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Why You Should Stop Smoking Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed

Nowadays the talk about legalization of marijuana is everywhere. In some states in America weed is now legal and easy to purchase. I urge you to seat back and ask why the rush to make pot legal all of a sudden.

Are there hidden forces pulling the strings to make cannabis legal? This article will look at the active ingredients in a cannabis plant, including short and long-term effects on users.

Regardless of how you think weed makes you feel good, I can point to several side effects that are detrimental to your health. This article is not intended to preach to you about the evils of smoking weed or any other hard drugs.

I am sure if you want to, you can Google marijuana addiction stories, and have your pick from the millions of heart-wrenching destruction brought on by smoking pot.

My purpose for writing these side effects of marijuana article is to wake people up from the illusion created by those with an evil agenda to addict the masses. Is marijuana bad for you? Definitely yes!

is marijuana addicting

I smoked pot for many years and I am an expert on the different brands of the most powerful weed one can buy. I quit many years ago, after realizing the clever attempt by the powers that be to addict millions of Americans.

The legalization push for weed was started many years ago, and most people are clueless as to why.

So before I go into the features of the content, let me just say that my aim is not to convince you to stop. The presented facts are pretty clear and you can use them to make up your own mind.

The first time you smoke weed, you’ll experience disorientation, rapid heartbeat, lack of physical coordination, seeing visions, increased appetite; and as the effects wear off depression or sleepiness.

Until your body gets used to the drug, you might also experience anxiety and panic attacks. Your coordination of thought will be poor, but you’ll not realize that.

Your inhibition to do certain things might be lowered. Your thought processing capability will be lowered and compromised, which can lead to even more negative behavior.

Initially for guys, sexual arousal will be increased and your partner selection process will be compromised. When you combine it with some alcohol use, your “horniness” will allow you to find excuses to sleep with less desirable partners.

Those are just some of the initial effects of smoking weed for the average beginner. Now let’s examine the ingredients in this popular recreational drug, also known as cannabis.

Street Names of Marijuana

Since this is the most widely used drug in the whole world, the substance is known by many names. Here are some of the most popular marijuana street names:

Weed – This is probably a name mostly used by teenagers or adults new into the pot smoking scene.

Cannabis – This one is rarely used by pure smokers of the drug. When you hear the name it usually is coming from scientist or law enforcement officials. Maybe it’s due to the pronunciation.

Pot – Another popular name for the drug. The name is short and smooth sounding. If you’re not aware, you might think they’re talking about kitchen cookware.

Grass – This was popular during the 60s and 70s, but it’s rarely used among core drug users. Some older users of the drug might use that name.

Reefer – This is a popular slang name for the drug and can be heard among teenagers looking to get high. This is the common name found in many high pot smoking countries

Dope – This is another name that is rarely used by regular users of the drug. Law enforcement love to use this name as it sounds more sinister. Also, it’s a name used for all forms of illegal drugs

Ganja – Made popular by Rastafarians and reggae musicians. This is the most popular name for the drug in the Caribbean countries, India and immigrant sections of large cities in America.

Herb – This is a common name among religious people that use the drug to open certain spiritual gateways. You might also hear the name among Vegans that smoke the drug.

Skunk – This name refers to a particular strain of the weed plant. Hardcore smokers of the drug sometimes use that name.

Other popular names for the drug include:

Aunt Mary, Mary Jane, Cheeba, Boom, Chronic, Hash, Blunt, Ashes, Atshitshi, Baby Bhang, Blanket, Bammy, Bobo Bush, Bo-Bo, Broccoli, Bomber, Boom, Cripple, Flower, Dinkie Dow, Dinkie Dow, Dagga, Ding, Flower Tops, Good Butt, Gasper, Giggle Smoke, Joy Smoke, Good Giggles, Hot Stick, Jolly Green, Jay,Joy Stick, Roach,

Known Marijuana Ingredients

Contrary to what most smokers believe, this widely used drug contains at least 50% more cancer causing agents than the much-hated tobacco.

A recent major study in Australia concluded that a single weed joint has the potential power to cause damage to the lungs like that of five cigarettes.

The cannabis that’s grown and sold today are more powerful than what was smoked in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Based on numerous studies, it’s a proven fact the ingredient that makes you high when you smoke pot has been modified and doctored, to make it more powerful.

The average marijuana plant contains at least over 500 known chemical agents when broken down in the laboratory. I am going to talk about the two major ones.


