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The Best Humidifier

One of the most widely asked question in 2015 can be traced to people’s need to find the best humidifier for home or office use.

If you want to know about the many benefits one can get from using a humidifier, our previous article gave pointed directions you can follow.

I have no doubt that even the cheapest room air humidifiers will contribute immensely to the improvement of your indoor air quality while also helping to reduce the many symptoms that can occur due to too much dry air.

If you live in a cold climate, those heating units dry out the air within your living quarters which then leads to many ailments, like itchy eyes, dry skin, and cracked lips.

Unfortunately, winter dry air in your bedroom does not discriminate based on race or gender, everyone gets equal treatment.

Even the fine old wood furniture in your home can be negatively affected if the air within your bedroom environment is too dry.

Before we get to the best humidifier for allergies, it is essential to point out the different types one can buy online.

Types of Humidifiers

You might not appreciate the answer to – what is the best type of humidifier if you do not know the home humidifier types one can choose from.

Humidifiers can vary in size, and the method of humidification can either be; evaporative, ultrasonic, warm mist, and cool mist.

Do not let the different types of humidifiers confuse you, for your main concern should be what they can do for your skin and health.

With each type of humidifier, I will provide one or two durable brands one can select from, and all will deliver value for your hard earned money.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

The evaporative cool mist humidifier is probably the most common type one can find for sale online.

Cool mist evaporative humidifiers are designed to add moisture into the air you breathe through the principles of natural evaporation. It is probably the cleanest and most durable way to do humidification.

A cool mist humidifier uses wick filter. The wicking filter seats in the center base of the humidifier and has the ability to absorb water.

The embedded fan will pull the room air and pass it through the saturated wicking filter.

This simple step causes the water in the filter to instantly evaporate into the room, which ultimately adds the needed moisture to the air you breathe.

Most cool mist humidifiers will have wick filters that are capable of trapping any impurities that might be present in your water, thus guaranteeing that your moisturized air is clean and pure.

Even if you’re using best cool mist humidifier you bought online, it is essential to stick to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule by cleaning the filter often if it is reusable.

The worst thing you could do with a cold mist humidifier is to ignore the replace filter warning.

Before we get to the best room humidifier with this type of design, let’s examine some of the pros and cons.


Since it uses a wick filter setup, you can be certain that the moisture outputted into the air you breathe will be free of known mineral impurities, thus making it pure and clean for better overall health.

The best humidifier with cool mist evaporative features will consume less power.

Some of the models reviewed have powerful fans, which makes it possible to cover large living areas with just a single evaporative cool mist humidifier.


It is possible to hear more noise from the fan speed as compared to other humidifier types.

Keep in mind that if the wick filter is not reusable, it probably has to be replaced after about two months or less depending on the brand.

Another downside to using cool mist humidifiers is there tendency to hold mold and bacteria if not properly maintained as instructed in the owner’s manual.

Best Cool Mist Humidifier

1 – ReMEDies Cool Mist Humidifier


For those seeking the best type of humidifier, this model from a company called ReMEDies has a lot of good buzz from healthy living advocates.

As soon as you get past the name, the design will hit you hard. With a rounded shape and a hole on top where the moisture comes out, it is a far cry from all the “boxy” design exhibited by other high-end models.

Some might say the shape reminds them of a teardrop! This personal best humidifier uses the latest LED technology to convey operational status, and you get a two-year warranty with your purchase.

It has some ultrasonic humidifier features, like being very quiet and calm while operational.

Features You Can Like in This Best Cool Mist Humidifier

Apart from the esthetically pleasing shape, this humidifier from a company called ReMEDies has some cool features missing in other top rated brands.

Within the humidifier is a high-quality filter stone. It is a reusable filter which is capable of keeping the humidifier clean as it emits good, soft and healthy cool mist into your room.

The 2.8 liters water tank allows the cool mist humidifier to run for over ten hours without the need for a refill.

It has a knob one can use to adjust the output of the vapor.

Even if you forget to add enough water into the tank, the included automatic shut-off feature will stop the humidifier if the water level is getting too low. Also, the red light indicator will come on to alert you.

Best of all, you can use your favorite oil in this humidifier to fill your room with the favorite scent you’re accustomed to as you sleep peacefully at night.

Few Issues from Current Users

Just like any health related product, there are bound to be few disgruntled customers.

From what we gathered looking at hundreds of customer feedbacks, this cool mist humidifier might not diffuse your favorite oil the right way.

The addition of diffusing ability into a humidifier is not common within the industry. Some loved the diffusing function while others hated it. It might be based on the type of oil used!

Bottom Line:

The sophisticated stone filter embedded within this cool mist humidifier is capable of eliminating all the dirt that can build up in a humidifier.

The unique spout located on the top is capable of rotating 360 degrees to guarantee you get the needed moisture in the right areas of your living quarter.

