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Old Age Tips for Better Teen Health and Wellness

The main advantage in getting old is that you gain perspectives on what you did wrong during your teen and adolescent years. It is sadly true that the habits of the parents will be passed on to the kids whether they’re bad or good.

Most parents tend to say one thing and do another. If you tell your kid to always tell the truth and he or she catches you lying, your moral argument just got destroyed. Why has life gotten more complicated? Some of the activities that used to be considered shameful are now widely celebrated.

Take for instance single parenting, many teenage girls now think it is cool without knowing all the facts and hard work that goes into raising a normal kid not to talk about a successful one. It is like society’s consciousness have been kidnapped by an alien force.

Hidden forces are now deliberately targeting kids with false information about what to eat, drink, and life in general. The programming can be found in the movies, music, and top social sites.

I have made several mistakes in my life and the advice I am about to give you will impact your life in positive ways. Contrary to what some might have you believe, your friends have a tremendous influence on what you become in life. If you hang out with losers, most likely you’ll become a loser too.

This is an article about teen health and wellness, so any adult reading this should pass it on to a teenager still in high school or college. There are three main activities you should avoid if you want a healthier life and glowing skin.

The advice given in this article will be contrary to what most of your friends do. It might also conflict with what you see in the movies, or some of the actions engaged in by your parents. Your parent will emulate many bad behaviors and it is up to you to follow the good ones and ignore the bad ones.

Let’s get to the three main activities you should try your best not to engage in, regardless of the peer pressure from clueless friends and classmates.

Why Smoking Cigarette is Bad

Why Smoking Cigarette is Bad

Smoking cigarettes will impact your life negatively. While you’re still young you might look in the mirror and see no damage from puffing cigarette smoke, but the damage is accumulating within your internal organs.

Other health articles for teens will provide insights into the many diseases caused by smoking and yet millions of young people adopt this deadly habit on a yearly basis. Smoking will do significant damage to your skin, and a visit to any hospital will convince you to stop now.

Apart from the known effects of smoking cigarettes, this deadly habit encourages other bad habits like drinking and taking drugs. The best way to quit smoking is to just stop cold-turkey. As a teenager, you might experience some smoking withdrawal symptoms, but you can overcome all of them if you have the willpower.

For you young girls, smoking cigarettes will prematurely age you while also causing permanent damage to your womb and other internal organs. It is one of the main causes of lung and breast cancer. The effects of smoking cigarettes might take a few years to manifest, but you can be sure the woes associated with this activity will show up sooner rather than later.

For you boys, smoking is one of the main causes of erectile problems. It does not make you look cool, and will impact negatively your sexual performance. The quality of your sperm will also be impacted negatively, which might lead to problems making a girl pregnant.

Smoking cigarette is probably one of the dumbest things you can do as a teenager because it does nothing positive for you. It creates an odor that becomes your permanent odor, regardless of the type of cologne or perfume you’re wearing.

Teens Who Drink are at Risk of

Teens Who Drink are at Risk of

Another deadly habit learned from parents is drinking alcohol. This is one is even more deadly because it widely accepted as a form of having fun. Most people falsely believe that drinking makes them more socially acceptable. Do you know that alcohol is considered an IN-TOXIC-ANT.? If you go to the root of words you’ll find the words toxic and ant in that behavior.

Why would you consume a substance that is full of ants that would compromise your senses and cause you to make the wrong decisions at every stage of life? Most teenage girls and some adults that get pregnant were drunk during the sexual encounter. Now you know why many girls scream rape when they get sober!

I can assure you that alcohol consumption is more addictive than smoking, simply because it is more widely accepted. Gone are the days when alcohol used to be strong and very bitter. Now the alcoholic beverages can be mixed with sugar and other substances to camouflage the alcohol content.

It is now easy to make drinks that taste like orange juice, apple juice, shakes, or even energy drinks. With the sweetened taste, it is far easier to consume more drinks within just a few hours. Do not let the symptoms of alcoholism catch up with you before making the right decision to quit.

Despite the fact that alcohol consumption is widely accepted by the masses, the damages done by this bad behavior cannot be simply wished away or ignored. It is sometimes the perfect gateway to other more deadly drugs, and the decisions you make while under the influence of alcohol will not be your best.

If you’re looking for how to stop drinking, just consider the long-term effects of alcohol on the brain. This substance slows down the activities of your brain and it might lead you to make decisions that simply breaks the law.

The effects of alcohol on the body are even more prominent. Drinking alcohol ages you prematurely, and your lovely young skin will soon be filled with wrinkles and general dryness.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

We humans are so gullible, to say the least! We all claim to want good government, yet we vote in the same crooks that are messing up the system. Weed smoking is now growing at an alarming rate with some of the states in our beloved country now making it legal to grow and smoke the substance openly.

Let me make it clear that I am not a fan of banning any type of substance, even the so-called hard drugs. I believe people make better decisions when they know all the facts. Weed for all its assumed benefits comes with more deadly side effects that will ruin your chances of a better life.

In high school, the kids that got high all got bad grades. For every positive you can attribute to smoking cannabis I can give you ten negative ones. It is highly addictive, and will kill your brain cells. While there are some exceptions to the rule, most people that smoke weed get “dumber and dumber” with every “joint” consumed.

Just because so many people smoke marijuana does not make it right. Do not follow the masses for that is a good way to get slaughtered. Do your own research, and you’ll discover this substance does more damage than good.

Teen Obesity Health Risks

Teen Obesity Health Risks

The worst thing you can do as a teenager is to get too fat. Unfortunately, obese parents have fat kids. You have to take the control of your own life in your hands and refuse to eat certain foods. The fast food restaurants have only one goal in mind and that is to create addicted slaves that will keep coming back for more and more.

In fact, you have to start looking at every packaged food products with the same skeptical eyes. Try your best to read about nutrition information and familiarize yourself with calorie counting. Your body is your temple, and it is up to you to guard it with all your might.

Obesity is a slow and deliberate process. Rarely do you get fat overnight! Try your best to cook your own food and pay close attention to the ingredients used. What you eat controls how you think. There are too many publicized obesity health risks for one to plead ignorant.

Get Physically Active

physically active teens

If you want to stay in shape you must burn up more calories than you consume on a daily basis. If you want to avoid all the health risks of obesity you have to get off your butt and do some daily physical exercises.

You can jog, run, and ride your bike, swim, or any other activity that helps you to burn calories. Try your best to cultivate friends with the same attributes. If most of your friends eat too much, chances are you’ll do the same.

Final Tips

When you’re a teenager that is the right time to make proper arrangements as to what you want to do with your life. You can learn from the mistakes of adults like me, or you can foolishly make the same mistakes I listed above.

You should know that life is not biased towards anyone, but your results will be based on your activities. What you eat and drink on a daily basis influences what you become, and anyone that tells you otherwise is simply lying to you.

Judith Gentle-Plant

Judith Gentle-Plant

As a mom with three kids, I have insights into issues concerning infant health and behaviors that most writers could only research. Within the last few years I have gotten used to exploring mother-nature, and most of my reviews will be coming at you from that angle.
Judith Gentle-Plant
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