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Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

How do you feel every time you wake up? Do you have pains in your back or other areas of your body? In this day in age, you don’t have to take it anymore!

In this memory foam mattress reviews, we explore some of the best brands one can find online. Your average memory foam is created from polyurethane plus some infusion of needed chemicals to provide the right density.

Another popular name that is frequently used is Visco-elastic polyurethane foam. Nowadays memory foam provides weight and temperature sensitivity, thus making it unique among sleeping mattresses.

When you look at all the available statistics, memory foam mattresses are good at helping to evenly distribute a person’s weight while he or she is sleeping.

From all the memory foam mattress ratings we analyzed, the average lifespan for the best memory foam mattress hovers around 8-years or more depending on user care.

It might be hard to compare memory foam mattresses since there are hundreds of models to choose from. That is why in this foam mattress reviews, we selected the top four brands with the most value for your money.

Foam Mattress Reviews

1 – Amerisleep Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Amerisleep liberty bed is quite a unique manufacturer because their product line is sold exclusively online. Might it be the main reason why the company has one of the highest satisfaction ratings in this niche industry?

Amerisleep manufactures many high-quality mattresses, and most are affordable thus leading to numerous best memory foam mattress review ratings as compared to other well-known brands.

Amerisleep memory foam mattress uses an esthetically soft, plush design to create medium-resistance conformity.

From all the Amerisleep reviews we looked at, it is one of the few foam mattresses that can provide enough support for your hips and back.

It is one of the top rated brands one can use to ensure proper alignment as you sleep, without any noticeable pain in the morning.


The Amerisleep mattress is built with breathable, bio-friendly memory foam which helps to guarantee comfort as you get a well-deserved rest.

This brand is able to stay cool as it delivers temperature-neutral comfort.

This best foam mattress from Amerisleep is completely manufactured in America using natural plant-based ingredients.

Even environmentalist considers it an eco-friendly product since it is made using one of the best and newest zero-emissions manufacturing methods.

You can buy this best-rated memory foam mattress in four sizes; Twin, Twin-Long, Full, and California King.

The bamboo cover that is used to protect the memory foam and fabric material is washable. Best of all, you get a 20-year warranty.


Since it is completely sold online, you have no way of trying one out before purchasing.

Bottom Line:

The warranty included with your purchase of this discount memory foam mattress from Amerisleep is not the longest within the industry, but the details cover a lot more than you get from other top brands.

But one of the main reason you should get this brand can be justified by the high-quality materials used in making every Amerisleep liberty bed. After your purchase, the mattress is quickly delivered to you.

It is a fact, that this memory foam mattress from Amerisleep will provide better levels of sleeping comfort as compared to even the highest rated traditional mattress.

2 – LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


Lucid 12-inch memory foam mattress by Linenspa has one of the best sounding names within the industry. If you consider sleeping as an essential part of staying healthy, this memory foam mattress will make a fabulous choice for many good reasons.

Lucid by Linenspa was designed to help remove back pain that could result from discomfort or proper support during sleep.

It is true that any good memory foam mattress reviews will provide you insights into the many innovations and technological advances found in even cheap memory foam mattress as compared to traditional spring mattresses.


This lucid 10-inch memory foam mattress has several layers, all uniquely combined to offer needed support while also allowing you to comfortably sleep properly.

You’ll find the latest Open-cell technology advances in this lucid memory foam mattress. Meaning the mattress will remain cool as it enables a more durable foam, thus eliminating the problems of longer lasting body impressions.

It is made with materials that correctly aligns the spine. It is the ideal sleeping foam mattress one can use to support the natural curves of your neck, head, and shoulders.

Not only is this product CertiPUR-USA certified, you also get a generous 25-year warranty with your purchase.

Lucid 12 Inch memory foam mattress can be bought in 7 different sizes, which are; Twin, Twin-Extra-Large, Full, Full Extra-Large, Queen, King, and California King.


Despite the higher approval rating from most users, some complained the foam mattress from Lucid Linenspa was not soft enough.

Another user complained it was not the best mattress to use if you sleep on your side, and might create backaches for those that sleep on their stomach.