This is one of the most recognized active ingredients in any marijuana plant. Cannabinoids can only be found in a cannabis plant. The chemical name for this ingredient is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This is the main ingredient that creates the high in pot smokers, which is why it is well studied and known by scientist. This ingredient produces a psychotropic effect in everyone that smokes cannabis.

The percentages of Cannabinoids in weed plants vary widely. So much experimentation has been conducted with this plant, that it would be difficult to determine why the present stock of weeds for sale is more potent than ever.

To prove that hidden forces are altering the marijuana seeds, we now have plants without this active ingredient present. Big pharmaceutical companies are trying to use it for medicinal purposes. Remember all the strong mood altering drugs they were able to produce from morphine and opiates.


This is the active ingredient that gives marijuana plants that potent distinct smell. Your average weed plant contains at least 120 different Terpenes.

These compounds can be easily evaporated, and one inhales them through smoking or vaporizing. Also the amount of Terpenes present varies based on the cannabis strain.

Now you know why some clever smugglers are able to bypass drug sniffing dogs, since the tale-tale smell has been removed through evaporation process.

How is Marijuana Used

How is Marijuana Used

The most popular way people use cannabis is by rolling it in a light white paper and smoking it. Since addiction has no limitation, sometimes the paper of some of your cheap cigars is used to roll the drug.

You can now find marijuana-laced candy, cake and other edibles especially in states that have legalized pot use. The drug is widely used in cooking especially among some serious religious folks.

How you use the cannabis plant is only limited by your imagination. Regardless of how you inject the drug either through smoking or eating, you’ll experience the high effect in due time.

Harmful Effects of Marijuana

There are several detrimental effects from smoking weed for a very long time. Most of the negative effects have data and studies to back them up, but you can reach your own conclusion with the facts.

Marijuana Effects on the Brain

For those new to the drug scene or considering trying the drug, you might want to know how weed affects the brain. Most of the effects are negative from my experience.

Does marijuana affect memory? The answer is a resounding yes! The effects of prolonged pot use will be mostly negative.

One of the negatives effects of marijuana smoking is the loss of brain power. I challenge you to produce several people you know that get high and still get good grades in school.

Please, there are exceptions to the poor grades rule, but the vast majority of pot smokers eventually experience lousy grades. So please do not tell me you know of someone that smokes weed with excellent grades.

For every one person that you can find that still get good grades despite the marijuana use, I can show you thousands that have ruined their chances at success from using that drug.

Smoking weed does something to the brain that makes it function at a lower level as time progresses. When I was in high school, most of the people that got high had lousy or passable grades.

I remember a kid that was an honor student in the 10th grade. Due to peer pressure and to fit in with the crowd, he tried marijuana and by the 11th grade he became a C student. The change in his personality and study habits were profound to say the least.

The attention span of pot smokers is short-lived at best. I am appalled at the level of conversation that occurs when among friends that get high. They laugh at things that make no sense, and their thought process is all jumbled up.

Trying to have a reasonable conversation with someone that has smoked strong cannabis is not predictable. The flow of the conversation will mostly not be productive and whatever was decided upon will not be successful, due to the different state of mind of the participants.

Studies by scientist confirm prolong use of weed kills brain cells. From my experience, pot smoking will not make you smarter, neither will it increase your IQ. In fact, you’ll become less effective at what you do with prolonged pot use.

So at a minimum, we know smoking pot can have an adverse effect on brain power. The effects are mostly negative and your forgetfulness will only increase as you smoke more weed. I can assure you, most people that perform at very high levels in our society rarely smoke weed or get high.

Marijuana Effects on Lungs

Your lung does so make good things for your body, and smoking pot can make it less effective at doing its job. Most people are not aware that marijuana smoke contains more cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco. Pot smoking is known to deposit tar in your lungs.

This might be due to the fact that cannabis joints are unfiltered and smokers do inhale stronger to feel the effects of the drug faster. Not only will the drug irritate your lungs, it will also give you many respiratory problems. Weed smokers experience more coughing and phlegm production.

Not only will the usage of this drug cause the formation of sacs in your lungs, but your stamina will also be impacted negatively. Rarely do you find high level of athletic abilities with prolong pot use.

Any talented fool that plays any type of sport will experience diminishing skills, as the usage of the cannabis plant increases.

Common Questions about Marijuana Use

Below are some of the frequently asked questions by parents and teenagers looking into the problems of pot use. While smoking a joint once will not be harmful to your health, the chances of damage to your life potential are real with prolong use.

Is marijuana addicting? From my experience, the answer is yes. It might not be as addictive as cigarettes, but the potential is present in every joint you smoke. The human body can be easily conditioned to believe a substance is needed for existence.

