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How to Stop Hair Loss: Simple Care Tips & Best Hair Loss Treatment

While some people can get away with the bald look, most dread this condition that seems to be passed on from parent to kids. As a guy, you know that if your dad was bald at old age, most likely same will happen to you.

There are simple steps you can take to delay the onset of baldness, or to avoid it altogether. This article is divided into three section, one dealing with how to stop hair loss, some basic hair care tips, and some of the most effective hair loss treatment one should consider.

Here are useful tips on how to stop hair loss

Men all over the world have been facing this predicament since time immemorial. Even women have found the need to know how to stop hair loss in order to preserve their crowning glory.

Simple ways to stop hair loss:

Drink lots of water. It is one of the best agents one can use to flush out toxins in the body before they can do major damage to the internal organs including the skin.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol. Every time you drink alcohol of any type, you create internal organ damage that will manifest in due time.

Quit smoking. This is the most destructive habit, and millions of people engage in it on a daily basis. The many ingredients used in making your favorite cigarettes might cause you hair loss as you age.

Massage scalp for a few minutes every morning. For a more relaxing and effective massage, put on some lavender oil.

When showering, use mild shampoo and conditioner and rinse thoroughly. Try your best t stick to organic brands if you can.

Eat right and have enough of these essential nutrients – protein, iron, Vitamin A, B, C, and E.

Promote hormonal balance.

Use dandruff shampoos. They contain Zinc which promotes hair growth.

Take good care of your hair by taking good care of your physical and emotional well-being. Stress and severe depression are known causes of sudden hair loss.

The tips on stopping hair loss mentioned above are all considered natural or holistic methods. Some people attest to the effectiveness of certain medications and other practices to stop hair loss dead on their tracks.

How to Stop Hair Loss

Hair Care Tips

Only few people can get away with being bald and beautiful. The likes of Sinead O’Connor, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman and supermodel Alek Wek have, at one time or another sported the look and still looked amazing.

In fact, Wek became more popular because of her bald head. Still, you cannot deny the beauty of well-cared locks. That is why people, especially women, are obsessed with different hair care tips.

Before we dwell on the different ways to care for our hair, here are some common misconceptions that actually do more harm than good.

Common Myths on Hair Care

1 – Daily use of shampoo. The scalp produces natural oils that are actually beneficial for the hair. Only in cases where there is excessive oil excreted that it becomes harmful. Let the natural oil do its magic by not shampooing regularly.

2 – Using lots of shampoo. Just a little amount is enough to clean your hair.

3 – If you have long hair don’t clip or tie them at the same point always. Doing so will damage that spot because of the continuous fastening.

4 – Brushing your hair 100 times. This will only cause too much friction and will damage the cuticles. A few strokes will do. Also, a comb is better than a brush.

5 – Blow-drying wet hair. The sudden exposure to heat will damage your hair.

Some Tips on Hair Care

Don’t share combs. You never know if the previous user has lice.

Avoid hair colors and other chemical-based hair products.

Proper diet. Foods rich in fiber, protein and other essential vitamins are great for your hair. Stay away from oily foods and ease off on the salt and sugar.

Don’t braid your hair too tightly. If possible, don’t braid at all. That goes the same with dreadlocks.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking, avoid being stressed and exercise regularly. These will benefit you as a whole not just your hair.

Wear protection. Cover your hair from direct and too much heat. Wear a swimming cap and wash your hair completely after a dip in the pool.

Hair Loss Treatment

Most men are concerned about losing their hair. That is why a hair loss treatment claiming to be effective comes out every now and then. Hair loss treatments have been a staple in men’s grooming kits but before you go on buying every product that comes out, you must first get to the bottom of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Stress and depression. This is a major factor in hair loss. If you live a stressful life, most likely some form of hair loss is bound to happen.

Genetics is another reason for hair loss. But before you point fingers at your ancestors, do yourself a favor and start salvaging your crowning glory.

Disease. Hair loss may be experienced by people suffering from a number of illnesses including thyroid imbalance, anemia, protein deficiency, and others that cause hormonal imbalances. Of course, we cannot discount the stress that comes with being sick. Additionally, we all know that chemotherapy wipes out hair in most cases of cancer patients.

Chemicals. It is no wonder why people in the 80s generation are now balding. You can put the blame on hair gels, spray nets and other chemical-based hair products. The same goes with people who regularly changes hairstyles and color.

Pregnancy. This one is for the ladies only, although pregnant women tend to lose hair too because of the stress of having a baby. Hair loss occurs during pregnancy and gets worse after giving birth. This is normally due to hormonal imbalance and thyroid or vitamin deficiency.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

The way you take a bath or shower plays a vital role in treating hair loss. Daily shampooing can cause hair to fall so you should do so every other day.

Aside from showering properly, make a habit of massaging your head. A few minutes a day of gently massaging your head will increase the blood flow to the scalp and follicles.

Another way to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth is through aromatherapy. Lavender oils are commonly used to massage the scalp.

You can eat your way to healthy hair. Foods that contain essential nutrients like zinc, protein, fiber and Vitamins A, B6 and C are beneficial for hair growth. Some good sources of these nutrients are chickpeas, soy beans, roast beef, and most fruits and vegetables.

You may consider these methods if the results from the natural way is not enough for you. The following are examples of such approach to hair loss treatment:

1 – Minoxidil and Finasteride are the commonly used anti-hair loss medication prescribed by experts.

2 – Corticosteroids and other steroid creams stimulate hair growth when applied on the scalp.

3 – Hair transplant. This is probably the most radical but effective way to bring back your head’s glory days.

4 – Laser treatment. This therapy also stimulates the hair follicles which results to hair growth.

So if you don’t want to go from 90s mullet-rocking, racket-swinging Mr. Brooke Shields to the stressed-out, drugged-out Andre Agassi with the receding hairline, then make a move right now and stop hair loss.

Few people can rock the balding look like Patrick Stewart and The Dalai Lama. So before you do a Carlos Boozer and paint your balding head, do a Rapunzel instead and try different hair loss treatments. Okay, that may be a reach but you get the idea.

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