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What Can a Waist Trimmer Belt Do For You? Reviews of the Best Brands

The desire to lose weight can be an inducement to try many different types of products, some with questionable results. Any permanent weight loss results must be anchored with healthy dieting and good lifestyle choices.

There are many Waist trimmers for weight loss brands one can buy, but your results will be temporary if you do not change how you eat, drink and your poor lifestyle choices, like smoking and drinking.

As I compiled this waist trimmer belt reviews article, it occurred to me that most will help you reduce your belly fat if used properly. While the devices worn around the midsection will help you melt away stomach fat, most would not help you lose weight permanently unless you put in the required physical activity.

When you look at any best waist trimmer, you can tell they look like a well-made elastic girdle. I have a friend who got excellent results using a best waist trimmer corset. She did find some good exercises online that were suitable for waist trimmers.

How Does it Work?

You bind the trimmer tightly to your waist, and it works by trapping the heat. The trapped heat will increase your body temperature, which will make you sweat more, thus leading to weight loss results.

Those are the selling words from most manufacturers, and most will forget to mention you need to engage in some form of exercise geared towards waist line belts if you want more stable and permanent results. A good brand of waist trimmer will be made from neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber. There are also other durable brands made from other materials.

Apart from wearing a midsection belt, you’ll also need some waist trimming exercises if you want your slimmer belly to remain that way. I researched many brands of waist trimmers, and the most durable ones are reviewed below. I have also included the sources for the best prices, which you can find below the images.

What is the best waist trimmer?

It is hard to pick out just one brand as the best waist trimmer one can buy online. That is why I have included several of the top selling products in these waist trimmer reviews. Each one can help you reduce your belly fat, just by wearing it.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Reviews


If you’re looking for a well-designed adjustable waist trimmer with high-performance metrics, sweet sweat waist trimmer belt is a good brand to check out. Your weight loss results will be enhanced if you combine the use of this product with sweet sweat cream. A complimentary jar of the cream is provided with your purchase of the waist trimmer.

This is my number one choice for several reasons. Sweet sweat waist trimmer belt will not only help retain therapeutic heat, but it provides additional support for your abdominal muscles and lower back. Most users reported relieve of sore muscles after wearing the belt for a few hours.

Some of the Notable Features:

This best waist trimmer is created from thermal 100-percent latex-free neoprene.

It has well-placed nylon facing the outer, plus a contoured design for maximum comfort.

The included Velcro closure is fully adjustable, which makes it possible to get an optimal fit on waist up to 42-inches.

The fabric stretches, and will stay in place as you engage in your waist trimmer exercises.

This trimmer belt has the ability to help preserve your body heat, while also stimulating water loss as you exercise.

You can look at this product as a portable sauna, with the ability to provide lumbar support and abdominal compression assistance.

Not only will Sweet sweat waist trimmer belt enhance your aerobic condition, it would also keep your muscles warm.

Sweet sweat waist trimmer belt is made from durable strong materials, which makes it hand washable.

Another good reason for checking out this brand of waist trimmer is the awesome customer reviews from existing users of the product. Over 96% of current users like the product and most would gladly recommend it to friends and relatives. You can read some of the reviews through the link provided below the image.

Mcdavid Waist Trimmer Reviews


Mcdavid waist trimmer belt could have easily been the number choice for this review because it is that good of a weight loss inducing product. Mcdavid 491 is designed as a one size fits all products that can help one cushion and compress while also providing support for lower back and Ab muscles.

The way it is designed makes it capable of helping your body retain heat, which helps to relieve arthritis and sore muscles.

Mcdavid belt is made from 100-percent latex-free neoprene. It has an adjustable Velcro closure, that’s designed to fit up to 40-inches waist.

Mcdavid trimmer belt is manufactured from durable materials which make it stay in place as you engage in physical activities, for best weight loss results.

Based on my research, over 95% of current users of this product love it, and would gladly recommend this weight loss belt to friends and relatives alike.

TNT Waist Trimmer Ab Belt

This is another best waist trimmer belt brand, and could easily occupy the number one spot. While is is higher priced than the other models reviewed, it has a unique feature missing in the other highly rated waist trimmers.


This Ab waist trimmer from TNT comes in two different models, one up to 44-inches, and the other up to 52-inches. What makes it even more amazing, is that both are similarly priced, which is unusual but beneficial to the consumer.

This Ab trimmer belt also comes with a wider design, which makes it cover the whole abdominal area as you exercise. It is probably the only waist trimmer Ab belt that measures 9 inches wide, which is good for better weight loss results.

TNT waist trimmer Ab belt is made from 100% latex free neoprene, and will not only provide ultimate comfort but support and look!

TNT stomach waist trimmer belt uses the latest in anti-slip technology to keep the device in place, as you exercise. You’ll experience no bunching, slipping, or moving of any kind, because the Ab belt is designed to stay in place.

The material used will repel sweat and moisture, thus negating any fear of bacteria build-up. With over 96% approval rating, most of the current users agree it delivers a smooth and comfortable fit. The Ab toning belt will help you retain body heat, as your excess water is removed.

Every TNT Waist Trimmer Ab belt is created using superior craftsmanship and comes with 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re a little over-weight, this wider Ab belt can be used to lose weight quickly as you exercise.

There are many other brands of waist trimmers with good performance metrics one can buy online. Click the link below for dozens of Ab belts you can use to get a slimmer belly!

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