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My Search Around the World for the Best Fingernail Clippers

Can you count how many things you do with your fingers on a daily basis? Casual street observation shows people eat with their hands while some casually pick their nose in public places. Since your fingernails can accommodate germs and bacteria, you need to find a good professional clipper for fingernails to keep them trimmed and clean.

That often over-looked little beauty tool might be the key to keeping germs out of your body since we do so many things with our hands. Truth be told, most women are aware of how to keep fingernails clean, trimmed and well kept. Guys do shy away from nail salons, which mean the ideal alternative is a best fingernail clipper.

I am not kidding you when I say the best nail clippers in the world are reviewed in this article. For our female readers looking to save money from costly nail salon visits, the professional fingernail clippers listed will offer the same awesome results without the exorbitant price.

I know you can find cheap finger nail cutters at your local dollar store for less than two dollars, but most will not last as long the ones reviewed here. Personally, I like to buy things that last for several years. Those cheaply made fingernail clippers are made from nickel plate, and all are created for quantity rather than quality.

The best nail clippers for men are manufactured from tough stainless steel, and most will have sharp blades that’ll remain so, year after year. You want a durable brand that also offers precision trimming off all types of fingernails, including thick ones. Before we get to the best fingernail clippers review, let’s look at the types of nail cutters one can find online.

Two Types of Clippers

As you search for a high-quality fingernail clipper, there are two different kinds to select from: snippers that look like pliers, and foldable clippers that are thumb-sized.

I have not included the types that resemble pliers as it does require some learning curve, to be able to use them properly. While you’ll find pliers like finger nail clippers were used by highly trained manicurist or podiatrists, they perform poorly in my opinion.

On the other hand, the nail clippers reviewed below are durable, sleek, sharp, and can be mastered easily by both men and women. While some of the fingernail cutters are geared towards men,

I find that the sharp blades can also serve women needs, with no problem at all. Regardless if you have thin or thick nails, the best fingernail clippers in the world reviewed will deliver precision cuts with ease.

4 of the Best Fingernail Clippers You Can Find Worldwide

1 – Clyppi Fingernail Clippers

When you take a look at the Amazon product page for this fingernail clipper, you’ll find most of the feedbacks from current customers love it. This is a well-designed ultra-precision nail cutting tool with very sharp blades.

Some of the best compliments from users revolve around the ergonomic design, thus making it one of the best fingernail clippers to use. One customer with arthritis said the angle of the lever and width made it easier to hold even with weak hands.

Clyppi Fingernail Clippers are made from strong and durable stainless steel, and the rugged finish prevents the tool from slipping out of your hands even when wet. Because it has sharp blades you’ll not experience ugly cracked, torn or split nails.

This professional fingernail clipper will do justice to both men and women fingernails. It is not heavy to hold but feels sturdy. If you’re tired of nail salon visits, this is the ideal fingernail cutter to achieve professional looking pedicure and manicure.

Not only is this nail utility tool stylish and modern, the lifetime warranty from the manufacturer is a testimony to its longevity.

2 – ACE for Men Fingernail Clipper

While this tool is designed and marketed to guys, it can also be used by females with no issues at all. It has stainless steel construction along with a power cut level, which is positioned in a 30-degree angle for simpler nail cutting.

One of the most annoying aspects of cutting fingernails is scattering of trimmings all over the place, which will not be a problem with this nail utility tool as it comes with clipping catcher. The cut nails are neatly collected; meaning your nail cutting activity will not give you more clean-up duties after you’re done.

You simply cannot compare those dollar stores or drug store nail scissors or nail cutters with this product. ACE for Men Fingernail Clipper is better built and designed for longevity. While the color might be what guys like, the handle and performance is suitable for both sexes.

This is one of the best fingernail clippers in the world, and it has super-sharp curved blades that will deliver a well-manicured look with just one cut. I do love this fingernail cutter brand because it has a catcher for all your trimmings. This Ace nail utility cutting tool is modern, stylish, effective, and simple to use!

3 – Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

This is another great fingernail cutting tool with stainless steel construction. Not only is the lever itself made from cast iron, the cutting edge is honed and hand-grinded for best precise cutting. The blade will remain sharp for a very long time since it is Tempered-twice.

Not only will it cut short nails, even thickest nails will be taken out with ease. Seki is a well-known brand among men grooming products, and their fine line of Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers deliver the same reputation.

Judging from the thousands of feedbacks from current users, Seki Edge nail clipper is probably one of the best nail clippers for women and men one can buy for less on the market today. Using a car analogy, Seki edge fingernail clipper is the Lamborghini in a market largely dominated by Chevrolet’s. I think you get the point!

4 – Zwilling Pour Homme Ultra Slim Nail Clipper

This is a German engineered nail cutter, with a premium price. Apart from having a fine stainless steel finish, it has a curved cutting edge with ultra-sharp blades. Pour Homme stainless steel nail clipper has a lot going for it, but the price and reviews are troubling to say the least.

The price for this tool is about 400% more than the fingernail cutters reviewed above. Despite the higher price, some of the current customers had negatives stuff to say about the product. Most love the fine finish, but some had issues with the performance.

Since it is priced over $30, the manufacturer needs to do a better job managing customers’ expectations after purchase. You do get a nice leather carry pouch, for the ultra slim nail clipper from J.A. Henckels.

I have no doubt the tool can cut fingernails with one pass, but I doubt it is worth the higher asking price. The other models reviewed above will enable good fingernail cutting at a cheaper price.

Now time to Choose among the Best Nail Clippers for Men and Women!

First of all, stay away from those cheap nail cutters found at drug stores and dollar stores. Why waste money with multiple fingernail clippers, when all you need is a good brand to get the job done right.

All the brands of professional fingernail clippers reviewed above will enable better fingernails, but some do come with premium prices.

Personally, I would not buy the last one reviewed due to the pricing, but only you can make that decision. My choice for the best fingernail clipper is the one from Clyppi, which is the first one reviewed.

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