Everything about the design setup, filter technology, and cleanup routine in this humidifier speaks of high quality.

It is a good brand of cool mist humidifier with an overwhelming majority of current users giving it high marks for delivering excellent performance metrics.

2 – Honeywell HCM-350


If you’re seeking the best Honeywell humidifier, model HCM-350 does have some quality features deserving of your attention.

Honeywell germ-free cool mist humidifier can be used to get instant relief from any ongoing dry skin and allergy symptoms.

This cool mist humidifier from Honeywell is also beneficial to those suffering from flu and colds. This evaporative humidifier is capable of outputting two gallons of water moisture on a daily basis.

Honeywell germ-free humidifier has the capacity to humidify living areas of your home up to 700 square feet.

The wick filter in the middle of the Honeywell HCM-350 is quite large and has a self-regulating feature, which guarantees output of the right amount of moisture into your living environment.

Good Features in the Honeywell humidifier Germ-Free

Honeywell germ-free cool mist humidifier is very quiet based on feedback from most of the current users. It uses the latest quiet-care technology to enable silent operation of the humidifier.

Located within the Honeywell evaporative cool mist humidifier is a patented germ killing chamber with the ability to kill most bacteria, including mold and spores found in water.

The ultraviolet technology used for this function is one of the best within the industry.

Some of the removable parts can be washed safely in your dishwasher.

There are two colors to choose from; black or white. The black model of the Honeywell HCM is priced higher.


Few Complaints from Current Customers

Honeywell germ-free HCM-350 humidifier is not free of disgruntled customers. Despite the fact that it only outputs cool mist, the absence of an automatic shut-off feature was a disappointment for some.

Some complained it was too loud in a small room. The need for a replacement filter every few months was just too costly for some customers to justify.

Bottom Line:

Honeywell HCM350b germ-free cool mist humidifier is certainly missing some essential features like automatic shut-off and permanent filter.

It does have a larger water tank and can perform in a whisper free manner. Is the HCM-350 Honeywell better than the ReMEDies Cool Mist Humidifier?

From all the facts gathered for this home humidifier reviews, the ReMEDies brand delivers better features and performance, not to talk about the cheaper price.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

A warm mist humidifier is able to use a heating element embedded within the unit to boil the water in the tank, before it is released into the atmosphere as a warm steam.

For those living in a colder climate, using a warm air humidifier can make your living space feel warmer than what the temperature reading would tell you.

Since they’re designed not to use a fan, most warm mist humidifiers are quiet as compared to cool mist evaporative humidifiers.

The embedded heating element in a warm humidifier boils the water until it becomes pure steam, which is then released into the room air free of all the impurities and minerals.

Most of the mineral content present in the water will be left behind in the humidifier. Removal of the mineral deposits can be accomplished using your regular household vinegar.

In any best warm mist humidifier, you’ll find suitable mineral absorption pads capable of absorbing all the mineral deposits before they can stick to the humidifier.


Most of the best warm humidifiers on sale online are indeed very quiet when operational.

Unlike some mist cool evaporative humidifiers you do not have to replace wick filters.

The warm mist outputted into the air you breathe will indeed be pure, because it will be free of all minerals and bacteria.

Some of the advanced newer models of warm humidifiers come with a medicine cup one can use to disperse needed soothing vapors into your living area.


The embedded heating elements in the unit will use up more electrical power.

Due to the design structure, most warm air humidifiers are compact and can only be effectively used in a small room.

Unless it has a shut-off feature, the chance of accidental burns is higher as compared to a cool mist humidifier.

If you have little ones in your household, it is essential you monitor any best warm air humidifier you have in operation.

Differences between Cool Mist And Warm Mist Humidifier

One of the biggest differences between the two is the type of moisture emitted into the air. One will emit cool moisture, while the other would emit warm moisture.

Cool mist humidifiers are designed to use wick filters that needs to be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

On the other hand, your regular warm humidifier will use heating elements to boil the water until it becomes steam and then it rises into the atmosphere in your living quarters.

Warm air humidifiers are prone to use more electrical currents. Since it uses boiling water, the hazard risk to children is far greater if you have a warm mist humidifier in your home

The choice between warm mist and cool mist humidifier should be based on what you need one for.

A warm or cool mist humidifier does have unique advantages and disadvantages. Better yet, there are good brands that offer both options in one unit but the listed pro and cons will still be valid.

Warm Mist Humidifier Reviews

1 – Vicks v750 Warm Mist Humidifier


When people hear the name Vicks they mostly think about vapor rubs and cough drops.

Well I got news for you; this company which is owned by Procter and Gamble now manufacture air purifiers, allergy medicines, cough drops, steam inhalers, humidifiers and much more.

Vicks humidifier v750 is the newest version that replaces model V745a with the addition of better features to increase performance.

