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Choosing the Best Drops for Dry Eyes

Have you ever asked yourself why there so many Eye Drops at your local drug store or online marketplace? Depending on your location, the problems of dry eyes affecting millions of people cannot be swept under the rug anymore. Dry eyes and red eyes syndromes are real, and this article will help shed light on some of the causes while also exploring some of the best eye drops for dry eyes over the counter or online.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Based on a recent poll conducted by Harvard University, red or dry eyes problems are some of the most common reason why people buy eye lubricants. If you have very dry eyes, you can blame long hours spent on the computer, your environment or prolonged eyestrain.

Your eyes can become dry when the tears you produce in your eyes no longer have enough moisture, which helps to keep them well lubricated and comfortable. Some might blame insufficient tear production or the quality of the tears produced.

Without the right amount of moisture, your cornea becomes irritated. That clear covering found in the front part of the eye is the cornea, which also includes the pupil and iris. When functioning properly, the tears your eyes produce as you blink will keep it lubricated and healthy.

In simple terms, dry eyes are caused by the absence of adequate tears. You should know that your tears comprise of fatty oils, mucus, and water. This complex mixture is what gives the surface of your eyes smoothness and clarity. It also helps to protect your eyes from infection.

You can trace the imbalance in the composition of one’s tears as the main cause of dry eyes in some people. While on the other hand, the majority of sufferers lack enough tears which are required to keep the eyes adequately lubricated.

Other factors can be traced to medications and eyelid problems. Studies have also shown that pregnant women or those engaging in hormone replacement therapy are more prone to dry eyes. Some of your most popular antihistamines, decongestants, and blood pressure medications come with major side-effects, which include dry eyes.

Other marginal factors that can cause dry eyes include: wearing contact lenses, eye surgery, and seasonal allergies. Some of the diseases common to the immune system like lupus can also cause dry eyes.

Is it a coincidence that most dry eye sufferers are over the age of 50? Might it be because of the accumulation of environmental in the body elements? Ongoing studies by many organizations are still trying to determine why dry eyes syndromes strike a majority of our senior citizens.

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes Reviews

It took more time than I expected to compile the reviews of the best drops for dry eye. The brands listed below will allow you to get instant relief from your condition. The products I selected all have excellent customer feedbacks from existing customer. The sources for the data in this article came from interviews with my local ophthalmologist, online reviews, ingredients list, and government regulations.

1 – Thera Tears, Lubricant Eye Drops


Thera Tears is a very popular lubricant for your dry eyes. This is one of the top rated preservative free dry eye treatments one can buy over the counter or online. It works by saturating dry eyes for instant maximum relief.

This product will rehydrate your dry eyes while also providing protection against infections. Thera Tears lubricant eye drops will soothe and provide cumulative and long lasting dry eye relief for the majority of the users.

The shelf life for this product is about two years, and you’ll find the expiration date on the bottle. This eye drop can also be used by those wearing contacts because the patented preservative will disappear upon contact.

2 – Refresh Plus, 100 Single Use Containers


The name for this best dry eye drops is most appropriate as it has the ability to relieve and soothe irritation associated with dry eyes. This is a single user type of dry eyes drop, and will offer the user long lasting moisturizing protection.

Refresh Plus will deliver the same healthy qualities found in natural tears. This brand is preservative free, and can be used by those with sensitive eyes. You can safely use Refresh Plus if you’re experiencing irritated and burning dry eyes.

This product is highly recommended for those that have gone through LASIK surgery. The single-use container must not be re-used once opened. Please do not use the solution if you notice any changes in color, or it it looks cloudy. You can also use these best drops for a dry eye even if you’re wearing contacts.

How to Decide the Right Drops

With so many brands at your local drug store and online retailers, the best and most ideal eye drops for you might depend on the cause of your dry eyes. Most of the over the counter eye drops will come with substances that help retain moisture, called humectants, electrolytes, and lubricants.

The best prescription eye drops will include medications for treating chronic red eye problems. You’ll have to choose between two types of best lubricating eye drops: those that contain preservatives and those without. While some people find that the brands with preservatives might cause irritation to the eyes, it is required in some formulas to prevent the growth of bacteria.

If you experience moderate or severe dry eyes, the drops without preservatives might be the ideal ones to buy. As far as pricing goes, you’ll find OTC eye drops for dry eyes with different price dimensions. Some even come in single-use containers, but they’re usually more expensive.

3 – Bausch and Lomb Eye Drops


Bausch and Lomb is a well know brand all over the world. With so many products geared towards good eyesight, this company is the leading manufacturer of best eye drops for dry eyes. Bausch and Lomb advanced eye lubricant offers instant relief, as it moisturizes your dry eyes with artificial tears.

Bausch and Lomb soothes, refreshes, and offers good comfort to those suffering from irritated eyes. Bausch Lomb eye drops is one of the safest and most gentle formulas. You’re required to remove your contact lenses before using the dry eye lubricant.

This is a great product for dry eyes, and some of the key benefits are:

The product provides an effective and quick relief for those suffering from severe to moderate dry eyes.

Not only will it comfort irritated dry eyes, it will also refresh and soothe at the same time.

Please do not use the product if the solution changes color or looks cloudy.

To prevent the chances of contamination, try not to touch tip area of the container. Be sure to remove your contact lenses before use. Promptly replace the cap after each use. Keep in a cool dry environment, and keep it out of the reach of children.

4 – Systane Eye Drops Reviews

Systane lubricant eye drop provide moistness and refreshes your dry eyes longer. Systane is a brand of eyes drop that offers soothing comfort and lasting relief. While the brand is not well known, the sales data reviewed, shows more and more customers are happy with the results delivered.


The usual warnings apply here: do not use the product if you see it is cloudy or changed color. Try not to touch the tip, so as not to contaminate the solution. Close the lid cap quickly after use, to negate any chance of evaporation.

You’re advised to store this best over the counter eye drops for dry eyes in a cool room temperature. Pay careful attention to the expiration date on the bottle before use. The dry eye solution from Systane is formulated to last at least one year or longer.

Take Dry Eyes Seriously

Some products are formulated to just take out the redness from your eyes, but most will not address the true causes of eye dryness. The best dry eye drops reviewed above will give you instant relief from this condition.

Do know that severe dry eyes can be attributed to more serious health problems. If you’re over 50 years old, you should get an examination for your eyes annually. If you have or experience eye dryness, let your doctor know about it, as he or she will be able to recommend the best eye drops for red eyes you can buy over the counter.

This best eye drops for dry eyes reviews is provided with no bias or favoritism. Take the time to read the reviews from existing customers, as you make your final selection through the links provide next to each image.

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