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Best Oral b Replacement Heads for Your Braun Electric Toothbrush

You should know that the Oral b electric toothbrush you bought requires newer brush heads every two or three months, depending on your regular brushing habits.

They make so many oral b replacement heads to fit the many models of their electric toothbrush line.

The first thing you need to do is to find out what replacement brush head, your oral b electric toothbrush calls for.

Since this a replacement brush head, many generics are also available for sale online.

From my experience and the online reviews, most of them do a lousy job of mimicking the effectiveness of the real thing.

The few bucks you might save is not worth the hassle of not getting the best teeth and gum cleaning results from your daily brushing.

For that reason, I would only be recommending original oral b brush heads and the best source for the lowest prices.

Why You Should Take Your Oral Health Very Seriously

Most people that I have met that are suffering from bad breath or gum disease, the causes can be traced to poor oral hygiene that they engaged in for a very long time.

Your teeth is a living and thinking organism, and it remembers what you ate, and your actions to keep it clean.

To keep your pearly whites, you need to floss, brush, use tongue scrapper, and use teeth whitening mouthwash, on a daily basis.

For me, I typically conduct my dental routine every time I eat any type of foodstuff unless I am at a restaurant. Even then, it’s the first thing I do once I get home.


Known Differences Between other Oral-B electric toothbrush heads and Dual Clean

This company has many brush heads to fit and service your electric toothbrush created by the same company.

As you brush away plaque and gunk daily, your brush head bristles are prone to fade and weaken in power.

So, it’s best if you replace them every two or three months, for best teeth whitening brushing results.

While each oral b brush head is designed to focus attention on certain parts of your teeth, the main objective still remains true for all the different models.

The Dual action brush head will come with two unique set of brushes on one head. While one rotates, the other is able to move side by side, for true awesome cleaning power.

The Floss action, on the other hand, comes with specially made Micropulse bristles, which are capable of reaching deep within your teeth. It has the power to sweep away plaque!

In this oral b brush head review article, I have included a model that’s specially designed for those with sensitive teeth. It has the same cleaning power while doing so in a gentler fashion.

Here are the brands of oral b replacement heads that should work effectively for your electric toothbrush from Braun Oral b.

The original oral b replacement brush heads are designed to work effectively with the toothbrush, as it oscillates, rotates, and pulsates.

The original brush heads come with bristles that allow it to reach further into your teeth while also cleaning along the gum lines.

Oral b Replacement Heads: Find one for Your Braun Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B Professional Floss Action Replacement Brush Head

This is the oral b brush head that will deliver floss like actionable results, as a result of its unique design. You’ll enjoy the power of the specially designed bristles, called MicroPulse.

This replacement brush head from oral b will reach deep inside your teeth, to remove all the gunk and plaque that might be resting comfortably, and can cause bad breath.

Using this brush head delivers better teeth cleaning results, even your best rated manual toothbrush cannot match.

The Oral-B Professional Floss Action Replacement Brush Head has a unique feature, called bristle signal time.

You get to know when it’s the best time to change your brush head. You can buy this brush head in a pack of one, two, three, or five.

This is a highly recommended brush head, but it would not fit the following oral b electric toothbrush models; Sonic Complete, Pulsonic, Vitality Sonic, and CrossAction Power.

One of the other brush heads reviewed below would be compatible with those models.

Oral-B Professional Dual Clean Replacement Brush Head


This is the oral b brush head with two brush sets on one head. The name Dual action is very appropriate!

One set of the brush will rotate, while the other one moves side by side, for the best cleaning power.

Your manual toothbrush simply cannot match the teeth cleaning results you can get with this oral b brush heads.

You’ll be able to know when to change the bristles through the signal time feature.

The Oral-B Professional Dual Clean Replacement Brush Head will not fit the following Braun Oral b electric toothbrushes; CrossAction Power, Pulsonic, Sonic Complete, and Vitality Sonic.

You can buy this oral b brush head in packs of one, three or six.

Oral-B Sensitive Brush heads


If you bleed during brushing or have sensitive teeth, this is the ideal brush head to get. The soft bristles within this brush head are ideal for cleaning sensitive gums.

The replacement brush head from oral b also comes with the bristle signal time feature.

Please do not let the word gentle make you think lowly of the cleaning performance of this brush head.

It delivers same awesome teeth cleaning results, only in a much slower and gentler mode.

This model of oral b brush heads is not capable of fitting all Braun sonic electric toothbrushes, including the CrossAction Power model.

Oral-B Pulsonic Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head


If you have some of the models of Braun Sonic electric toothbrush, this is the perfect brush head to get.

I have found that the Pulsonic toothbrushes made by Braun oral b can deliver more power, especially if you’re looking for a whiter teeth.

The Oral-B Pulsonic Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head will help whiten your teeth while also reducing surface stains. You should see significant results in just about two weeks.

This brush head from oral b is designed to only work with the following Braun electric toothbrush models; Oral-B Vitality Sonic and Oral-B Pulsonic. It comes in a pack of three plus a unique flossing head.

Final Thoughts

Braun oral b has done a good job in creating multiple models of electric toothbrushes for different types of oral dental brushing needs.

The oral b replacement heads mentioned above are the original brands, and you should get better results from your daily brushing.

I know some oral b replacement brush heads are missing from this review, but below is the link for a complete list of all the oral b brush heads you can find online.

You’ll find a model to fit your Braun electric toothbrush, I promise you!

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