Studies show that at least over 10% of people that try weed get addicted to it. Why take any chances with your health, better not to have tried it than to take a chance in finding out if you’ll be addicted to it or not.

Smoking pot makes your brain cells produce and release the chemical called Dopamine. This is the substance responsible for creating a euphoric feeling. Craving this feeling is what creates the addiction.

Is weed harmful? Based on all my research and the many studies one can find online, definitely yes. It is a mood altering drug and most of the changes will compromise your character and integrity.

The drug will make you open up to less desirable sexual partners, and your decisions will not be the best as compared to if you did not get high.

For those looking for answers as to why is marijuana bad, just select from the millions of results from searching the same term on Google.

Does marijuana use lead to harder drugs? Based on facts and my experience yes. Rarely do you find people addicted to harder drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD etc. that did not start with first smoking pot.

Once you get high, your ability to say to no to other drugs will be diminished.

Is marijuana more dangerous than tobacco? While some scientific studies concluded it is not, I beg to disagree. Both are addictive, and to try to select from two negatives creates a false narrative to begin with.

Tobacco use is highly addictive, so is smoking a joint. Tobacco use will affect your internal organs negatively, so will cannabis use. I am sure you get the idea!

Nowadays you can find hundreds of articles discussing marijuana legalization pros and cons. Despite all the states that have legalized smoking weed, I am not a fan of legalization.

Despite all the cool sounding street names of marijuana, smoking a joint will do you more harm than good. Is marijuana addicting? From all the available evidence, the correct answer is yes.

Not only will prolong pot use compromise the effectiveness of your lungs, your immune system will become weakened as you puff away your life.

Most people are aware of how weed affects the brain negatively. Yet many politicians and pundits are jumping on the marijuana legalization bandwagon without analyzing all the data that says it’s bad for the body.

The question most people should be asking is why is the Government all of a sudden in the pro-marijuana legalization camp? Might it be to fulfill a greater agenda of easy population control?

Most of our teenagers lack critical thinking skills due to the prevalence of digital devices. It is just a question of time before weed becomes legal in all 50 states.

And then what is next, cocaine, heroin, LSD etc. The legalization push will not stop at pot, as there are hidden forces pushing this agenda and it will be detrimental to the people in the long run.

For those that smoke pot on a regular basis, I would not urge you to stop. If all the above reasons did not convince you about the deadly effects of smoking weed, nothing else will.

For those that have not tried the drug, stay strong and keep the faith, for you’re on the right pact. Pot smoking will not enhance any skills you have; in fact it will diminish it as you puff your life away.

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  • January 27, 2015, 10:08 am

    Great article with admirable tips. About two years ago my daughter began smoking pot and within two months her grades plummeted. She became easily irritable and moody. She soon started exhibiting exhilarating moods or depressing moods.

    She started wearing my expensive perfume to cover the smell of the weed. My husband and I hired a private detective to track her movements for one week and what we discovered was alarming.

    She spent most of her free time at a friend’s house that was also into smoking marijuana. We knew that unless we helped her quickly, her chances at success will be severely compromised.

    My sister suggested we hire an hypnotist that helped her quit smoking. The deal was he will hypnotize her without her knowledge. We invited him over as a new family friend and he was an instant hit. He knew some magic tricks and that helped to get everyone comfortable.

    He hypnotized her without her knowledge and it was successful. Her grades went back up and she’s on her way to college -Ivy league I might add. Here is a link to some good hypnosis CDs you can find online

  • Amy Pert January 27, 2015, 1:10 pm

    I don’t quite agree with most of this, but I do agree that some people can become addicted to marijuana and children should never touch it. Thing is, I believe it should be legalized, because facts have proven that marijuana helps with many things. Yes it has harmful chemicals, but not as much as cigarettes. I believe marijuana should be legal, much like alcohol and cigarettes. Have you ever heard of an overdose on marijuana? Compared to cigarettes which cause so many deaths in the world and drinking is also a problem too.

    I agree with some things here, that people can lose brain cells, but I believe it’d be best to legalize this, regulate it and keep it away from children. I will always stick with the fact that cigarettes have way more harmful chemicals that marijuana.

    I agree with keeping it away from kids and that it does mess with the brain and actually makes many people much more idiotic. I don’t really think undesirable sex partners is a real problem though, that’s just stupidity and the fact that they’re also drinking alcohol along with it.

    • admin January 27, 2015, 1:26 pm

      I am in agreement with your point that it should be legalized, but there are hidden ulterior motives why the Govt is part of the bandwagon. From some of my friends that smoke pot, the current cannabis that’s on sale cannot be compared to what most people smoked many decades ago.

