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The Truth About Best Diet Pills For Women

What exactly is causing the massive obesity problems facing millions of Americans? Can it be traced to the introduction of genetically modified organisms into our food supply in the early 80s? Can we blame personal responsibility for why most people cannot lose weight permanently?

These are valid questions, and some of the reasons why many gain too much weight will be addressed in this best diet pills for women article.

I wish I could tell you of a magical weight loss pill that would make you thin overnight. Weight gain is a slow and deliberate process, so must be the process to get rid of it.

Truth be told, your lifestyle choices must change for the better if you want to remain thin, even with the aid of the best diet pills.

The process by which you gain weight is clearly well established, and the steps to get rid of the excess pounds can be enhanced with a reliable dietary supplement geared towards weight loss.

Before we get to the reviews of some of the best weight loss supplements for women, let us examine the real truth about diet pills.

Honest Truth About Weight Loss Diet Pills

The desire for rapid weight loss is now a national obsession among Americans. The need to stay thin is now a multibillion-dollar industry, fueled by false claims and some poorly formulated products.

A recent study found that almost 25% to 30% of Americans are currently trying to lose weight by going on a diet. It is also true that at least half of us are overweight.

It is obvious that an ideal way to stay in shape is to stick to a well-balanced healthy meal plan while also finding the time to exercises several times a week.

The diet pills you can buy over the counter do have some merits, provided it is coupled with a few lifestyle changes to make the weight loss permanent.

When you find diet pills that actually work, your appetite will be suppressed. You’ll also find that the increased metabolism will keep absorbed fat to a bare minimum.

Let’s Address Some of the Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

1 – The Way You Serve Your Meal

There is an obvious connection between mind, body, and food. The more food that’s presented to you, the more calories you’ll find yourself consuming.

It is better to fix your plate on the countertop rather than bring the whole pot to the family dining table.

This small step will help you eat less, through subtle psychological programming. Also when you go out to restaurants, try not to order multiple dishes for your table.

The restaurants would love for you to over-eat, for your food addiction will make them rich.

2 – Serve Your Meal Using Small Plates

Stop serving your meal in those large round plates, for it will make you eat more than you need to. Get the smallest plate you can find, pile on a small portion of the delicious food.

Remember the mind, body connection with food, for smaller portions in a small plate, will eventually condition you to eat less.

When it comes to effective weight loss strategies, the simple steps are the most profound ones.

3 – Make Sure Your Thermostat is Not Set Too Low

When your room is too cold, you tend to overeat to try to warm your body up. Most people experience massive weight gain during the cold winter months.

The last thing you want to do is to shiver yourself to overconsumption. Your room temperature should always be above 67 degrees.

4 – Try to Use Your Phone While Standing

The truth is that most people sit for too long, which lets the stored fat set permanently in place. If you practice standing up while using your smartphone, you’ll at least lose about ten pounds in one year.

As you talk on the phone, try to move around to engage all your body muscles. As simple as this might sound, standing while talking on the phone will enable you to lose a few pounds every year.

5 – Drink More Water

Based on your lifestyle choices, you should be drinking several liters of water on a daily basis. Water is needed to flush out the toxins you ingest on a daily basis.

If you drink alcohol or indulge in those sweetened packaged sweetened drinks, your water intake would help keep the internal organ damage to a bare minimum.

Water is probably the only substance that would not make you gain any weight. Clean refreshing water should be your beverage of choice if you want to lose weight and stay in shape.

What is included in Your Diet Pills?

Most diet pills that could make a woman lose weight fast; tend to contain one or more of the following:

Powerful Laxatives

The brand of diet pills that claim to flush out or melt fat will contain powerful laxatives to increase your bowel movement.

The natural diuretics ingredients used can include green teas, vinegar, ginger, fennel, and many others.

Powerful Stimulants

If the diet pill promises to burn your excess fat, most likely it contains some type of stimulants to increase your body’s metabolism.

Some of the most popular stimulants used are caffeine and green tea extracts, which is sometimes listed in the ingredients list as Camellia Sinensis.

