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Mueller Lumbar Back Brace with Removable Pad

Since the computer revolution expanded with huge force, the cases of back pain have exploded. Can all the back pain issues occurring be traced to the fact that millions are glued to the computer every day? Might it also be as a result of the obesity epidemic striking America and other western countries? Regardless of your back pain source, you need relief and one of the best back braces to use is the one made by a company called Mueller.

In this Mueller lumbar back brace with removable pad reviews, I will show why this product is one of the most popular for those seeking solutions to constant lower back pain.

The way you wear this back brace to help control lower back pain is up to you, but the relief experienced by thousands of customers from back problems cannot be disputed.

It estimated that at least 30 to 50 percent of Americans will experience lower back pain this year. The numbers are even higher among our older citizens.

Now you know why the Mueller back support brace is selling like “hot cake”. Due to manufacturing constraints, 50% of the product is made in American, and the other 50% is imported from other countries.

Mueller adjustable lumbar back brace is made from durable rubber, polyester, and nylon. It is designed . It has the ability to help compress your lower for concentrated support.

The additional stability is made possible from the included flexible steel, which provides the needed support along the spine. Within the internal design structure of the Mueller back support belt is an embedded plastic component, which helps to eliminate brace bunching or rolling.

Sizes of the Mueller Adjustable Back brace Belt

One of the bestselling aspect of this back support system brace is the fact that, there are different sizes that can accommodate all waist shapes and sizes. There 3 distinct sizes available for purchase, and the back support system you choose will depend on your waist size.

The main color of the product is black. The three main sizes of the Mueller back support brace are:

Regular – Sometimes manufacturers create confusion when it is not necessary. The regular size is designed to fit waist sizes 28″ – 50″, which translate to (71 – 127 cm). It is the cheapest of all the three available sizes of the Mueller back support belt.

Standard – this is the confusion I was talking about. This size offers the same metrics as the regular size, but it is priced about 25% more. I emailed the company as to why it is offered at a higher price with the same product as the regular size, but they never replied. I have researched the issues thoroughly, and I see no reason to pay additional price when the value is not present.

X-large – this is designed to fit waist sizes from 50 to 70 Inches. It is the most expensive of all the three available size.

Features of the Adjustable Back Brace from Mueller

From my research, it is a product one can use to reduce or eliminate the symptoms caused by lower back pain, even if the pain is caused by a sprain, strain, or muscle spasms.

It has three different sizes, thus guaranteeing most people will find the best size to correct their lower back pain symptoms.

The back support brace from Mueller is not bulky at all, for it only weighs about 1.6 pounds, with dimensions that measure 6 x 5 x 4 inches.

The ingenious design of the support for back pain includes an adjustable feature one can use to fit is around the waist. It gives you the ability to customize the compression you feel on your lower back.

It has a removable pad one can use for extra compression and cushioning, thus making it possible to experience concentrated support.

Unlike other brands with defective performance metrics, Mueller adjustable lumbar back brace contains an internal, durable molded plastic part with the power to prevent the back brace from bunching or rolling.

The included steel is flexible, while giving the spine the needed stability.

Adjusting the fit can be accomplished easily by just engaging the two outer layer tension straps in the front.

Best of all, Mueller lumbar back brace with removable pad is made from breathable fabric, which helps to deliver much greater comfort to the wearer.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Mueller Back Brace?


The company that makes this product has a solid reputation for creating quality products, and this back support system delivers on both quality and durability.

It can be worn under clothing, simply because it is not bulky at all.

The product can be worn even when seating down, thus making it useful regardless of your daily activities.

Bad back posture can lead to more serious spine injury. When worn the right way, it offers tremendous help in improving your back posture.

With double adjustment features, you’re able to get better fit for the back brace as compared to brands with just a regular feature.

Best of all, the pricing for the lower back support system from Mueller makes it truly affordable. For greater savings, offered for sell are two-for-one packaging.


From my research for this Mueller lumbar back brace reviews; one can only point to two sizes instead of the touted three or four. The regular and standard sizes are the same product, but one comes with a higher price tag.

If you’re very petite for a lady, this back brace from Mueller might not fit tightly unless you wear it over bulky clothing. A few petite users complained they needed extra clothing to make it fit, and deliver the needed support.

Bottom Line:

After an exhaustive research for this Mueller back brace review, I can tell you it is a good product one can use to elevate the pain caused by lower back pain. While the wearing of a back brace can help control the pain experienced from most back pain, you do need to look for the root cause of the problem.

Most back pain can be traced to obesity or prior injury to the spine region. So use the Mueller lumbar back brace with removable pad as a reliable temporary solution to your lower back pain, while exploring the most effective treatment for permanent cure.

It a good back support product, and you can read some of the thousands of positive reviews posted online through the link below.

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