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Incredible Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin and Hair

Have you noticed there are vitamin E ingredients in almost every top selling skin and hair beauty products? The most frequently asked question in online skincare forums is what are the benefits of vitamin e?

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful and highly sought-after fat-soluble antioxidants, with the right mineral properties to rejuvenate your health while also contributing immensely to the creation of a more beautiful you.

When you hear vitamin E you should know that the term was created to fully describe a powerful group of eight fat-soluble compounds, commonly known as tocopherols and tocotrienols.

This powerful antioxidant can help prevent damage to your cells while also protecting their DNA. It is also capable of neutralizing all harmful molecules popularly known as free radicals.

It is not only good at promoting good blood circulation but can also boost your immune system. It plays a crucial role in the regulation of blood sugar levels while also helping to keep your heart healthy.

Recent studies have also shown that vitamin E plays a significant role in preventing stroke-induced brain damage while protecting your body against certain forms of cancer.

Some of the best dietary sources of vitamin E are avocados, spinach, coconut oil, wheat germ, whole grains, nuts, sunflower seeds and olive oil.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be dealing with the established and known benefits one can get from using vitamin E on skin and hair.

Take a look at some of your best brand of beauty products and it’s a sure bet, that vitamin E is one of the most active ingredients.

Known Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin and Hair

1 – It is Capable of Fading Scars

One of the most significant beauty benefits of vitamin E can be found in its ability to help fade scars.

Being one of the highly sought-after antioxidants, it can help heal your damaged skin cells while assisting in making sure that the scars are never permanent.

The moisturizing properties found in vitamin E can keep your skin hydrated, just as it contributes to the repairing of damaged tissues.

How to Use Vitamin E to Heal Scars

Find a good brand of natural vitamin E oil to use on the affected skin area.

Pour a small amount and gently massage it into the skin area with the scars for several minutes. 7 to 10 minutes should suffice.

To get the most benefits of vitamin E oil let it set in for about 40 to 60 minutes.

You can rinse off the oil residue using lukewarm water. It is recommended you follow the same procedure at least twice daily until the scars are faded or completely gone.

Do not expect overnight miraculous results using even the best vitamin E oil brand, but you’ll notice gradual improvement as you stick to the daily routine.

2 – Will Help Stimulate New Hair Growth

It has the right compounds to repair your damaged hair follicles while also preventing tissue corrosion. These crucial steps will help bring about the growth of healthy hair.

Vitamin E contains the right properties that can deeply condition your hair all the way from the root to the shaft, thus making your hair stronger, healthier and shinier.

The compounds found in this mineral have been known to keep premature graying at bay, for a very long time.

How to Get Benefits of Vitamin E for Hair

Get yourself a good brand of vitamin E capsules. Mix two of the capsules with two tablespoons of coconut or warm olive oil.

Gently and vigorously massage the mixture onto your hair scalp. Your fingertips should be used to conduct the circular massage motions.

Let it set for about 35 to 40 minutes, and then rinse off your hair as usual. It is essential you repeat this new hair growth treatment two or three times weekly, for the most potent results.

You might also get the same awesome results by using a shampoo containing vitamin E as the most active ingredient.

Better to go with an organic vitamin E shampoo if you want to witness healthy, stronger, and shinier new hair growth.

3 – Vitamin E Can Effectively Fight Wrinkles

The properties present in vitamin E are better suited to fight wrinkles while also preventing age spots and keeping other signs of aging from attacking your skin.

Harmful solar radiation is constantly doing damage to the skin once you step outside, but vitamin E has the power to prevent and repair such damages.

It is the key ingredient needed to keep the free radicals found in our environment from ravaging your beautiful skin.

When vitamin E is present, the production of collagen is boosted, which adds more elasticity to your skin to prevent the emergence of new wrinkles.

Using Vitamin E to Fight Wrinkles

There are several ways you can approach this. A good skin care moisturizer containing vitamin E might be sufficient to deliver more wrinkle free skin.

Otherwise, find a good brand of vitamin E oil for skin and apply it directly to the affected area right before bedtime. It will do its magic while you’re sleeping peacefully.

You can also enhance the benefits of vitamin E for skin by including vitamin E-rich foods into your daily meal plan.

Good natural foods that are rich in vitamin E include raw seeds, almonds, Swiss chard, turnip greens, kales, hazelnuts, plant oil, and many others.

4 – Effective Treatment for Dermatitis

Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin, and you can use vitamin E to treat it effectively.

The healing properties found in vitamin E will help calm the symptoms of Dermatitis like swelling, inflammation, itching, redness and burning sensations.

The antioxidant compounds found in the mineral will promote faster healing of your damaged skin.

Using Vitamin E to Treat Dermatitis

You’ll need a durable brand of pure vitamin E oil for skin. Apply a small amount to the affected area right before bedtime, and leave it overnight to do its magical skin healing work.

You should rinse it off in the morning using warm water. You should repeat this Dermatitis treatment procedure every day to witness potent results.

Your skin will also heal much faster if you’re eating foods rich in vitamin E like peanut butter, wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, coconut milk, olives and many others.

Best Vitamin E Supplements

Some might not be able to get the most vitamin E benefits from eating alone, so we decided to include three of the best vitamin e supplements we could find online with value for the money.

1 – Nature’s Bounty Natural E-complex

The many benefits of vitamin E supplements can be derived by using this soft gel capsule. It is easily digestible and contains the right compounds to help fight cell damage.

Nature’s Bounty Natural E-complex vitamin E supplement can enhance healthy circulation while providing stability to the cell membranes.

This is a rapid release soft gel vitamin E capsule that is formulated to support skin health.

2 – Ultimate Vitamin E Complex with Tocopherols


This brand of vitamin E supplement is formulated to support and promote a better immune system.

Ultimate Vitamin E Complex with Tocopherols is made from the safest and finest ingredients.

If you’re seeking one of the major benefits of vitamin E supplements like improved blood circulation, this brand will do just fine.

Apart from being subjected to third party testing for purity and potency, this vitamin E supplement for skin is fully manufactured in the USA.

3 – Now Foods E-400


Now Foods is a well-known company within the vitamins manufacturing industry. Some of the top brands of dietary supplements are made by this fast growing firm.

Now Foods E-400 contains antioxidants and has all the required properties to keep free radicals found in our environment from attacking and causing damage to your skin.

This vitamin E supplements delivers some good benefits, and it is manufactured in the USA.

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