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Best Dry Shampoo: Reviews of 9 Top rated Brands Loved by the Pros

My friend just recently got an expensive and beautiful blowout from a top salon, but she had to wash it out because of the greasiness of her scalp the next day.

A mutual friend suggested she take a look at top dry shampoos for different hair types.

After she swore the brand she selected made her blowout look bouncy and fresh for many days, we decided to do a review of the best dry shampoos one can buy online.

A good dry shampoo is specially formulated to keep perfectly styled hair intact, and some contain the right properties to prevent split end problems or hair loss.

Using a best rated dry shampoo can save you energy and time in the morning. Let’s examine how this type of hair shampoo is formulated to work.

How Does Dry Shampoo Help?

The best dry shampoo will contain starch or alcohol as an active ingredient. From the dry shampoo reviews we analyzed, you can find the hair care product in either an aerosol spray or powdered form.

Dry shampoo works by soaking up the excess oil or grease found in your hair scalp. A good brand will make your hair look cleaner, fresher, with more volume added to the appearance.

The aerosol spray form of dry shampoo is far more popular than the powdered form. It might be because it is far easier to apply and use on many hair styles.

Even the best dry shampoos are not designed to replace the need to use wet shampooing from time to time.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

The worst thing you can do for your hair is to use dry shampoo on it every day. Based on the formulation it might leave unwanted residue on your scalp or cause the growth of scalp rash.

Too much dry shampooing can lead to inflammation, which ultimately contributes to negative hair growth.

Tips for Using:

Better to use a dry shampoo on only hair that is free of water. Meaning, dry your hair before applying.

Try to only spray the dry shampoo in oily areas of your scalp.

While it is better to spray the shampoo directly on your scalp, you should keep the canister at least 6 to 7 inches away from it.

After letting the dry shampoo set in for a few minutes, try your best to evenly distribute the product all through your hair roots by massaging it.

You can use a soft brush to spread around the dry shampoo that is concentrated in one area of your scalp.

Dry shampoo should never be applied to split ends as this might lead to static or too much dryness.

Why You Still Need to Use Wet Shampoo

The use of wet shampoo is the best way to get rid of bacteria, dirt and yeast residue that might build up on your scalp. Wet shampooing plays a significant role in proper hair care and it is here to stay.

In fact, both products do complement each other. A wet shampoo is the only hair care product that can truly cleanse your scalp.

Based on the opinions of the experts we consulted for this dry shampoo reviews article, washing or wet shampooing your hair follicles is the only way to maintain a healthy hair and germ-free scalp skin.

Using any dry shampoo brand should be restricted to only two to three times on a weekly basis.

What is the Best Dry Shampoo?

Is dry shampoo good for your hair? From time to time, using a good brand of dry shampoo might be the only way to bring and maintain volume, vibrancy and shine to your hairstyle.

The dry shampoo brands with good performance metrics cannot be ascertained by packaging alone.

We searched through many blogs and online feedbacks to bring you the top dry shampoos reviewed below.

Dry Shampoo Reviews

1 – Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

Before we get to where to buy batiste dry shampoo, you should know that this brand is adored by originators and innovators alike.

Even the best batiste dry shampoo reviews concluded that it is one of the top classic dry shampoos in the marketplace.

This best smelling dry shampoo is formulated to leave your hair with the right texture and full of body. It is the ultimate shampoo one can use to make any hair type feel clean again.

This dry shampoo has a classic fragrance and comes in a 6.73-ounce bottle. Currently, it is one of the top dry shampoos in Great Britain.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is formulated to get rid of excess oil and grease at the root level.

It is one of the best dry shampoos in 2015 one can use to bring a dull, lifeless hair back to any vibrant style, all without using water.

2 – Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

This is not the best of names for a dry shampoo, but it was included due to some of the positive feedbacks from existing customers.

Despite the odd sounding name, you should know that this great dry shampoo can enable that hairstyle you’ve always wanted.

Clean freak refreshing dry shampoo can be used to solve most hair care needs.

Not only does it have a sleek, fun design, but the quality of the ingredients has created many loyal users even among hair care professionals.

Despite having positive approvals from the majority of existing customers, few had issues with the smell of the dry shampoo.

3 – Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

This is quite a good name for a dry shampoo and it is formulated not to leave any residue in your scalp.

From all the best dry shampoo reviews we looked at online, this brand is able to absorb all the oil while at the same time boosting the volume and refreshing your hair.

Amika perk dry shampoo comes in an aerosol spray form and has a lovely scent from all the feedbacks we looked at from the existing customers.

4 – Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Light Tones is probably one of the most expensive brands one can find online.

This top rated dry shampoo claims not to leave any white residue in your hair or scalp.

You can buy the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo in a 5.4-ounce bottle. The company behind this product also manufactures skincare related products, which are beloved by pros and consumers alike.

This dry shampoo is formulated to absorb any oil build up while also eliminating any odor.

The ingredients include ultra-fine rice starches, argan oil and UV protecting properties.

This best dry shampoo can easily add volume to your hairstyle, and you can buy one in either a light or dark tone.

5 – Psssssst Instant Dry Spray Shampoo Review

This is another odd-sounding name for a dry shampoo. If you can get past the pronunciation, this brand does have quality ingredients that make it desirable.

We saw a Pssssst dry shampoo review that gave praise to the unique formulation used to make this hair care product.

While it is in a spray format, this dry shampoo is in powdered form. It is manufactured in the USA using non-cruelty methods.

6 – Loreal Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo Texture Expert

Loreal is a name that needs no introduction. They have skincare and hair care products that are beloved by millions of consumers all over the world.

This best dry shampoo 2015 is designed to revive and refresh all hair types. You can use it to extend the life of your hair style after your salon visit.

Loreal dry shampoo is in a powdered form and can effectively absorb all excess oil so that the volume added to your hair can naturally shine.

7 – Aquage Dry Shampoo Style Extending Spray

If you want to know what this best dry shampoo can do for your hair just watch the video below.

It is uniquely formulated to instantly refresh your hair while also making your salon styles last longer.

Aquage Dry Shampoo uses an invisible formula that is residue free. It is the right product to use if you want to add volume and vibrancy to your hair style.

Best of all, this dry shampoo from Aquage is offered at a good price and has no white residue common with top-rated dry shampoos.

8 – Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

The name for this dry shampoo is most appropriate. I am sure everyone loves NYC!

It is designed to absorb all excess oil and can be used on all hair types. Not only does it clean without water, the formulation is also free of aluminum.

Eva NYC freshen up dry shampoo has a refreshing scent that can eliminate any odor from your hair style.

This best rated dry shampoo contains ingredients that are rich in vitamin C and Omegas. It is also fully manufactured in the USA.

9 – Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder Shampoo

Even a ten-year-old could have come up with a better sounding name for this dry powdered shampoo brand.

It is formulated to leave your hair clean and fresh while increasing the volume and vibrancy.

Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder Shampoo is appropriate to be used on all hair types.

For where to buy dry shampoo you can follow the included link below the images.

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