      I have seen people shake from not smoking enough marijuana. Deep down I feel most drugs should be legalized, as the destruction is self directed. My only concern is about the emergence of stronger cannabis seeds that are far more addicting.

  • Brian Vickers January 28, 2015, 12:36 pm

    There are some worries I have about marijuana. If it is legalized I hope it’s regulated to the point like alcohol, to where no kids will be able to touch it. The age of 21 is a proper age I believe. I believe it should only stay legal as a medicinal herb rather than recreational.

    As for the government having a different reason to legalize it, it’s possible. I think they could regulate it and control it in a way, much like how cigarettes were controlled, much like a big company taking over and growing it. Who knows, it’s possible the big cigarette companies will actually take on marijuana and start selling their own marijuana brands. This could be our future. But if it is legal, I hope it’s regulated to the point when distribution centers are the only companies around. If a big company were to start growing weed and selling it, and one day making a monopoly on it, it could be like cigarettes all over.

  • Andrea Martin January 29, 2015, 1:37 pm

    I believe marijuana still needs to be tested, but the problem from what I hear, is that the US government wont allow testing to be done like any other thing out there. Since it’s still classified as a substance one drug (I think it still is at least), there are limits to testing that can be done.

    I think once there’s more testing done, then we can decide what to do next. I want the full pro’s and cons to be released about marijuana. What it can do to help and do to harm. I think there’s a lot of good and bad the drug can do, but more studies need to be done.

  • Britanica January 30, 2015, 6:36 pm

    While I do not smoke it myself, I think it should be legal only because prescription pills and alcohol are. Both of them are horrible for our health and even cause deaths everyday yet they are legal. I personally can’t be in a relationship with a weed smoker or alcohol drinker because it is something I, myself do not partake in. I enjoyed this article and I agree, it isn’t as safe as they say. It is, however, a lot safer than prescription pills and alcohol.

  • Roger January 31, 2015, 3:45 am

    Firstly, putting LSD as an addictive hard drug among heroin and cocaine clearly shows that the writer is ignorant on LSD. It is one of the least addictive drugs on the planet. Despite that, I’d agree with the gist of the message if the writer includes alcohol as well, as almost all people I know who do those drugs either started off with alcohol or marijuana, although it is possible that this effect may occur less with alcohol due to the legal status of the drug, i.e alcohol is legal in most countries so some assume that it is safer or in a different category than illegal drugs (this is why we see “alcohol and drugs” and not just “drugs”). I think almost every drug has the potential to be a gateway, but since marijuana/alcohol are usually the easiest to get or are seen as being safer, they tend to be the gateway drug, simply because they were the first drug these people were exposed to.

    Certain parts of the article seem to use scare tactics, such as “Regardless of how you inject the drug either through smoking or eating, you’ll experience the high effect in due time.” Instead of a neutral verb such as consume, bring in or ingest, he strategically uses one which paints a vivid imagery of injection, which is linked to horrible stuff such as HIV and heroin addiction. Others rely on poor reasoning, like “Please there are exceptions to the poor grades rule, but the vast majority of pot smokers eventually experience lousy grades.” For the love of God, even if the (anecdotal) statistics are right, correlation does not equal causality. There may be other factors, such as many regular pot smokers may have a difficult life, which causes them to get low grades AND smoke pot. Also, this “So at a minimum, we know smoking pot can have an adverse effect on brain power.” The scientific article he cites says that prolonged usage of marijuana causes death of brain cells, yet the writer decides to equate this with just smoking pot in general. “I am appalled at the level of conversation that occurs when among friends that get high.” is completely irrelevant to the discussion, as nobody is seriously arguing that when you’re high you’ll be speaking extremely eloquently. Short term effects are the whole point. Or this “Rarely do you find high level of athletic abilities with prolong pot use.” Maybe that’s because virtually all illegal drugs are seriously prohibited and screened for in sports? Also, high-level atheletes look for even the slimmest of advantages, so they remove ALL drugs from their lives. How many high-level athletes do you know smoke cigarettes or drink regularly?

    The rest of article does have some decent points, but many are inconclusive in the scientific community (pot causes cancer) while others are neutral facts (weed has THC).

    Unfortunately, the article wasted a good chance to examine the very real negative effects of pot and instead relied on the same rhetoric championed by one-sided anti-drug campaigners. I’m sorry, but posting stuff like “I’m not trying to be biased or let the facts speak” at the beginning of the article doesn’t magically rid your text of any biases or falsehoods.