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Best Pre Workout Supplements that Can Deliver Energy and Weight Loss

How do you stay focused and energized to conduct your workout routines, when every muscle group says go home and go to bed? Despite the enthusiastic debate about best pre workout supplements among fitness experts, most agree that using a good brand can deliver increased energy, bring back your focus, and enhance your endurance at the gym.

Lately, pre-workout supplements with good performance metrics have experienced a tremendous growth in popularity within the last few years. Before we get to the top 10 pre workout supplements, can all the wild claims by manufacturers be believed?

Also included in this best pre workout supplement reviews will be the ingredients list in most brands, and the known pros and cons for each supplement for energy product.

So What Exactly is a Pre Workout Supplement?

The most famously asked question in online fitness forums is – What are pre-workout supplements? The name can give you an idea about the right answer. It can be a supplement capsule, pill or pure energy drink. Most are formulated to be consumed right before engaging in strenuous physical exercises.

Trying to build a new physique or lose weight using proven workout routines comes with many challenges, and one of them might be a lack of needed energy. Pre-workout supplements can be looked at as a form of energy boosters, and most will give you the strength to see your physical exercises to completion.

Most Common Ingredients Found in Pre-Workout Supplements

Despite all the known positive data about best workout supplements for men, some critics will point you to some of the negatives before you start using any brand. I can assure you that every medicine or supplement sold in the world has few negatives if used improperly, or by people that should stay away from it.

I can assure you that most of the top rated pre-workout supplements contain coffee and other known stimulants. If you enjoy a cup of coffee every now and then, you should be fine using any of the reviewed supplements in this article, provided you stick to the recommended dosage and manufacturer’s suggestions.

Pay close attention to the ingredients list of any pre-workout supplement, before drinking it to boost fitness energy. Here are the top ingredients used in the formulation of highly rated pre workout supplements.


This is the most popular ingredient, and a great majority of the top selling pre-workout supplements will contain the substance. As you know, caffeine is a known stimulant and can promote increased focus and attention, while also enhancing physical performance. The other ingredients added will help determine how fast you experience increased muscular recovery.


This particular ingredient goes by so many different names, and the most popular ones are; Geranamine, Forthane, and Methylhexamine. One cannot dispute the potency of this stimulant, but many professional sports organizations ban any supplement containing the substance, because of the undue advantages it can give the user. The substance is known to deliver strong energy rush with improved endurance.


Since this substance is allowed by professional organizations, you can find it in most of your best pre-workout drinks or supplements. Creatine is credited with the power to replenish adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and will help output needed energy during your workout exercises.

Best pre-workout supplements containing Creatine are not only capable of increasing muscle mass; the user will also exhibit enhanced physical stamina, performance, or recovery.


Beta-alanine is another powerful ingredient with the power to aid powerful muscle growth. This ingredient is sometimes marketed under the trademarked name CarnoSyn. Beta-alanine is a form of non-essential amino acid, and can be found naturally in the human body.

As you know, amino acids are one of the most crucial building blocks of proteins. While it offers real fitness performance benefits, first-time users of pre-workout supplements with the ingredient might need an adjustment period, to get used to the effect of the substance.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is becoming more popular and can be found in some of the top 10 pre workout supplements, for the simple fact that it has the power to help fight fatigue. From recently concluded clinical studies, this substance is able to enhance aerobic performance. Pay attention to it, for it will soon be the most popular ingredient used in best workout supplements.

Sodium Bicarbonate

This one is commonly known as baking soda. Sodium bicarbonate can still be found in most supplements that can be used before workout, simply because it is one of the most effective lactic acid buffers. Simply means, the addition of this ingredient into any post workout supplement helps to boost endurance while also delaying fatigue within users.

Other known ingredients included in post workout supplements with high-performance metrics include:

Methyl Synephrine
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL

Do keep in mind that the formulation of each pre-workout supplement is a closely held secret by each manufacturer. So the ingredients list might not be a reliable gauge of the supplement’s power to deliver needed energy for your workout routines. It does provide a basis for you to use in making sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients used to make the product.

Top Pre Workout Supplements

After examining the ingredients that can be found in different brands, it is time to deliver best pre workout supplement reviews. Do remember, we choose these top pre workout supplements out of hundreds of products researched.

Choosing to use any of the post workout supplements reviewed will enable you to have the needed energy when you need it the most. It would be foolish of any fitness enthusiast to solely depend on any best pre workout supplements for men for needed energy and nutrients, as evidenced by this HuffingtonPost article.

The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Men are:

1 – Naturo Nitro Pre Workout Octane Review


This is a post workout supplement from a company with a few years of track record. We included Naturo nitro pre workout octane because of one the top reviewer here uses the product, and he has perfectly toned muscles.

His biggest advice for new users of this product is to go slow on the dosage. The energy delivered might be too much for someone new to workout exercises. For this Naturo nitro pre workout octane review, let’s look closely at the pros and cons of the product.


The most consistent message from most of the feedbacks from current users is that this pre-workout supplement does deliver needed energy. In fact, most of the users recommended one should only half of the recommended dosage, until your body gets accustomed to the potent energy enabled.

Naturo nitro pre workout bodybuilding is sugar free, and uses Creatine as one of the most important ingredient.

If you ever wanted to build muscle mass fast and safe, this best pre workout supplement is right up your alley, and comes with an amazingly low price.


Some of the current users complained the image made the container bigger than what they got. The low priced pre-workout supplement comes in a container that holds 6.7 ounces of the energy scooped drink.