Best supplements for weight loss containing stimulants must be combined with a vigorous workout schedule, to use up the additional energy induced, while also negating some of the potential side-effects.

Appetite suppressants

Those dietary pills that claim to keep you less hungry contain some type of appetite suppressants to make that happen.

Now, the way your appetite will be suppressed is not an exact science, but most will contain psyllium and Green tea extract as active ingredients.

The chemicals derived from the hoodia plant can also be found in some of your top selling dietary supplements that work by your suppressing appetite.

Which Diet Pills For Women Are Most Effective?

I wish I had a magic wand to tell you what brand will work best for your body type.

This industry is loosely regulated, so you have to take the “wild” claims by supplement manufacturers with “a grain of salt” if you know what I mean.

The Food and Drug Administration does not have the power to effectively regulate this industry, which is why it is confusing to find one weight loss pill that is the most effective.

Having said all that, there are brands of diet pills with well-established performance metrics.

From my experience, any diet pill you take must be combined with some adjustment in your lifestyle choices, if you want to witness potent weight loss results.

The four brands of best weight loss pills for women reviewed below will deliver greater value for your money.

4 of the Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

1 – Gym Vixen Sexy Ripped


You have to give some kudos to this get ripped supplement that’s designed specifically for women. The name sexy ripped conveys that message clearly.

Gym vixen supplements are formulated to enhance better moods as it provides you with more jitter-free energy.

This is one of the best female weight loss pills that are designed to sharpen your focus.

The increased metabolism that is induced will lead to faster fat burning, which ultimately results in quicker weight loss.

Remember that using pills that burn fat requires you engage in vigorous workout several times within the week if you want to witness potent fat burning results.

This thermogenic for women is more suitable for an athletically inclined female looking to build a more defined sexy, curvy figure through regular exercises.

2 – Skinny Jane 8 Week Weight Loss Kit – Diet Plan for Women


This 8-week weight loss plan from Skinny Jane is more of a complete setup for those ladies that want to take the guesswork out of steps to shed those extra pounds.

The included low calorie, delicious shake can be bought in different flavors like banana, Chocolate, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

Skinny Jane 8 week weight loss program is formulated to speed up your metabolism, give you more energy as it reduces cravings and burn fat at the same time.

The weight loss kit includes: a program guide, a tracker card, a goal card, skinny Jane shakes for weight loss, skinny Jane cleanse supplements, skinny Jane fat burning supplement, the needed shaker bottle, and a bright pink or gray free tee shirt.

Best of all, this 8-week meal plan for weight loss comes with a detailed schedule of how and when to use the various products included in the package.

You’re bound to get good results, provided you stick to the 8-week diet well-detailed action plan.

3 – Fitmiss Burn Reviews


Fitmiss burn weight management is designed to burn fat by curbing your appetite, as it increases your energy levels.

Fitmiss burn is considered a weight loss product that suppresses your appetite while enhancing better mood.

It formulated in such a way that it can block the absorption of carbohydrates so that your waistline can remain slim.

From looking at all the Fitmiss burn reviews found online, this fat burning supplement do have a few unhappy customers.

You might not like this weight loss supplement unless you combine it with an active rigorous exercise schedule.

The boosted energy needs to be used up, or you might find yourself restless. So, this diet pill for women will work if you also get into the gym and workout.

You might also have other creative ways to burn the additional energy like running, jogging, cycling etc.

4 – Belly Blaster PM Reviews


This is a popular night time weight loss pill. The name itself indicates it was designed to help women easily lose belly fat.

The potent result it delivers is achieved because it is formulated to burn fat while also suppressing your appetite.

Some of the most active ingredients are:

Raspberry Ketones – a key ingredient that helps your body to burn fat much faster.

White Kidney Bean Extract – this is an active ingredient capable of blocking the absorption of carbohydrates within your body.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – this antioxidant has the power to simply melt your body fat away.

Saffron Extract – this is the key ingredient that helps to suppress your appetite for food.

Overall, this weight loss supplement has quite a large following from all the belly blaster reviews found online.

It is completely made in the USA, and you can buy one in a 30-capsules or 60-capsules container.

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