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Astra Razor Blades: The Ugly Truths About these Double Edge Razor Blades

One thing I admire about women is how they exchange beauty tips with each other. We guys find it sometimes difficult to ask those questions without been taken out of contest, if not phrased properly.

My search for the best double edge razor blades came about after I used up the initial supplies provided with my Merkur Double-Edge Razor SV-05X.

The razor itself was cool, but I needed better and sharper double edge razor blades for a comfortable shave.

I started my search when I was down to the last blade, and scrambled hard to find the best one delivered to me. At one of the top online men grooming forum, someone suggested I try Astra razor blades.

Out of blind fate, and because the products have excellent reviews on Amazon, I ordered the Astra superior premium platinum double edge safety razor blades, 100 pack.

Within the package are 20 – 5 pack double edge razor blades. Before I get to some of it’s features, the blades performed admirably the first time I tried it with my razor.

Since I started my wet shaving experience, the lathering process is key to not getting cut by a sharp razor blade.

My stubble disappeared with just one pass through, and this has been my favorite razor blades for the past few weeks.

Feeling good and on top of the world, I went out with some friends and the conversation turned to shaving styles due to a made in the USA safety razor commercial that appeared on the TV screen.

I was so passionate in how I detailed my love for my newly found Astra razor blades, that someone suggested I write an Astra razor blades review article and post it on this fast growing blog.

Enough about my new found joy with this well-made blades, now let’s take a closer look at some of its known features.

Astra Superior Platinum razor blades are manufactured by Gillette, which bought the original company during the early days of Communism demise in the Czech republic.

As part of a cost-cutting measure, the factory was moved to Russia. From my experience, these DE razor blades are durable, sharp and built to last.

The way the blades are packed provides an excellent value! The smallest pack you can buy online are 5 blades, and it goes up to 100 blades.

You’ll find that each blade is individually wrapped to assure sterility, safety, and a longer shelf life.

The Astra razor blades are widely popular among barber shops and grooming salons in Europe, and they’re making significant in-roads among same establishments in America, and other continents.

The blades are made from the finest and most durable highest quality steel. Each blade is platinum plated and designed to function effectively with most traditional double edge razors.

I found the Astra blades to be of excellent quality, and each one lasted through five to six close wet shaves with no dullness or resistance at all in the sharpness.

Some Easy Pointers for the Beginner Wet Shaver

Handle with care, and explain to toddlers how it works. This cheap razor blades are extremely sharp, and should be handled with utmost care.

If you have kids in the house, be sure to store them with your shaving gear in a secure place.

From watching my parents, it’s better to explain to kids the dangers or harm that can be caused by this product if not handled properly, instead of just hiding them or admonishing them not to ever touch it.

Tell your toddler what it does, how it does it, and I can assure you, most would look at it as daddy’s equipment that should be left alone for safety sake.

Rinse quickly. I have discovered that the blades will last through at least five or six shaves depending on your stubble growth.

I once used one for ten shaves before I started getting resistance from my stubborn facial hair.

I say the best average use is about five or six comfortable close shaves. If you want the Astra razor blade you’re using to last through many shaves, make sure to rinse immediately after each shave.

Next step, is to wipe off the clean water from the Astra platinum blades before storing your safety razor away.

Safely disposal of used blades. As a precautionary method, try not to dispose of used blades in your open garbage can.

The safest way to get rid of used blades is to break them in half, wrap them in toilet paper and then safely flush it down the toilet.

You can also wrap the used blade back into the paper it came in before throwing it away. If you have kids at home, the flushing method might be the safest.

If you’re still unsure if this is the best double edge safety razor blades for your skin type, you can just order the 5 pack and see how it works for you.

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