Bottom Line:

As we looked at all the reviews of the Linenspa foam mattress, most of the current users agreed it was a good brand with an affordable price.

Some even suggested it should be the preferred brand for those seeking the best memory foam mattress one can find online.

To make this memory foam mattress perform and last as intended, it is highly recommended you use the foundation listed below.

Lucid Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame & Mattress Foundation


This is the ideal mattress foundation from the same manufacturer. It is created uniquely so you do not have to use any box springs.

If you lack the permanent space, it can be easily folded for easy storage.

This memory foam mattress foundation is made from durable heavy duty wire, and will comfortably support spring, and latex mattress types.

This mattress foundation from Linenspa is capable of holding up to 625 pounds. It is fully covered by a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

3 – Serta 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress


You should know that Serta is the leading mattress manufacturer in the USA, and probably worldwide.

While the Serta gel foam is a new addition to the many sleeping products made by this company, you can trace the root of the firm back 80 years.

Serta 12-inch gel memory foam mattress is indeed from a reliable and trusted manufacturer. It is one of the best gel foam mattresses one can use to get a good night’s sleep without any aches and pains.

You’ll see from this Serta gel foam mattress reviews, that this brand has been able to use gel foam and regular memory foam skillfully to deliver maximum comfort as you sleep.

This Serta memory foam mattress is also capable of keeping you cool during those hot summer nights.


The design style of the Serta gel memory foam mattress allows it to provide superior pressure relief. You get added support in the right places as you sleep.

The open-cell technology used in this brand delivers much needed therapeutic comfort while the infused gel beads add a cool touch to enhance your sleeping pleasure.

Serta gel memory foam mattress is what you need to prevent turning and tossing all through the night. It is the ideal gel foam mattress for those looking for proper spinal alignment.

Best of all, the Serta exclusive technology used cannot be found in any other memory foam mattress brands, and you get a 20-year limited warranty with your purchase.

Presently, you can buy the Serta gel foam mattress in five different sizes; Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.


Even with one of the highest approval ratings from current users, some complained the gel foam mattress from Serta has a tendency to get too warm.

A few of the current users of the Serta luxury gel memory foam mattress wished it was just as soft as other brands of foam mattresses found online.

Bottom Line:

The price for the Serta 12 gel memory foam mattress might be a barrier for some, which we perfectly understand.

The company behind Serta 12 gel foam mattress has an unblemished reputation within this niche market.

Rarely do you hear people talk about high-end mattresses without the name Serta coming up in a positive way in the conversation.

From all the information we gathered while researching this Serta gel foam mattress reviews, it has all the required metrics to call it one of the best.

4 – Signature Sleep 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review


For those asking – what is the best memory foam mattress? This signature memory foam mattress do come to mind.

It has one of the highest approval ratings from current customers, due to the fact that it has all the required materials to ensure a good night’s sleep with comfort.

Apart from the fact that signature sleep memory foam can help one relief pressure points in many areas of your body, it is also built to comply with the federal flammability standard.

It has a soft, knit fabric cover one can use to enhance your ability to sleep properly anytime of the day.


Signature sleep 12-inch memory foam mattress can be bought in both 6-inch and 8-inch thickness.

It is designed to properly support your body weight evenly, while also relieving the pressures on your feet, hips, and shoulders.

This 12-inch memory foam mattress allows you to eliminate any issues with motion disturbance.

This signature sleep memory foam mattress has a unique breathable knit fabric cover to enable one of the best night’s rest one can expect from a sleeping mattress.

You can buy one in four different sizes, and they are; Twin, Full, Queen, and King.


Every product one can find online will have at least few disgruntled users. This 12 memory foam mattress did lose some resiliency as stated by a few users.

One was adamant that the 12-inch memory foam mattress queen size was comfortable but did not get hot enough. Few wished it offered a firmer feel as other highly rated best memory mattresses.

Bottom Line:

First of all, this signature sleep 8-inch memory foam mattress do have one of the best approval ratings one can find within the memory foam mattress industry.

It is an ideal memory foam mattress one can use to minimize unwanted pressures on the body. It is the ideal brand to use for leveled balanced support as you sleep.

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