes. The lightweight and compact nature of the product makes it easy to use it at home, office, or in your car.

The AAA 85 Piece Commuter First Aid Kit has clear pockets, which makes it easier to identify each item included in the packaging. The medical supplies within the kit are protected in a solid hard-shell foam case that’s easy to carry.

5 – Lifeline 85-Piece Large Hard Shell First Aid Kit

The similarity between this brand and the one reviewed above cannot be disputed. This is all too common when certain products are commissioned to outside firms to be manufactured. While it contains your basic first aid supplies, scissors and tweezers are included for your convenience.

The Lifeline 85-Piece Large Hard Shell First Aid Kit can be used at home or office. The hard shell case makes it the perfect first aid medical emergency travel kit.

6 – First Aid Only 1000-FAE-0103 First Aid Cabinet

This is another appropriate name for a first aid kit, and it comes in the form of a small cabinet that can also be wall mounted. Clearly, in any office setting, wall mounting the First Aid Only 1000-FAE-0103 First Aid Cabinet is the wisest choice.

It is fully made in America (USA) and comes with your regular pain relief medication. The clearly labeled compartments make it easier to arrange the medical items into specific groups. Chances are you’ll find a brand like this in mostly commercial establishments including restaurants, construction sites, etc.

7 – Adventure Medical Kits UltraLight & Watertight

The name for this best first aid kit says it all! Some of the current users complained it was difficult opening the kit the first time, which might be because the enclosure is waterproofed.

If you enjoy camping or like to venture out into the wilderness, this is the first aid kit to purchase, due to the inclusion of a trauma pad that can also be used to stop bleeding.

It contains medical supplies to stop blisters while also providing the needed items you can use to stabilize sprains and fractures.

Handy Tips on Using First Aid Kits

Most people assume they can use all the products included in a fully stocked first aid kit. Simply assuming you can, does not mean you know how to. You should get your hands on a detailed guide on how to handle basic emergency wounds, and you can find the right materials from this .

Be careful, and store your first aid kit out of the reach of children. It is also prudent to check the first aid kit on a regular basis, which also means you should take the time to replace any items you used or missing. If the kit comes with medicines check the dates and replace expired ones.

At a minimum, you should invest in a first aid kit for your home and car. If you run any commercial establishment it would be negligence on your part if you do not have a fully stocked good first aid kit for your employees.

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