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What is the Best Nail Polish Brand?

Contrary to what some men might think, the way a woman takes care of her nails reflects on her beauty. Our beauty encompasses all body parts, and one of the ways to keep nails looking fresh and well cared for is by using a good nail polish.

Just like wearing a well-designed necklace, the color of your nail polish can be used as a key accessory. Regardless of how you get your nails done, a great nail polish color will confer many subtle benefits that cannot be measured.

My husband gets tired of watching the way I take care of my nails, but he fails to realize that’s part of a woman’s overall beauty. Despite what the men might think, we do it to feel and look good. A freshly lacquered nails makes me feel good both inside and outside.

Because of the popularity of this product, many brands and different colors can be found on the marketplace. Finding the best quality nail polish brands can be a chore. As a woman, my most important criteria in selecting nail polish is how fast it dries and is it chip-resistant.

I also looked at which brand of nail polish lasts the longest before including it in this review. I have included some of a unique nail polish colors. But selecting the best nail polish color is another matter altogether.

Some of the most popular nail polish colors are reviewed in this article. Based on my life experience, here are the good nail polish brands for those women looking for value.

9 of the Best Nail Polish Brands

As you look for the best colors to use, here are the popular nail polish brands I found online. I have included some nail polish sets and most will have multiple colors you can use.

1 – Deborah Lippmann Sheer Nail Lacquer

Deborah Lippmann makes one of the best top coat nail polish you can use to get luscious colors.

This brand produces gorgeous nails and is known not to chip. If you want a beautiful shine to your nails, this is the best nail polish brand to use.

With Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer, you get polish perfection, and it can be accomplished using any of the multiple colors.

This nail polish is not cheap, but most of the women that tried the product love their variety of rich colors, and well-designed bottle and brush.

Personally I wear this brand when I am going out to have some fun. It might be too rich for a work environment, but you be the judge!

2 – China Glaze Nail Polish

One of the best selling points of the China glaze nail polish is that it’s flexible, and will last a long time. Despite the flexibility, this best nail polish brand will not chip easily.

Another great selling point is that China Glaze has some of the most popular nail polish colors you can find online.

From my experience, not only does this nail lacquer harden your nails, it also dries fast. This is my favorite nail polish for work due to the crazy hours I spend on the computer.

For budget-conscious women not into the glamor of catchy designer names, this is a good nail polish brand with affordable prices.

3 – Shiny Nail Art Set

For those of you constantly asking online – what is the best nail polish brand? This nail polish set might help you reach the right conclusion.

When I want to play around with my nail colors on weekends, I bring out my Shiny Nail Art Set, which has about 24 different colors to choose from.

For less than twenty bucks, you have a product that allows you to test out as many colors as you want. It has many top coat and base coat colors, and some of the high-end nail salons use this brand.

Shiny Nail Art Set has a thin brush you can use to create or design fabulous nails. The different patterns you can create with this nail polish set is only limited by your imagination.

Despite the low price for all the most popular nail polish colors in one set, you’ll find that it dries quickly and hardens your nails in no time at all.

Of all my good nail polish brands, this is the one I use the most due to the many color choices.

4 – OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 oz Black Shatter

OPI is a great company that’s beloved by many women for making beauty products that work. I think it’s time this company paid me, for I have many of their products and have recommended them to my friends.

While they come in different other colors, this OPI Nail Lacquer called black shatter simply rocks. This nail polish dries fast, and will give your nails that instant rock ‘n’ roll feel if you know what I mean.

This is another brand I use when going out for fun. I would not recommend this for office wear, as it is too pricey to be wasted at a work environment.

Now if you’re trying to create excitement from the guys, by all means go for it. As it comes in many different colors, I would suggest you pick one that matches where you’re going.

5 – OPI Nail Lacquer

This is the main brand of OPI nail polish. This model has a pro-wide brush that’ll enable you to do perfect streak free finish, with any of your nail style.

This is another brand that I cherish, not because it’s expensive but due to the fact that it last longer than most of the competition. You’ll find this brand at most high-end nail salons.

I agree with what most women say, OPI means great quality! You’ll get rich and longer lasting vibrant colors with a variety of shades.

I have a red and pink color nail polish from this brand, and they deliver beautiful sparkle finish that elicits compliments from my girlfriends.

6 – Orly Nail Lacquer, Pink Chocolate

Orly is another name among beauty products that need no introduction. This company makes fine products and they do charge a premium price for that quality.

I have the exact color called pink chocolate and met my husband wearing one. He complimented the unusual color, and that’s how we started talking.

This brand of nail polish is streak-free, and will dry fast. The ingredients include UV inhibitors, which helps prevent fading.

You can also find most popular nail polish colors in this brand. Ladies select the colors to help create the mood you’re trying to convey.

7 – Creative Nail Shellac Tropix

Schlack nail polish is also a good choice for women looking to design beautiful nails. This best brand of nail polish will last longer that the other ones I reviewed above.

A good selling point for this brand of nail polish is that it wears like a gel, due to its unique patented formulation.

This is the brand to use after a good manicure, and your good nails will last for at list 10 to 14 days based on what you do.

This is made by CND Cosmetics, and you find your favorite nail polish color in their collection. This nail polish is not cheap, but the quality makes its worth every penny.

Nail Polish without Formaldehyde

Just to make this review complete, I have selected two of the most popular nail polish without formaldehyde you can buy online. Everyone knows that the nail polish we all love to use is made from chemicals, and that might not be so good for the environment.

While no nail polish is completely natural, some have fewer chemicals than others. My girlfriend uses them, but they’re not as popular as the regular nail polish brands.

8 – Nu Wave Nail Polish

Nu Wave Nail Polish is gluten free and made using cruelty-free manufacturing techniques. It has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties in its formula.

Apart from offering best top coat nail polish in many different colors, this product is free of known carcinogens, like Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, and Camphor.

For those interested in helping the environment, this is one of the most convenient ways to let companies know we all care about mother earth.

9 – Butter LONDON Nail Lacquer

I bought this product because it works, and during my research for this article I discovered it’s also free of known carcinogen chemicals.

Some of the nail polish colors from this brand have sparkles added to the formula. You can tell this nail polish apart from your other brand, by the unique cute rectangular bottle design.

The ingredients in this best brand of nail polish are derived from carcinogen-free products, and it does not contain formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor or formaldehyde.

This brand comes in 9 of the most popular nail polish colors. I have used the product, and it’s my favorite for work or party activities.

Helen D. Worthy

I graduated from a top beauty school in California, and currently own several successful beauty salons in the LA area. I know about hair and how to make a woman beautiful.
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