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What is the Best Shaving Brush Kit?

When I mention shaving brush kits, most people look at me like it’s not relevant to men’s grooming tool. But if you’re new into straight razor shaving or just using any modern shaving method, a good shaving brush would enhance the close shave results you can get.

I took a look at the online marketplace and tried my best to find the best shaving brush kit with value for the money. I know most veteran straight razor shavers know a thing or two about shaving brush kits, but I also included some brands that would surprise some of you.

Below is My Preferred List of Best Shaving Brush Kit!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Pure Badger Shaving Brush Kit

This Pure Badger Shaving Brush Kit is so popular in England that most other brands are playing catch-up with the British men.

The manufacturer started making grooming tools in 1854, which was during the reign of Queen Victoria. Can you imagine what shaving tools looked like back then?

Well, Taylor of Old Bond Street has certainly created a loyal following of customers that swear by their products line, including this Pure Badger Shaving Brush Kit.

I mean going by the name alone, you cannot fight the effectiveness of this shaving tool.

Can you believe it’s still a family owned business after all this many years! With this kit, you get a truly great pure badger shaving brush, and one of the best sandalwood shaving soap on the market.

It comes in a nice gift box set and would make a great present to your husband, boyfriend or someone you truly love and care about. If you value high quality and admire good old fashion shaving tradition, I recommend you snag one of this kit today!

Van Der Hagen Shaving Brush Kit

When one hears the name, they might immediately think this is a German or European-based company, but that cannot be more further from the truth.

The Van Der Hagen patriarch moved his family from Holland a long time ago and settled in America, where he started the shaving tool company.

The Van Der Hagen name symbolizes high quality when it comes to men grooming tools, especially their line of shaving brush kits.

With this collection of Van Der Hagen Shaving Brush Kit, you get a nice 100% Pure Badger brush, a mug with a classic monogram, a true Hypo-Allergenic shaving soap, plus a stand for your brush and razor.

For budget-conscious consumers with a desire for good quality, this product delivers on both fronts.

Omega 46065 Shaving Brush Set

The Omega 46065 Shaving Brush Set is from a company that’s clearly making a mark when it comes to men’s grooming kits and organic products.

For those just starting out into the world of straight shaving, this is a great set to start with. This shaving brush kit comes with a brush, a bowl and an omega shaving soap.

The kit also includes a stand for the brush when you’re not using it. This Italian company has managed to carve out a niche with a durable product at an excellent price point.

The Omega 46065 Shaving Brush Set is priced less than $15 and would make a great gift, that looks like you spent a lot of money on it. See the item here!

The Art of Shaving Starter Shaving Brush Kit

This is another shaving brush kit from a fast growing company with good reputation from the many grooming tools they manufacture. The company is known for making expensive shaving products, but this one is amazingly priced very low.

This is probably an attempt to reach the millions of men just starting out into the old fashion shaving world. This set does come with more products than earlier models above, but it’s missing a stand.

The Art of Shaving Starter Shaving Brush Kit comes with s small pre-shave oil, a shaving cream, small size after-shave balm, and a well designed Badger Shaving Brush.

The badger brush comes a little smaller than usual, but should get the job done. This shaving brush kit reeks of luxury and would make a great gift set to anyone you care about.

Van Der Hagen Premium Shaving Brush Set

This almost similar to the other Van Der Hagen product listed above but it’s missing a few items. One of the biggest difference is the brush type. This one comes with a boar brush instead of a super badger shaving brush. But it’s priced at less than $10.

This Premium Shaving Brush Set from Van Der Hagen comes with an Hypo-allergenic shave soap with moisturizers, a true old fashion ceramic bowl and the best boar shaving brush.

Please do not end up using the bowl to serve peanuts to your guest – just kidding! This is a true starter shaving brush kit for anyone looking for a nice product at a bargain price.

The quality is in the product, but people would not believe you spent so little for the item. Trust me on that one!

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