This Vicks warm mist humidifier now has a scent pad which can be used with Vaporsteam or Vaporpads made by the same company.

Vicks warm mist humidifier v750 also includes auto shut-off plus two comfort settings.

This best Vicks humidifier has a one-gallon tank, and one filling can last up to 24-hours.

V750 Vicks has other safety features which include night light. The cup for the medicated vapor is now larger, and it is much easier now to reach it as compared to the older model V745a.

Best of all, this Vicks humidifier warm mist has no filter to be replaced. You can add a little vinegar to help eliminated the settled mineral impurities after several uses.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers

If you search online, two of the most asked questions about humidifiers are: What is an ultrasonic humidifier? How do ultrasonic humidifiers work?

An ultrasonic humidifier is unique from all other types because of the way it operates. The name is derived from the fact that they’re the quietest humidifiers one can buy online.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are notorious for being so quiet that one might wonder if the unit is actually on.

Ultrasonic mist maker can either come with cool mist or warm mist design settings or sometimes both options in the same unit.

An ultrasonic humidifier differentiates itself from other types because it uses frequency sound waves technology in a powerful setting.

With this unique technology, the water inside the humidifier is reduced into an ultra-fine vapor mist before it is released into your living space.

Most people that have seen a good brand of ultrasonic humidifier operate will testify that the vapor mist released is almost like a fog.

Another big difference is the use of demineralization cartridges, which are capable of trapping minerals and impurities found in water before the mist is released into your room.

The performance of ultrasonic humidifiers varies widely, for one should pay careful attention to how the impurities are removed from the water.

A new trend with ultrasonic humidifiers is to have both a cool and warm air mist option embedded within one unit.

Meaning, one gets get the ability to deploy either the cool mist or warm mist option depending on the season and what your health goals are.

This type of ultrasonic humidifiers does come with a higher price tag, not to talk about more challenges as far as maintenance issues are concerned.


If you’re looking for humidifiers with silent operation, this is the type to get. Most of the brands we looked at are as quiet as can be.

There are variety of designs to select from, with some of them having no wick filters that needs replacement.

Based on the design of the ultrasonic humidifier, it might function using less electric power.


The performance metrics can range from very poor to incredibly efficient based on the design and brand.

The ultrasonic humidifiers with both cool and warm mist capabilities can be very pricey.

The design type using demineralization cartridge have few issues, especially the problem of “white dust” if your tap water is full of impurities.

Ultrasonic Humidifier Reviews

1 – Air-O-Swiss 7147


The company behind this product recently changed its name to BONECO healthy air, so keep that in mind as you consider this model.

Air-o-Swiss Aos 7147 ultrasonic humidifier uses digital touch technology, and can be used a s both a cool mist and warm mist humidifier.

Some have called it one of the 10 best humidifiers one can buy online for less. Apart from the digital touch controls, you can also use the included timer to pre-set use to 1 to 8 hours.

The unit is able to humidify an area as large as 600 sq. ft. It uses a replaceable demineralization cartridge, which is capable of removing mineral residues from your water mist before it is released into the atmosphere.

Also included in the design is a Hydro Cell which helps to keep the humidifier super clean and fresh longer.

Humidifier for Whole House

The name for this type says it all! If you want a unit that can service your entire home, then you should be looking at whole house console humidifiers.

Whole house humidifiers have the same performance metrics as the small more portable units, only on a much larger scale.

For some whole house humidifiers to work properly you might need duct work to properly distribute the emitted moisture into all your living space.

So for clarity sake, whole house console humidifier we’re talking about here is not the industrial type, but the units that are capable of servicing a much larger living square footage.


The humidifier whole house units will be able to cover a much larger living space as compared to the other types mentioned earlier one.

Most have larger water tanks, and will remain operational far longer than any other type of best humidifiers.


Whole home humidifier can be pricey. The installation can cost you as much as what it cost to buy the unit.

The humidifier for whole house can be on the noisy side, due to the larger fans embedded within to blow the cool mist air out into your living area.

If the design uses a permanent filter, expect to spend more time keeping it clean.

If it is designed to use replaceable filters, that’s another cost you should add to the total operating cost of the unit.

Best Whole House Humidifier

1 – Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier


We choose this unit because of the higher ratings from existing customers. Aprilaire 700 whole house humidifier needs to be installed by a licensed HVAC installer for the included 5-year warranty to be valid.

Aprilaire 700 functions by turning liquid water into water vapor. This best humidifier for the whole house is capable of sensing the humidity level in your home, and will automatically turn itself on if the air is too dry.

If you’re looking to install the Aprilaire whole house humidifier by yourself, I urge you to reconsider, unless you’re certified as a HVAC installer.

Even with the Aprilaire 700 installation manual the learning curve is just too high for do it yourself experimentation.

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