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Looking For Natural Breath Freshener? Here Are The Top 4 Best Breath Mints 2015

If you’re experiencing an issue with temporary bad breath due to the food you just ate or alcohol drinks you just consumed, your choices of natural breath fresheners are limited by your time factor.

If you need instant bad breath relieve, then some of the best breath mints in our comparison guide should help you find the most relevant product to use.

First, we’ll take a look at some of the natural herbs you can get, and some you might have in your refrigerator already.

Be mindful that, the only true natural products are from plants that you process yourself.

Here Are Some Top Rated Brands Online

Few Natural Plants That Act As Natural Breath Fresheners

The Power of Mint Leaves. While mint plant leaves are frequently used in salads, but most people are unaware it also has properties that can treat mouth odor.

If you want to refresh your breath in an instant, try chewing a few mint leaves to see how it works for you. To a lesser extent, mint tea might also be effective for relieving bad breath smell.

What about Parsley? It’s a natural plant, and just by eating it, you can cure some of the symptoms that can cause bad breath smell.

Parsley has powerful enzymes that help remove known odor causing bacteria or particles.

See what Coriander Leaves can do for your breath. In fact, just by chewing a few of this garnishing leaves, one can effectively cure bad breath.

This is a great alternative to those that hate the mint flavor, as chewing this plant brings a lemon flavored taste to your breath.

Chewing a few fresh Coriander Leaves can help eliminate mouth odor you might experience after a meal.

Anise Seeds. This spice is mostly used by the Chinese to make powder, which is then used in noodles and Manchurian dishes.

This seed has a very strong aroma that can overpower even the strongest bad breath odor.

The seeds have a Licorice taste to it, and can last a very long time. Be sure to only rake a few, as too much can be overpowering.

Cardamom Pods. Don’t laugh at the name, as this plant pod is able to get rid of bad breath. You chew a Cardamom Pod for about ten to twenty minutes, and your breather would smell fresher.

Be sure not to swallow the chewed Cardamom Pod residue, just spit it out.

Cloves. This is used mostly to add flavor to dishes, but it also contains natural ingredients that make it ideal to treat mouth odor.

You would also find cloves in most natural medicines that treat a cough and cold-like symptoms.

Guava. This fruit is not commonly found in the United states, but it does have natural properties that make it able to relieve symptoms of bad breath odor.

Apart from helping to get rid of pungent smells, the Guava seeds help with digestion.

Pomegranate Fruit. This fruit with seeds have so many amazing properties, and it can help with bad breath odor cure.

While the above natural mouth fresheners are all good, sometimes you do need to carry a product with you that can help with any occurrence of bad breath.

We searched far and wide and soon discovered some natural best breath mints containing some of the above name plants ingredients.

Here Are Some of the Best Natural Breath Mints You Can Buy Online

1 – Newman’s Own Organics Mints

You have to give praise to this deceased actor, for creating natural products that are gaining momentum day by day.

Newman’s Own Organics Mints is made from all natural ingredients and contains no coloring dye, preservatives, or artificial flavors.

This fresh breath mint is made using natural organic sugar. It comes in four amazing flavors; cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, and wintergreen.

Apart from this product been refreshing, the profits are used to support the Newman’s Own Foundation, which does so many things to make this world a better place for all of us.

The reviews for this breath freshener is just as amazing, with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars possible.

2 – VerMints All Natural PepperMints

While the name takes a little getting used to, the fresh breath mints from this company use all natural ingredients.

You’ll find no animal products in this mint, and it’s manufactured in Canada.

VerMints All Natural PepperMints would help get rid of mouth and breath odors from foods, alcohol, and other things we put into our mouth.

The most popular flavor is PepperMints and WinterMints. This natural breath freshener received an outstanding 5 stars from existing customers that have tried the product, which is 100% approval rating.

3 – TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Dry Mouth Lozenges

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges is designed to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth while also freshening your breath.

This is a tingling lozenge with all natural ingredients. This TheraBreath fresh breath mint contains no artificial colors or flavors.

It’s certified Gluten and GMO-free. This is truly a kosher product, and can be safely used by pure vegans.

You can buy it in a package of 24 or 100 mints. The online reviews are also good, with a rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

4 – Wow Drops Review

Unlike the other products reviewed above, this is a drop like fresh breath mint that works instantly on contact.

This natural breath freshener contains both the ingredients of chlorophyll and peppermint.

Wow Drops comes in a small bottle and the solution is purely concentrated. You just need one or two drops to feel the fresh breath in your mouth immediately.

The reviews from customers that have tried this liquid fresh breath mint are excellent, with the ratings of over 4 stars out of 5 stars, which is an impressive number.

Final Thoughts

The above-recommended products are perfect for bad breath that results from what you just ate or drank.

If you do suffer from more bad breath issues, it might be a symptom of more serious dental issues that should be communicated to your Dentist.

You can also read our article about the best bad breath cures, for some lasting permanent solutions for those suffering from more serious cases of severe halitosis.

The fresh best breath mints we reviewed can get you that instantly relieve from any bad breath odor you might experience.

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