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7 of the Top Weight Lifting Belts You Can Use For Squats

Weight lifting is not as easy as it looks, especially when you consider the learning steps needed to avoid sustaining back injuries. In this review article, we take a closer look at some of the best powerlifting belts with high-performance metrics. If you’re a beginner it can be daunting navigating through all the types of lifting belts available for purchase online.

Some of the obvious challenges faced by beginners or pros alike include; whether to buy one made from Velcro or leather or will a double or single pronged belt enable better results. Forget all the doubters or critics, for I can assure you that a properly deployed best weight lifting belt for squats provide untold advantages, which can enhance your workout results.

Is it better to Get One Made of Leather or Velcro?

The leather might look nicer but that does not mean it performs better. Both materials have advantages and should not be used as the ultimate buying metric. From my experience, real leather weight lifting belts will outlast even the high-end Velcro best weight belts.

It is also true that Velcro is a very strong and durable material, and should not be looked down upon. I can also tell you that most of the weight lifting belts made from leather are not completely 100% real leather. Both are comparably priced, and the deciding factor should be the performance metrics.

Should You Buy One That’s Double or Single Pronged?

Again, this should not affect your buying decision either way. Single pronged weight lifting belts are just as durable as the ones made with double prongs. My preference is usually for weight lifting belts that are double pronged, simply because I believe they hold better.

Attaching that double prong delivers a psychological edge right before I lift any weights or do squats. Now, do not use my experience as the ultimate buying factor, for I have buddies that use single pronged belts with absolutely awesome results. But, if the costs for both belts are relative, you would be better off buying the brand with double prong.

Weight Lifting Belt Reviews

Before we get to the brands in this weight lifting belt reviews, there are other factors I want you to keep in mind, before pushing the buying now button. If you suffer from severe obesity, using a belt made for weight lifting will not make you lose any pounds.

Most injuries occur from people using the belts improperly around the stomach area. If you have a large stomach due to obesity, you should first lose a few pounds in those areas before deploying a weight belt. I see it all the time at the gym, overweight individuals trying to lift weights with the belt installed the wrong way.

There are other waist trimmer belts designed to help one lose stomach fat. You should also take the time to read some of the feedbacks provided by existing customers of the best powerlifting belt you have in mind. Positive approval rating from over 80% of the current customers is a good sign of a durable product.

To help you pick the best brand out of the top weightlifting belts found online, we researched the performance metrics of the following seven products. Five of them are designed for men, one has metrics suitable for women power lifters, and the last one can be used by both men and women weightlifters.

1 – Harbinger 285 6-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt

The Harbinger 285 is a leather material weight lifting belt and comes in four different sizes; small, large, extra-large, and double extra-large.

It has a 6-inch width contoured design, which is enhanced with suede lining and full board backing. This leather weight lifting belt from Harbinger is doubled stitched and doubled pronged to provide the most suitable comfort during your workout routine.

This is one of the best weight lifting belts for squats, due to the presence of foam padding in its design. While it is a good belt for lifting weights, the warranty period is not as long as we would have expected. Your purchase entitles you to a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer.

2 – Olympiada Low Profile Weight Lifting Belt

This 4-inch width weight lifting belt is from a company called Olympiada. It is made from strong Velcro materials, which is infused with substances to give it additional strength. The industrial material used to make this belt is probably stronger than regular leather.

This belt is flexible enough and can be used for fitness and CrossFit training. It is capable of increasing your abdominal strength when properly worn since it has the ability to help stabilize and reduce stress along your spine region.

Not only will this powerlifting belt provide the needed back support, it is designed to help one maintain power, which means you can increase your reps the more you use it. The core has foam padding and the use of Velcro enclosure is probably as strong as any pronged system.

This best weight lifting belt from Olympiada can be washed by hand and air dried. Please do not put it in a washing machine or regular dryer. You can buy one in five different sizes; extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

3 – Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Belt

This top rated weight lifting belt is from a company called Valeo, and you can buy one in four different sizes; small, medium, large, and extra-large. It has a 4-inch width with the highest quality 1/4″ thick cowhide.

To make it, even more, comfortable, the belt has foam lumbar pad along with suede lining. Not only is it double pronged, you also get double loops to ensure that the belt tab is secured properly.

4 – Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

This is another leather weight lifting belt from a company called Ader. The belt itself is about 3/8″ thick with 4-inch width.

The top quality leather used in making this weight lifting belt is enhanced with suede lining, which enables greater comfort during your workout routines.

The Ader power lifting belt is available for purchase in seven different sizes; extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large, and triple extra-large.

The above video is pretty good at explaining some of the merits provided by this leather weight lifting belt.

This powerlifting belt from Ader is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be shipped to all 50-states, including P.O.BOX and foreign military basis.

5 – Big Mike’s Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Big mike’s leather weight lifting belt is a durable looking product that reminds one of the types worn by boxers during championship fights.

Not only is it double pronged, but the leather is also double stitched. It is made to fit comfortably and snugly tight, due to the inclusion of suede lining in its design.

This belt for weight lifting from Big Mike’s will provide the needed spinal support during your squats or other fitness routines. Not only can you use it for regular exercise training, but also CrossFit fitness exercises.

Best Powerlifting Belts for Female Lifters

Truth be told, women that love to lift weights have different fitness goals than their male counterparts. The next belt reviewed is designed exclusively to fit a woman’s body while the last product in this weight lifting belt reviews is designed for unisex appeal.

6 – Harbinger 23207-P Women’s Foam Core Lifting Belt

This is the same company with the first weight lifting belt reviewed. The Harbinger 23207-P is made to fit a woman’s body the right way. The belt has a 5-inch width with 2-inch support strap.

The core is made from a ultra-light foam material that’s flexible enough to provide the needed support. The included plush tricot lining is breathable.

The buckle found in the Harbinger 23207-P is made from heavy duty gauge steel, and you can buy the belt in three available sizes; extra small, small, and medium.

A lady that likes to lift power weights will find that this belt provides adequate support for the abdomen and lower back.

7 – Lifting Belt by Rip Toned

The Lifting Belt By Rip Toned is made from high strength Velcro material, and can be purchased in five different sizes; double extra-large, extra-large, large, medium, and small.

It is designed for unisex appeal and has a 4.5-inch width. This is the same weight lifting belt that is endorsed by Powerlifter champion Kevin Weiss.

Some customers have called it the best weight lifting belt for squats. It is designed to provide the needed support for the muscles around your spine and abdomen, as you conduct your workout routines.

This lifting belt from Rip Toned is washable and comes with a bonus EBook with fitness tips. Best of all, this best powerlifting belt comes with a lifetime warranty, which is the longest within the industry.

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