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What You Need to Know About American Bulldog And Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

American Bulldog 101: What you need to know

The American Bulldog was first bred in the United States. It is considered as a working dog. There are three recognized types of American bulldog. The first is the Standard or Performance type.

This type is also known as the Scott type, named after its developer Alan Scott. The second is the Bully or Classic type. Also known as the Johnson type, named after its developer John D. Johnson.

The American Bulldog is known for its well-built, stocky look. Its jaws are very powerful. The built of an American bulldog is very muscular. Their coats are short and smooth; the color of their coats are predominantly white with patches of different colors. It is also preferred if there are some black or brown patches on the eyes.

American Bulldog puppies

At times, some American Bulldogs can have different eye colors, this condition is called Heterochromia. The Bully type is heavier and larger than other types. It also has a shorter muzzle. While on the other hand, the standard type has a squarer head.

It is also more athletic and has a longer muzzle. But at times, these type variations do not matter anymore because there are hybrids. These hybrids are a combination of two types. Like most dog breeds, the male American Bulldog is bigger and larger than that of the female.

The Male weighs around 30 to 58 kilograms or 70 to 120 pounds. While the female American Bulldog weighs around 60 to 90 pounds. The Male American Bulldog grows about 50 to 72 centimeters or 20 to 27 inches. While on the other hand, the female only grows about 20 to 24 inches.

The average lifespan of an American Bulldog is ten to fifteen years. During this time, it can possibly have 7-14 American Bulldog Puppies. American Bulldogs are very sensitive, especially the puppies.

It is very important that the puppies be trained well at a young age. Lack or poor training can result to behavioural and temperamental problems. An American bulldog is stubborn at birth. It is important to show dominance at a young age.

The common health problems an American Bulldog can encounter is icthyosis, ACL tears, entropion, bone cancer, and hip dysplasia. A lot of these diseases can be caused by genetic reasons. It is recommended to check the genetic line of your American Bulldog puppies just to be sure.

In general, an American Bulldog is a good dog breed to pet. But it is recommended to always put in the mind the needs of the dog. It needs a lot of training and exercise. You will eventually find that this dog is loveable and very loyal.

What you need to know with your dog: A close look at Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed from the Swiss Alps. It is a large breed dog belonging to the category of Sennenhund-type dogs. Sennenhund is from two German words, namely ‘Senne’ which means alpine pasture and ‘hun’ which means dog.

These dogs usually accompany Senn, dairymen and alpine herders, to the mountain. This dog was used as a farm dog. It did chores like pulling carts, drafting and guarding animals.

This Mountain Dog is known for being strong, agile, heavy and large. Another distinct feature about this breed is its tricolored coat. It is predominantly black, with white chest and rusty brown markings over the eyes, mouth and legs. They have drooping ears placed on a broad head.

Like most dog breeds, the males are bigger than the females. The male Bernese Mountain Dog grows up to 24 to 28 inches or 61 to 71 cm. While the females Bernese Mountain Dog grows up to 23 to 37 inches or 58 to 60 cm. The male weighs around 85 to 110 pounds or 38 to 50 kilograms.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

While on the other hand, the female weighs around 80 to 105 pounds or 36 to 48 kilograms. Bernese Mountain Dogs are generally well behaved. They are good-natured and self-assured. They like being outdoors. It is important that these mountain dogs live in somewhere spacious.

These dogs like being around children and are rather sociable and friendly towards them. They are very intelligent and are rather easy to train. They are alert, loyal and very faithful thus making them good guard dogs.

But compared to other breeds, Bernese Mountain Dogs take a long time to mature. Bernese mountain dog puppies are rather sociable. They are very friendly even towards strangers. Puppies can be trained to do simple tasks such as pull wagons or carts.

The average life span of a Bernese mountain dog used to be ten to twelve years. But due to unknown causes, it has been down to only six to eight years. It is prone to diseases such as hip dysplasia, eyelid problems, elbow dysplasia, bloat and even cancer.

There have been reports that Bernese Mountain dogs as young as two years old dying because of cancer. This mountain dog gains weight easily so avoid over feeding it. It is also recommended that large dogs like Bernese mountain dogs get regular exercise to maintain shape.

Throughout the life of a Bernese mountain dog, it usually has an average of 8 puppies. The litter can range from 1 to 14 Bernese mountain dog puppies. The Bernese mountain dog is a peaceful, good-natured dog.

It is perfect for guarding the house. It can relate well with people. What should always be remembered when taking care of one is to always give it exercise. It’s coat should always be trimmed. This mountain dog is also very sensitive to heat and must always remain in cool temperatures.

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