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Is Death Wish Coffee the Strongest in the World?

You have to give kudos to the creator of Death Wish coffee company for understanding branding and giving the consumer what they want. The name alone will grab your attention and will not let go until you work up the nerves to get your own Death wish ground coffee beans for your brew pot.

Death Wish Coffee Company was started by a guy named Mike Brown, a tireless worker who parlayed his knowledge about coffee beans into creating what some might call the strongest coffee in the world. He was able to create the brand in the basement of his Saratoga Coffee Traders store located at 19 Wood Road, Suite 500, Round Lake, NY, 12151.

Even if you do not like to consume caffeinated drinks like coffee, you have to admire the concept of the brand and the execution has been flawlessly carried out to this day.

Deathwish coffee is about to be introduced to the American public in a big way after the company won a free super bowl ad through a contest hosted by Intuit, the creator of the popular QuickBooks accounting software for small businesses.

I will not bore you with the details of the contest, but it required small businesses all over America to submit a 30-seconds Ad and have the public vote on it. The extra caffeinated coffee company won the top prize from the tens of thousands of businesses that submitted an Ad.

What Coffee has the Most Caffeine?

According to the creators of Death wish strong coffee beans and thousands of customers in America and around the world that have tried the product, the company has a good product on his hands. Some have called it the best strong coffee beans one can buy online, and brew at home.

The claim by Death wish that it produces the strongest coffee with the most caffeine has competitors and critics crying foul. Like I always tell my son, if you do not have enemies, you’ve not achieved great success.

While I have my doubt if the high caffeine coffee beans made by this company is the strongest in the world, it does not matter, for the public is starting to believe it and that is all that counts in the business world.

This best strong coffee comes with a bold, rich, and dark flavor, with high caffeine content. The Death wish coffee beans were perfected in 2011, and the Company has been growing like wildfire since.

Some Facts About Death Wish Coffee Beans

The extra caffeinated coffee from Deathwish claims to be the strongest in the world, and we have collected some facts based on testing by consumer groups and feedbacks from current users of the product.

Double the Caffeine

Most of the current drinkers of Death wish coffee do agree that it is very strong, and probably does contain double the caffeine content of other coffee brands like Folgers.

Officially the Deathwish folks claim a 12 fluid oz. cup of their coffee will contain about 660mg of caffeine, which is very high in my opinion. Drink at your own peril, for that cup of coffee might keep you up all night long, so you better have the right plans or belong to a rock music band with a gig that night.

What Type of Coffee Beans is it Created From?

I was surprised that the folks at Deathwish coffee company were forthright with the right information about this question. The Death wish brand is created using strong Robusta coffee beans, which some might call the Arabia’s neglected and less desirable coffee bean cousin.

From the research for this death wish coffee review, it is obvious Robusta beans do come with a higher caffeine content than the famous Arabica beans. Most coffee manufacturers know that Robusta beans are bitter and awful tasting, but Deathwish was able to blend it with some Arabica beans to create a winning combination.

How to Brew Death Wish Coffee Ground Beans

This information was more difficult to ascertain, due to individual coffee drinker’s preference, but I scored a winning formula for those that like their mocha with a strong taste. It is suggested that for every 6 Fl. oz. of water, you add 2 1/2 tablespoons of the finely ground death wish coffee. The use of the high coffee amount is why each cup will have higher caffeine content.

It is suggested that for every 6 Fl. oz. of water, you add 2 1/2 tablespoons of the finely ground death wish coffee. The use of the high coffee amount is why each cup will have higher caffeine content.

If you follow the brewing instructions from the folks at death wish coffee company, your cup of coffee should contain more caffeine than the average cup of mocha you get from even Starbucks.

Is the Taste Bitter?

Personally, I consider all black coffee to have a bitter taste, but the company staff that got back to us claims it has a strong, but not bitter taste to it. You can always ameliorate the strong flavor by adding more sugar and milk to the cup of Death wish coffee.

How to Store Your Death Wish Coffee Bean

Based on publications from this growing company, it is highly recommended you keep unused coffee from Death Wish away from humidity, until you’re ready to brew it. The packaging that it came in is a good place to leave the ground coffee; you can also use an airtight container for the same purpose.

It is strongly suggested you try to use up the ground coffee from this company within 3 to 4 months timeframe as degradation might occur with age, which ultimately will have a negative effect on the flavor.

Where to buy the World’s Strongest Coffee by Death Wish?

The product itself is available for purchase from the company website, but I suspect after the super bowl Ad you might get a faster delivery following the link we provided underneath the image, or by clicking the image itself.

The ground coffee from Death Wish Coffee Company can be purchased in 3 sizes; one pound bag, two pounds bag, and five pounds bag.

If you own a , there are Death Wish coffee single serve capsules made specifically for use in that coffee brewing machine. This might be desirable for those that do not want to worry about measuring the ground coffee for the right caffeine content and taste.

Death Wish Coffee Company Super Bowl Video Ad

I enjoyed watching the Ad, and I believe you would also find it entertaining and funny, to say the least.

Is It Worth The Hype?

I have seen my fair share of fly by night success stories that eventually get destroyed by too much quick success. Is the claim that Death Wish ground coffee is the strongest blend in the world believable? It might be better to say it is one of the top selling brands with high caffeine content.

But from a marketing perspective, the Death Wish coffee company has touched upon a winning product that Americans cannot seem to get enough of. I hope they’re prepared for the run of the free super bowl Ad. In this age of social media, people have no patience for delays, especially after you’re taken their money.

Update After the Superbowl:

Mike the creator and owner of Death Wish coffee took some time off his busy schedule to answer questions from other small business owners – here.

He stated his business has grown over 500% in the last two months, and the website was able to handle up to 150,000 visitors at one time right after the Superbowl Ad aired.

The company was able to prepare the right amount of inventory to handle the additional demand, and he claims to have other products in the pipeline to compliment the strongest coffee in the world.

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