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Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System Reviews

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it conveys to the world your psychological and internal organs health. It is true that when people meet you, your skin tells them more than you realize. There are many ways you can improve how your skin look, and one of the best Olay products to use is the ProX advanced cleansing brush.

The human skin has several layers, and each one is designed to perform different functions. When all is well, the different layers will work together to help you get glowing skin. The outer layer of the skin that is visible to the naked eye is called the stratum corneum (SC).

It is the key barrier that provides an effective defense against infections and prevents too much water from escaping from the body. The condition of the stratum corneum helps to determine a healthy skin and attractive appearance.

When you want to protect, strengthen, and hydrate the outer layer of your skin this cleaning brush and cleanser from Olay can make that happen. The gentle action of the brush and cleanser will clean out dead cells, thus allowing the natural regenerative process of your skin to focus on creating more elastin and collagen for a firmer, more rejuvenated skin.

Pros and Cons of the Olay Pro-x Advanced Cleansing System

Despite all the accolades associated with using this ProX skin cleaning brush, there are some negative feedbacks from some of the existing users of the skin care product.


When you look at other oil of Olay pro x reviews online, the affordability of this product is one of its best-selling attributes. Not only is it well packaged, but it might also be one of the best Olay products with such a cheap price.

This facial cleansing brush has two rotating speed settings one can use to get better deep skin cleansing while also enabling gentle exfoliation. When used with the included exfoliating renewal cleanser, the outer layer of your skin will not only feel smoother but also look refreshed.

Olay advanced facial cleansing system is the ideal beauty tool when dealing with hard to remove makeup applications. It is the ultimate beauty tool to ensure all your makeup is removed before bedtime.

It is designed to be water resistant, and can be used even in the shower. It is one of the best beauty products one can use to prevent the reoccurrence of skin blackheads.

Olay ProX is one of the top skin cleansing brushes that can be mastered in just a few minutes. You get clear usage instructions, and it is compact enough for travel within the States or abroad.


Despite the thousands of feedbacks from adoring fans and users of the Olay cleansing brush, there are dozens of not completely satisfied customers. The longevity of the brush is one of the biggest gripes from disgruntled users.

You should know that the longevity of the cleansing brush will depend on usage, but some of the users expected more mileage out of it. The manufacturer claims the cleansing brush should last about three months.

You should have few Olay Advanced Cleansing System Refill replacement brushes to ensure the product is always ready for use. Also, few users complained the battery did not last as long.

Is it the Ultimate Facial Cleansing Product?

I have used it in the past until a friend borrowed and lost it. Do not lend yours to anyone, trust me, most will not want to return it. When you use it with the included exfoliating cleanser the dead cells in the outer layers of your skin will all be eliminated for good.

It is the ultimate prepping beauty tool to get your skin ready for other beauty products. The worst thing you can do is put makeup on top of dead skin cells, this advanced skin cleansing system will make sure that does not happen when used effectively.

You can use this product to get professional deep cleansing that is comparable to what you get from a high-end spa. Olay has a good reputation within the industry, and millions of consumers can testify to the durability of the beauty products made by this company. The Olay brand name is owned by Procter & Gamble a conglomerate that has been around for decades.

How to Clean With Olay Pro-X Brush

First of all, you should replace the brush head when you notice the bristles are frayed or show signs of wear and tear with some discolorations. It is safe to assume that the cleansing brush head will not last as long if used on a daily basis, so you better have some ready just in case.

Usage Steps

I found that dampening your face and the brush head with water lightly, ensures better results.

Squeeze a little bit of the Olay Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser into your hands and apply to face, gently massaging to cover all the facial skin area.

The cleansing system with the brush should be switched on and use it all around your facial skin while avoiding the eyes and hairline.

It is recommended you use the cleansing brush for about 60-seconds, but I did use mine for at least two to three minutes. Play around with the usage time and see what works best for your skin type.

You should wash you face and the brush head with water to remove any excess cleanser remaining.

I have oily and sensitive skin and I was able to use the Olay pro-x advanced cleansing system to deep cleanse dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of my skin right before bedtime. You’ll soon experience a smoother, and more refreshed skin tone with daily use of the ProX advanced cleansing system.

Few Usage Warnings

While this product is recommended for all skin type, the following safety warnings should be adhered to, if you want to get the best usage out of the oil of Olay pro x advanced cleansing system.

The brush head will wear off based on how often you use it. Keep ample refills at hand. The products require two AA batteries to function.

I did try is with other brands of exfoliating cleanser, but got the best beauty results when I used the cleansing brush with the original . Again, keep ample supply at hand to ensure you do not run out.

In the beginning, you should go easy while using the brush on your facial skin. You should avoid the eyes and hairline areas while also checking for any signs of redness or irritation.

Final Opinion

From my experience, I would suggest you use this facial skin cleansing brush every other day to lessen the chances of increasing your skin’s sensitivity. Even before looking at other Olay pro-x advanced cleansing system reviews, I knew it was a good product for better skin health.

This is not a skin care product you want to share with friends, even if they have extra brush heads. You get a from the manufacturer if you’re not completely satisfied, which is more than enough time to experience what it can do for your skin.

Paula F. Kennedy

Paula F. Kennedy

As an older woman, I have so many life-experiences and my reviews will be from that angle. With four kids – three girls and one boy, weight-loss and personal hygiene products are some of the issues I can write about with authority.
Paula F. Kennedy
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