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What You Can Do With The Best Foundation For Oily Skin

The power of the right type of makeup cannot be underestimated. Guys are always baffled by the transformation that could occur when the best foundation and proper makeup are skillfully utilized.

If you want to know how the best foundations for oily skin can make you look, just pay attention to some of your female actresses and singers, by seeking the before and after photos.

Contrary to what some females might think, wearing makeup does not clog your pores; neither will it suffocate your skin.

With all the pollutions in our environment, leaving your skin bare is not the right move if you’re seeking healthy and glowing skin.

The bombardment of the elements begins the moment you step outside. While you might not be aware of it that does not mean the damages to the skin exterior is not occurring as you go about your daily activities.

For starters, the modern day foundation makeup can be found in the form of an oil-free liquid, a moisturizing liquid, or a powder, which might be the best type for ladies with oily or acne prone skin.

The issues of clogging your pores is not a problem, provided you’re using the right skin and age appropriate foundation and makeup, to look beautiful.

Why Use Makeup Foundation

Makeup foundation is needed if you want to create a more even skin tone while also creating a smoother skin texture.

It is the key initial step in any beauty makeup routine, as it can be used to fill in pores, cover any skin discoloration or redness.

Most makeup foundation will fall into this three categories cream foundation, powder foundation, and liquid foundation.

Some might recommend you get the best foundation with built-in SPF, which means it can protect your skin texture against the harmful UV rays.

The right makeup combination can protect your skin against some of the powerful elements found in your environment.

Best Foundation For Oily Skin

Types of Makeup Foundations

A makeup foundation can be described as a well formulated cosmetic product that can be used as a base to prepare the face for application of other makeup products.

The right foundation can help one even out the skin tone. The best foundation can be used to cover-up scars and blemishes.

The type of foundations can be found in many different shades, tints, and compositions.

The different types of makeup foundations will fall into three main categories: cream foundation, liquid foundation, and powder foundation.

The other types of makeup foundations mentioned in this article will be slight variations of these three basic types.

Liquid Makeup Foundation

Your average liquid foundation will be lightweight. It is probably the most popular choice for ladies because it is the easiest to apply to the facial skin.

Most of the brands of liquid makeup foundation will blend well while also capturing the right moisture within the skin. The best liquid foundation will be thick and packed in a small bottle.

You can find this type in many different shades, also the formulation can either be water based or oil based, which makes it suitable for different needs.

Most Suited for the Following Skin Types

If you have wrinkled and dry skin – for ladies with wrinkled or dry skin, the oil-based liquid foundation should be used. Since the oil based type is thick and greasy, it will do wonders to bring dry skin back to life.

The liquid foundation that’s oil based will blend perfectly, thus leaving your skin moist, smooth and supple.

For women with oily skin – please refrain from using the oil based liquid foundation. The water-based liquid foundation will be appropriate for oily skin type.

The water-based formula will contain silicon oil which makes it easier to apply. This perfect application will also add shine to the facial skin.

For ladies with normal to combination skin – the water based liquid foundation will serve you right. It is rightfully formulated to offer lighter coverage, and will blend perfectly with your skin, thus making it smooth and even.

Cream Makeup Foundation

A good brand of cream makeup foundation will contain oil that is usually creamy and thick. This type of makeup foundation can be found in a compact, stick or tube form.

Because it has a thick texture, using a cream type foundation will provide more moisture and heavier coverage to the skin.

If you have heavy skin flaws like scars and blemishes, this foundation will not only cover them up. but also leave your skin feeling smooth with a glossy touch.

It is also possible to use this foundation as a concealer. A reputable skin specialist will definitely recommend this type of makeup foundation for those with acne prone skin and rosacea.

Good for the Following Skin Types

Females with oily skin should try as much as possible to not use this type of makeup foundation.

Normal and Dry skin – Women with normal to dry skin will like what this makeup foundation can do for the skin. It will provide a good base for other beauty makeup products.

Good for Extra Dry Skin – If you have extra dry skin, using a cream makeup foundation will bring your skin texture back to life.

The thick and creamy nature of the foundation also contains moisturizing properties, which will provide needed hydration to the skin.

Not only will it provide maximum coverage for women with extra dry skin, it will also add a good shine that will last a long time.

