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Known Humidifier Benefits for Your Health and Skin

While most people dread the hot summer months, the most damage to your health and skin usually occurs in the cold winter months.

The air piped into your living quarters during the winter months is mostly very dry air.

A good humidifier brand has the ability to put moisture back into the air in your residence, which translates into many benefits for both you and your family.

It is also wise to invest in a good humidifier even if you do not live in a cold state. If you live in an area with a dry climate, a humidifier will do wonders for your skin and overall health.

It is one of the best small home appliances one can use to avoid getting sick. The moisture mixed into the air you breathe can help you generate glowing skin, keep baby allergies at bay while also helping to preserve your old wood furniture.

Here Are Some of the Known Humidifier Health Benefits

While your heating system is keeping you and your family warm this winter, it also has the potential to dry out the air within your living quarters.

If you’re one of the few doubters that think a good humidifier is a waste of money, the following benefits might change your mind:

Less Risk of Infections

Those unseen bacteria and viruses love dry air, but they find it more difficult to travel freely in an environment with constant moist air.

The small amount you spend on a good humidifier might make a huge difference if you’re going to remain healthy or get the flu this winter month.

With your humidifier functioning as it should, the hairs in your nose will be able to do a better job at filtering out viruses and bacteria that could make you sick.

Another cool humidifier benefits, the included moisture in the air you breathe will help prevent bloody noses.

Humidifier is Beneficial to Better Skin

The heat blasting through your living quarters during those chilly winters months makes your skin itch, dry and tight.

The symptoms can usually be spotted on your hands first because of the fewer oil glands present in those areas.

Let’s not forget the tendency of skin in your lips to dry out faster in dry air conditions. A good portable humidifier in your home can negate all those skin problem issues.

Why let the heated dry air sap moisture from your skin, when you can enable softer and more vibrant skin with a good humidifier in your living environment.

If you suffer from any type of skin conditions like eczema, Psoriasis, etc. you definitely need the power of a humidifier to combat the low humidity levels due to the dry air.

Use it to Keep Flu, Cold and Allergy Symptoms at Bay

From all the available data from independent testing sources, a well-designed humidifier has the ability to soothe dryness, itchiness or irritation n the nose, sinuses, nasal passages, throat, mouth, and eyes.

Why let the winter dry air affect your sinuses negatively when a good humidifier is all you need to make the problem go away promptly.

If you truly want a more comfortable throat and nose, try sleeping with a humidifier during the winter cold season and let use know how you feel afterward.

It Can Induce Faster Healing

As soon as you get a humidifier into your living quarters, expect a shortened lifespan for your cold or sinus infection. A humidifier will lessen your suffering by introducing moisture into the air you breathe.

It is true from all the available data, that sneezing and coughing will not last with a humidifier in your home.

Even Your House-Plants Will Benefit

It is true that most house plants have the ability to suck up toxins from your indoor air, but the dry winter air can affect the plants negatively.

Within a dry air environment, the plant leaves will look droopy while the soil will appear dryer than usual.

If you find that the plants in your home are not thriving, try the power of a humidifier and see what happens within just a few days.

It is one of the best ways to keep your indoor plants healthy, which ultimately leads to better health for everyone living in your residence.

Use it to Keep Wood Furniture Protected

If you want your old wood furniture to last and survive intact, you’ve to minimize the presence of dry air within your living quarters.

Dry air from heating your home can damage wood furniture regardless of the finishing. The moisture mixed into the air in your home will help keep intact the integrity of the wood.

Do not let your wood furniture split or crack due to the dry air, which you can correct with a best humidifier brand.


Humidifier Can Help You Preserve Your Vocal Cords

Before you run to the doctor for some medication due to a sore throat or poor vocal cords, check your surroundings and make sure the air you’re breathing is not too dry.

It is true that your vocal cords need the right amount of lubrication in order to vibrate and create the best sounds.

The damage is usually done when you sleep in a dry air room. Get one in your bedroom and witness the difference in your early morning vocal cords!

A humidifier will introduce the right amount of moisture into the air you breathe, and you’ll be able to make beautiful sounds as soon as you wake-up.

Might Help Reduce Your Heating Bill

From all the data available online, moist air makes you feel warmer than dry air. If you feel warmer with more moisture in the air, it is reasonable to conclude that your heating unit will not be working overtime thus leading to less usage.

So you can invest in a humidifier or give it to your heating fuel provider. Don’t forget the other health benefits of using a humidifier as you debate if it is worth the investment.

Will Help Reduce Electric Shocks

I am one of those that hate the effect of a static electricity shock. This is more prevalent in the winter months because of the presence of drier air.

While the static shock will not kill you, it is an experience most will not want to repeat again. Apart from that, your electrical equipment will perform better with more moisture in the air in your living environment.

Best Way to Control Snoring

Nothing annoys more than living or sleeping next to someone that snores. Most people with snoring condition will have more problems in a dry, winter air.

A moist air will allow the sufferer to get a good night’s rest due to the moistened air in the bedroom.

Since dryness can lead to snoring, it is better to use a humidifier to ensure that your snoring partner will sleep better at night all without disturbing you.

Final Thoughts

While all the benefits of using a humidifier sound great, do remember that once you get one it will have to be maintained. Depending on the brand you use, the humidifier has to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the reverse case of having more bacteria and mold floating around your living space.

The benefits you get from using a humidifier are now clearly established and confirmed. You have to look at your initial purchase as an investment rather than an expense. It is quite true that a humidifier will improve your overall health in the dry, winter months.

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