New users trying it for the first time with the recommended dosage complained about too much intensity. One even said, the included stimulant made him workout for hours without even realizing it.

Bottom Line:

Our trusted staff member that uses this product is perfectly toned. His biggest recommendation for new users is to go slow on usage. Better to use only 25% of the recommended dosage, until your body gets accustomed to the increased energy level enabled. Best of all, the pricing of the product makes it truly affordable.

2 – C4 Pre Workout Review


When all is said and done, C4 energy bodybuilding supplement is by far the most popular brand based on all the available sales data. With tens of thousands of units sold world-wide, the positive feedback about C4 workout results is way above 95%.

Another amazing fact about the C4 pre workout energy drink is the incredible number of flavors it comes in. From reviews, the best Cellucor C4 flavor is certainly the fruit punch one. Other available C4 flavors one can buy online are:

Fruit Punch
Green Apple
Icy Blue Razz
Orange Dreamsicle
Pink Lemonade
Strawberry Margarita

Apart from the variety of C4 energy flavors, you can also buy each one in different sizes from the smallest 5 servings, to the highest 120 servings. You can always try out the Cellucor C4 smallest size to see if you like the workout results, before investing in larger sizes.


It’s formulated in such a way that each scoop will devolve instantly in water.

After looking at hundreds of reviews from current customers, the rapid absorption into your system cannot be disputed. You feel the effects within minutes after drinking the pre-workout energy drink, for one of the most explosive workouts you’ve ever experienced.

While the most important Cellucor C4 ingredients are cleverly hidden from copycats, we do know it contains caffeine. Most users gave it high marks for delivering one of the most intense pumps one can expect from a post workout supplement.


Some of the current users did not like the C4 fruit punch flavor, but then again you have other nine flavors to choose from, which is the highest number among the top rated pre workout supplements.

From the feedbacks, even some of the customers that like the product complained about C4 extreme side effects. Some of the users experienced a greater desire to urinate often. That might be attributed to the fact that one is encouraged to drink more water.

Of all the Cellucor C4 extreme pre-workout side-effects, intense sweating seems to be the most common among current users. Then again, sweating is a form of internal waste removal, which in our opinion is a very good thing.

Bottom Line

C4 pre workout supplement has lasted as the top brand simply because it is a very good product, for those looking for additional energy for weigh loss or to build a new physique. From our research, you must go easy on the initial dosage used, until you get used to the enhanced energy delivered.

The many flavors and servings that C4 extreme pre workout energy drinks comes in, makes it one of the best buy for the money.

3 – Gold Standard Pre-Workout Review


The optimum nutrition gold standard pre-workout supplement is another highly regarded product from a manufacturer with awesome reputation within the fitness industry. Gold standard pre workout uses natural caffeine as one of the major ingredients.

A friend who’s on gold standard pre workout gave it high marks for helping to deliver enhanced energy, due to the presence of Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate and Creatine Monohydrate in its ingredients list.


One of the biggest selling points of this best pre workout supplement is the affordable pricing. This is a good brand to use if you’re trying to establish a workable relationship with pre-workout energy supplement drinks.

Due to the presence of beta alanine in its formula, most users gave it high marks for enhancing endurance, which is needed if one is trying to lose weight or build a new physique.

The formulation for optimum nutrition pre workout supplement excluded the use of any banned substances. This means, it can be used safely by professional athletes looking for an edge, without failing any banned substance test.


While the amino energy optimum nutrition supplement comes in four different flavors, you’re only able to buy one in 30 servings container. Another issue with the pre workout gold standard supplement is the different prices for different flavors.

The watermelon flavor appears to be priced lower than the others. From our research, the watermelon flavor is the least liked, and some of the existing users advised potential customers to select other flavors instead. Some complained the product did not instantly dissolve in water.

Bottom Line:

This top rated post workout supplement from optimum nutrition is not only reasonably priced, but capable of helping you reach your fitness goals. With four different flavors to choose from, your workout routines will get more intense, with each scoop you consume in water.

This best workout supplements for men is made by a trusted company, and will deliver enhanced energy, endurance and focus.

4 – Legion Pulse Pre Workout Review


This is one of the top pre workout supplements, and it is formulated and manufactured by a company called Legion Athletics. Legion pulse is not only able to deliver smooth energy rush, but it will also enhance your endurance, thus leading to more strength and less fatigue.

Some of the major ingredients found in legion pulse bodybuilding includes; Citrulline Malate, Ornithine, Beta-Alanine, Betaine, Caffeine and Theanine.


Legion pulse is naturally sweetened and flavored using Stevia and Erythritol. You can read about the benefits of using natural sweeteners.

Legion pulse pre-workout supplement can be bought in three awesome flavors, and it has the ability to give one all the needed energy to fashion a new physique, or write your own weight loss stories.

Researching content for this legion pulse pre workout review, we discovered this supplement uses no dyes, or other dangerous chemicals.


The product is only available for purchase in one 1.14lbs container. It has no smaller servings for those looking to try it out for the first time. Some users did not like the fact the product enabled one to stay up longer, even after working out intensely.

Some of the current users complained the product should come with an expiration date, because the powder might become solid after nine months to a year. To preserve the freshness of this post workout supplement, try your best to follow the storage recommendations from the manufacturer.

Bottom Line:

Legion pulse pre-workout supplement might not be beginner friendly, since there are no smaller versions to try out before buying the bigger sizes.

The power of legion pulse pre-workout to deliver enhanced energy is not in dispute, but one must be careful as to dosage. If you’re new to using pre-workout supplements, limit your use to half the recommended dosage, until your get used to the intense power enabled.

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