Powder Makeup Foundation

Powder foundations are very dry and provide no moisture. You can buy one in either a pressed powder form or loose powder form.

This type of foundation is appropriate for ladies that do not use other makeup beauty products. This is probably the easiest one to use, and can provide a natural look.

The great thing about power foundations is that you can buy one in a compact form. This is a suitable and most desirable makeup foundation for anywhere use, due to its portability.

The Loose Powder Makeup foundation is recommended for women with oily skin while the Pressed Powder Makeup Foundation can be used by ladies with a dry, normal and oily skin.

Variants of Makeup Foundations

The following are variants of the main three types of makeup foundations mention above:

Waterproof foundation – The name says it all! It is the best type of foundation to use in humid, very hot, rainy seasons. The foundation is simply waterproof, and can be bought in either a cream or liquid form.

Mineral Foundation – If you’re worried about the chemicals used in other foundations, this one is more earth friendly. It is derived from finely ground minerals. This is probably the most organic makeup foundation and suitable for all skin types.

Spray Foundation – can easily be carried along with you, and has the right formula that can refresh the makeup once sprayed over the facial skin. Ladies with sensitive skin will enjoy using this type of foundation.

Tinted Moisturizer – this is more of a combination of foundation and moisturizer. It is more like part makeup foundation, and can be used to even out the skin. Those with dry skin will enjoy using tinted moisturizers.

Reasons to Wear Makeup Foundation

With all the pollutants in our environment, here are some valid reasons to wear a good brand of makeup foundation on a daily basis:

It is one of the most crucial barriers you can put up against the toxins and pollutants in the environment.

It is one of the best beauty products one can use to add radiance to any complexion while also giving you the ability to even out skin color.

The right makeup foundation can make large pores look smaller in appearance.

Most skin blemishes can become less noticeable once you apply foundation to your facial skin.

Foundation is the most durable base to perfectly allow the application of other makeup products.

Wearing the right foundation delivers smoother skin which leads to stronger confidence in your appearance.

Some of the top rated makeup foundations contain sunscreen ingredients, which leads to stealthy defense against skin cancers.

The right foundation can moisturize your skin, which ultimately will make you look younger.

Now that we know wearing the right skin makeup foundation can actually benefit your skin and enhance your appearance, let’s review some of the best brands for oily skin.

4 of the Best Foundations for Oily Skin

The best foundation for oily skin should fight shine rather than contribute to it. Oily skin makeup foundations run the gamut from cheap to very expensive.

Finding the right foundation if your skin is oily can be difficult, hence we took the time to compile a list of the top rated foundations for oily skin.

1 – Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer

If you consider yourself, sophisticated, modern and fashionable, you should know that Stila foundation is beloved and considered a beauty powerhouse.

A well-known celebrity makeup artist created this beauty line of products in 1994. This oil-free foundation and creamy concealer from Stila gives you the ability to achieve breathable, flawless coverage.

This best foundation one can use for an oily skin is formulated without any sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, phthalates, triclosan and No genetically modified organisms.

Within your delivery package, you’ll find 1 oz. Foundation, 0.02 oz. Concealer, a Spatula and a Mini brush.

2 – BareMinerals Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15


This is one of the best mineral based foundations any lady with an oily skin can use to get flawless coverage.

The company claims only the finest ingredients are used in making this matte foundation with no addition of fillers, preservatives, or binders.

Some have called it the ideal problem-solving beauty product that can deliver smooth and pampered facial skin.

This Broad Spectrum SPF 15 BareMinerals Matte Foundation is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

3 – Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation


The name itself is quite easy to remember. This is an amazing foundation for women with oily skin.

The inclusion of mineral sericite as part of the active ingredients will enable rays of light to brighten up your face.

This top foundation geared towards the needs of women with oily skin is on the expensive side, but it does deliver awesome beautiful results from all the feedbacks from existing customers.

4 – NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

This is probably the only oily skin foundation you can find with 19-different shades of colors. NARS is a very popular name within the beauty makeup niche market.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation is formulated to help one minimize the appearance of visible discoloration.

It is completely oil-free, and will help brighten while also clarifying your overall skin tones.

It is formulated to be Non-Comedogenic, which means it will not clog your pores. This best foundation for oily skin is dermatologist tested, and completely fragrance-free.

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