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What are the Health Benefits of Prune Juice?

There was a time when prune juice was associated with the elderly since it is this age group that needed it in relieving constipation. As it turned out, prune juice is beneficial to the human body besides regulating bowel movement. So what are the health benefits of prune juice?

Before you get the answer on the benefits you can get from drinking prune juice, it is important to know what it is and where it comes from.

Prune juice is the extracted liquid from re-hydrated dried plums. As earlier mentioned, its most important characteristic is its laxative effect due to it being high in fiber.

What are the Health Benefits of Prune JuicePrunes are rich in phenols, which are antioxidants that get rid of free radicals that can damage the body’s tissues and body fats. It can also prevent cell damage to the skin and brain membranes. Prunes are also high on beta-carotene or vitamin A.

Beta-carotene further eliminates free radicals and can provide a boost to natural resistance. The taste of prune juice is not generally well-liked by people especially children but once they know what are the health benefits of prune juice, people usually choose to enjoy it.

People call it a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients because it unbelievably packs so much of these nutrients needed by the body. It is also said that daily intake of prune juice can benefit the skin as much as any expensive anti-aging cream in the market.

The presence of antioxidants in the fruit makes this possible. Many women who are not yet aware of what are the health benefits of prune juice, may be pleasantly surprised to know that because of their fat free content, prunes are a great help in fighting cellulite.

If you are looking for a natural appetite suppressant, look no farther than the prune juice. Prune juice can make you feel fuller because of the soluble fiber in them. As such, you can avoid overeating when you drink prune juice regularly.

Another mineral that prune juice is very rich with is potassium. Experts believe that potassium can lower the risk of stroke and hypertension. Prune juice also contains lutein, which can keep your eyes in healthy condition.

Knowing what are the health benefits of prune juice should make you to seriously consider a daily intake of what others call the majestic drink. However, always drink it as natural as it can be and do not add sugar or any artificial sweeteners or else, all the health benefits you can get will be negated by the sugar.

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